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Plagiarism and Filipino Politics

These are just my thoughts on a news article from about Sen. Tito Sotto III's privilege speech defending himself about his misattribution on parts of his RH bill speech last August 14, 2012.

If plagiarism is okay in the Philippines, then why is this being taught in High School and Colleges as unethical and as an academic dishonesty?

Why craft a bill to regulate blogging/the bloggers? If plagiarism is not a crime in the Philippines, then why not craft a bill under the intellectual property code to protect the intellectual works of the Filipino people? If you think you are being cyber-bullied, then why not craft a bill about cyber-bullying?

We know your intentions about the RH bill are good, but People would greatly appreciate it if your words came from your own thinking and feelings about the reproductive health, or essentially, to properly cite your sources of research, please? It shouldn't excuse or exempt us from following the ethics and rules of plagiarism just because our intellectual laws doesn't cover anything about plagiarizing.

Impressionists, imitators, and those that fall under the category of arts as you have recited in your poem from Joey De Leon is not plagiarism as it has been a "long-established tradition of copying as a fundamental practice of the creative process". (Wikipedia)

Plagiarism is a literary theft, as simple as that!

Plagiarism can be avoided by citing your sources, as simple as that!

Really, how high can a man's pride go?!

Here's a link about what Plagiarism is all about, me too am learning more from this, thank you Senator for bringing this issue to its highest form.

Now how about using some Superhero's logo for your campaign?
Superman logo on Atty. Bong Suntay's
materials such as this canopy tent.
If you think people are really over-reacting about the plagiarism issue, read and understand Miguel Syjuco's article: "Why Tito Sotto's plagiarism matters" at

And for a conclusion about this matter, here's a poem comment by Andrew Lim from's "Sotto: 'Walang krimen na plagiarism'" article:
Eto sagot sa tula ni Joey de Leon:

Eh di wala nang taong rerespeto
Sa talumpati ni Tito sa Senado
Mga speeches ipa xerox na lang ninyo
Pati na rin ang utak ni Sotto.

Ang masama pagdating sa gayahan
Ay anong aral ang makukuha ng kabataan
Kopyahin ang gawa ng iba
At palabasin itoý sa kanya?
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Immuvit Fearless Challenge

What I knew about this race, is that there will be five (5) obstacle courses along the route which made it challenging and exciting for the anticipating participants. As exciting as it is, a night before the race, I have been conquering my first obstacle course that isn't even situated on the race route - that is "Insomniphobia" - I feared that my insomnia would come and yes it actually did!.

I got up and gave up my hope of getting sleep at 1:45AM and decided to just have a very early breakfast of CornSiLog (corned-beef, sinangag, and sunny-side-up egg) at a nearby tapsilogan. I always get sleepy after a good meal so I filled my corned-beef and egg with 2-teaspoonfuls of chili-sauce for hopes of helping me stay awake until the gun-start.

Getting ready at 3:25AM, I headed-out to our pick-up point at Shell station in-front of UP Technohub in Commonwealth Ave. - by foot. Walked 2-kilometers and jogged the remaining 1-kilometer just to still keep me awake. This gave me a good warm-up 2-hours before the gun-start (and then it cooled me down)! At past 4:00AM, the shuttle van where Sir Rene and I hitched arrived to pick us up together with other runners, two members from Team Total Fitness, Bloggers Nonoy and Carl, and Ms. Sherleen of Outbound Communications.

Still conquering my first obstacle
When we arrived at the race venue in La Mesa Nature Forest Reserve, the cool-air, green trees, and the hazy dawn so relaxes me that I feel like lying down on the benches provided at the media tent. Aarrrrrr!!! Before I finally lie down and get that dreaded sweet dreams, I stood up and left the chair where I was sitting and grabbed my camera to take some shots of the surroundings while waiting for the gun-start. It was already around 5:20AM when the first batch of runners from the shuttle-busses arrived.

Then... alas, as the runners filled the area, I knew that the sleepy head in me was already over and it was time for an adrenaline-pushing 10K, Spartan, obstacle race!

At 6:00AM, the 1st wave of the 10K took off. I would've liked to join the 1st wave but we were assigned for the 4th wave with gun-start of 6:30AM, at the same time, I'd like to experience the warm-up exercises led by Rip:60 Trainers and Coaches which were helpful enough to activate our chest, hips, and legs. A Capoiera-dance was also introduced (I love that!).

5th wave of 5K Runners doing their warm-up
Now who said that there were only five (5) official obstacles courses? Count again...

1st Obstacle - Fire jump
A few meters downwards from the starting line, runners will get a 10-minute glimpse of the tarp while waiting for the gun-start that reads "Fire jump" and a limited view of what that fire jump is. When one of my colleagues asked me how will the fire jump be, I told him to my limited knowledge that runners will have to run and jump over more than a few meters of coal-fired pavement. I guess that answer was enough to put him in fear and back-out instead of registering for the race (sorry, my bad)!

The fire-jump (photo courtesy of Team USB)
The fire jump actually consisted of two set-apart and horizontally-positioned dried-logs along the trail road. The fire wasn't burning that much when I crossed, but I saw some photos of other runners where the fire was really blazing at legs to about above the hips high. That first obstacle was enough to fire-up your rushing adrenaline.

From here on, the trail route was a rolling up and downhills of approximately 30 to 60-meters elevation change.

Low/Mud Crawl
At less than 2-kilometers, I got surprised with the very-low crawl obstacle, much below I think than my knees. I was having self-doubt if I should crawl underneath or jump over it but it was obvious that I really have to crawl as there was a net that prevented us to step over it, unless we'd try to perform a long jump. :)

My handheld hydration bottle was tucked at the back of my shorts and it gets hooked at the strings that holds the net so instead of crawling from my chest, I just crawled from my right shoulder. There were no mud at this crawl as the ground was covered with tarpaulin to avoid the stones and rocks from surely knocking our elbows and knees. It was from this obstacle that I bruised my left-knee.

Log Hurdles
The log hurdles was of varying height of around 5 or 6 logs spaced evenly. Situated at around the 3rd or so kilometer, the logs wouldn't just test your shoulder strength but also your legs' agility. Pull yourself up from the chest-leveled ones (optional: bear-hug the logs before going down) and just jump over those that are just below-the-knees.

If you think that you've already passed from these tree-hugging, well, here's another surprise: There's another set of logs waiting after a few more kilometers. And these logs are not the same from the first as these set was much higher that they-say-it's only chest-high but I say it's way above-my-chest and it's actually on my neck (the disadvantage of having shorter legs).

(How many obstacles were there so far?)

Military Wall
On my butt (photo courtesy of Team USB)
Now this hurdle was much friendlier, as it wasn't a 90-degree standing wall but was inclined at 45-degrees of about 6 or 7-feet high. There were ropes to assist you on the climb but on my own judgment for myself, it would take me lesser time to get up if I just run towards it with enough momentum, and that's what I did.

The slide down however, wasn't as friendly as the climb, some even doubted their ability if they could go down after they have reached the wall's peak. The smooth tarps of the wall going down was a good cover to accelerate you faster and bump your precious butts on the ground. It was on this slide down that I bruised my two elbows and my right-knee. Now all the four major-joints of my body is bruised!

Tire Hop
This 4x5 matrix of tires was the easiest among the obstacles so far. Learning from my previous Urban obstacle races, I didn't hop on the tires by pair, and instead, I just hop on a straight line of 5-tires, then I was gone.

Mad, errr Mud Wall
After some more running in the mud, a number of short wooden-bridge crossings, stream crossing, and a river crossing (they said that it's just above-the-crotch deep, but I say and I think that Noel and Kyx would agree with me, it was chest-deep, really), comes another unique obstacle experience - a 20-foot Mud wall climb.

There were also knotted-ropes to assist us - the trekkers, climbers, hikers, trail runners, spartan all-in-one! Gladly when I arrived, there were only a few runners left from the 1st-three waves (I was still leading the 4th wave) so there wasn't much line going up. I pulled myself up perpendicular to the mud wall like a mad climber and gladly my shoe clinged so well on the mud that helped me climb easily.

Above the mud wall, a series of branching bamboo trees blocked our way like a maze before we can finally find our way out on a steep, slippery, mud hills (hmmmnn... count that out as another obstacle).

Before reaching the next obstacle, it was a long, single-track running inside the jungle of La Mesa Forest Reserve.

A hundred meter from the finish line, there's still a quads and glutes-burning workout that runners will have to accomplish - a 4 or 5-meter lunges. This one, aside from the Military and Mud wall, put me on halt to relax and take a deep-breath before doing the task.

Imagine that running more than 10-kilometers already and you still have to do a meta-fit workout? Crazy! Then I realized, this might be a teaser for the 2nd leg. ;)

A runner doing his lunges (photo courtesy of Team USB)
Will this count as an obstacle although there was an absence of physical obstruction along the route?

nth Obstacle - Fire jump
Now after that leg-burning lunges, it was a final test for your strength, if you could still jump the last obstacle - the fire wall towards the finish line.

At this point in time, I felt like I was some kind of malicious computer program or computer-virus that has been hiding and running away from the anti-viruses and network security programs on my way in towards a target server. A great amount of money or information is at stake if I could just jump over that last network "firewall".

The last fire jump
(photo thanks again to Team USB)
If you have surrendered on this final obstacle, all the fun and all the challenges that you have conquered from the starting line would have made it all meaningless. That medal, that simple piece of metal, is a simple token of what you have accomplished after facing your fears and giving out your all to conquer those obstacles. Oh how it all applies to real life!

(What's the final count of all the obstacles?)

I was sleepless a night before the event, and this race made me sleep at the wooden floors of my room. It didn't gave me the chance to clean and bathe myself up. I got knocked-down immediately upon arriving home.

Will I see you on the 2nd leg coming in September 15?

Race Profile:
Distance: 10.99 km.
Official Time: 01:06:01
Official Rank: 9th
Total Obstacles: Ten including the 2-sets of log hurdles and bamboo maze after the mud wall. Eleven for me including the sleepless night. :)

You may now view the race results from

Race Info:
When: August 26, 2012.
Where: La Mesa Nature Forest Reserve, Quirino Hi-way, Novaliches, Quezon City
Event: Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run Leg 1

What defines me? Sleeper, lol!
Do not count life's obstacles that you have faced and conquered, it will never end. Instead, learn from it and count the blessings you have received so far, that's more fulfilling.

Some more photos:
10K's 4th wave take-off
Bruises - the fun of trail running
with co-Six:30 and co-Diadora team mate Noel Castle.

with the lovely and fit Coaches Tonette Dimaguila and Jim Saret
and Kuya Nonoy on my left
Here's another reason why trail running is fun :)
If she made it alive to the finish line, why can't you?
More photos can be found from my facebook album.
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Another Running Spree at Run United 3

*** ****** ***

All set for the third leg of the Runrio Trilogy 2012 on September 16

*** ****** ***

Run United is back, after a nearly three-month break. And as the cliché goes, "the third time is a charm". Last year, in fact, a record number of runners estimated at over 14,000 participated in Run United 3.

Run United 3, the third leg of the Run Rio Trilogy, has always been much anticipated because it offers what is dubbed as the "Afroman distance" or 32k category—not usually included in other run races. Of course, on top of the other race categories: the Ceelin 500m dash, 3k, 5k, 10k, and 21k.

"The 32k Afroman Distance in RU3 can be a preparatory race for the full 42.195km category in the upcoming 1st ever Run United Philippine Marathon slated on October 28. RUPM will still have the shorter categories: 500m dash, 3K, 5K, 10K, and 21K." said Alex Panlilio, Head of Unilab Active Health (ULAH).

Meanwhile, according to premiere race organizer Coach Rio dela Cruz, the runners’ anticipation over Run United 3 will be all worth it as new features and surprises await them on September 16. For one, there will be new routes as well as different starting and finish lines again for Run United 3 in the 21K and 32K categories, like in the previous two races for 21K.

The 32K runners will have a gun start at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) starting at 3am, an hour ahead of the 21k runners. They will be led from BGC to take their first 10k in University Parkway area, then move up to Kalayaan Flyover. Then, they will go all the way down to Buendia, take left at Roxas Boulevard, turnaround taking the roads of Vicente Sotto, Diosdado Macapagal and on to EDSA before finally turning left at Seaside Boulevard for the finish at the Mall of Asia (MOA).

The 21k will have an earlier gun start at 4am compared to Run United 2’s 430am. They will have the same route as the 32k runners, but instead of going to EDSA they will turn right after Macapagal Avenue, turning right at Seaside Boulevard and then all the way to the finish line in MOA.

"Run United 3 runners will get to run across three cities — Taguig, Makati and Pasay. Based from the feedback we got from them, they really enjoyed the experience and the new routes. The earlier gun start of both race categories will give runners a safer route as well," said Dela Cruz of RunRio Inc., the race organizer.

Online registration for Run United 3 started on August 6 and will continue until September 2, 2012. In-store registration will start on August 13 and will be up to September 9, 2012. Registration venues include Riovana in BGC and Katipunan, Quezon City; and Toby’s at SM Mall of Asia and Trinoma.

The runners will receive their complete race kits upon registration (Active Health Sun Visor, Singlet, Bib with B-Tag and wrist tag for 500m dash runners). The wrist tag for 500m dash kid’s runner which is usually given on race day will now be included in their race kits upon registration.

Run United 3, which is for the benefit of Gawad Kalusugan and Children’s Hour, is part of the ULAH running series. Run United started with only 8,000 runners when it was launched in March 2010 and the numbers have steadily grown in succeeding events. An estimated 14,000 runners participated during its last offering — at 2012 Run United 2.

Run United 1 on March 4 started off this year’s RunRio Trilogy, followed by Run United 2 last June 17. Runners who completed all the longest distances (21k-21k-32k) in all of the three Run United races will be recognized at the RunRio Trilogy Awards Night.

Fun and exciting activities await runners and their family at the Active Health Village, new and bigger Active Kids Zone, Runners’ Lounge, I-Connect Zone, The Food Pavilion and Health, Sports, & Leisure Zones.

Here are some photos from the previous Run United races this year.

Mark Brian Miranda was on his knees as he proposed to his long time girlfriend during the second leg of Run United held at the Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

Running for Love. 

Nearly 14,000 runners showed up at the recent Run United 2. The third leg of the Run United Trilogy is expected to draw bigger crowd on September 16.

It’s More Fun Running United

Follow the link for more about the race and event details.
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The Final Leg of The 2012 RunRio Trilogy

This year's RunRio Trilogy, and now on it's 3rd from its 1st Trilogy series back in 2010, will be concluding the last installment with the Afroman distance of 32-km. Runners who've been collecting and completing the pie-shaped Finisher's medals from the 1st and 2nd leg will now have this last leg to finally complete the full, and the first of its kind - puzzle-type, plate-sized Trilogy medal.

Read on below for more about this event's details and press release from Unilab:

What: 3rd RunRio Trilogy - Leg 3 (Run United 3)

When: 16 September 2012 Sunday, 3:00 AM

Where: BGC / SM Mall of Asia

Beneficiaries: Gawad Kalusugan and Children's Hour

Distance and Registration Fees:

  • Ceelin Kid's 500m dash - Php 350.00

  • 3K - Php 600.00

  • 5K - Php 700.00

  • 10K - Php 800.00

  • 21K - Php 900.00

  • 32K - Php 1,000.00

Registration Centers:

Singlet Design:

Other Pre-Race Inclusion:

500-meter dash Parent and Child wrist tags

Active Health Visor

Finisher's Shirt:

Finisher's Medal:

Top 3 Winners' Cash Prize:

Other Post-Race Loot:

Active Health Duffel Bag

Route Map (click on the image for a bigger preview):


  • Race Kits may run out before September 9, 2012, therefore registration may end earlier than announced deadline.

  • A Valid ID may be requested upon registration. For group registration, a photocopy of any valid ID & picture must be presented by the representative.

  • Singlet size availability will be on a first come first serve basis.

  • A timing device will be used by all participants during the race.

  • Race results will be available within three (3) days after the race in the following websites: or

  • Hotline Numbers:

    • Globe – 0927 347 7700

    • Smart - 0929 7178164

    • Landline - (632) 887-6194

  • Timing and Race Results:

  • Other concerns and Feedback:

Follow this link for Unilab's Press Release.
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The Experia Experience

What to look for in a running socks:
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Protection
You now have the list, but where can you find these features? I say, it's all present with the Thorlos Experia running socks.

Thorlos Experia, in electric-yellow color
I first glanced on the striking electric-yellow color of the Experia a night before our Epic Relay 250 race. It was so thin giving it the almost weightlessness it needs. It has a minimal but specifically-located protective paddings compared with the Thorlos 84N Runner which is fully padded making it thicker.

As thin as it is, Experia socks still gives you the cushioning at the right place where it is most needed by our foot. The ball and heel part of the socks are sculpted with Thorlo pads that provides the foot protection and cushion from each ground impact and shear (the sliding of the foot within the shoe that cause blisters).

The glove-like, fit-hugging feel arch
I first used the Thorlos Experia sock at my 2nd leg and 3rd leg of the Epic Relay 250 (yes I used it twice on a one day race). The Experia wasn't noticeable given that it is so thin, but it does gives the right protection where it is essential. Running downhill at a pace of 3'50" to 4'10", one would normally feel the socks rubbing at the forefoot or ball of the foot against the shoe, but the glove-like fit of the Experia, this downside is eliminated.

Protective Coolmax fabric pads where it is most essential
And what does a shoe with water-draining feature can do if the socks you are wearing doesn't have the moisture-wicking capability? Luckily, these protective padding of the Experia are made from Coolmax fabric, thus providing the maximum moisture wicking and moisture management. On a rainy Sunday race of Run for Light where I attained my 2nd 10K personal best, the moisture-wicking of the Experia proved to really work as my feet didn't soak and I never had that swishing-moisture sound between the socks and the shoe.

Mesh-design and nylon-covered Lycra upper
Protective pad for the achilles tendon
Aside from the ball and heel, I also like the the achilles tendon padding, which protects from chafing and the rubbing of our achilles tendon against the shoe. At the same time, the upper portion of the Experia is made from Ultralightweight nylon covered Lycra frame, giving it the thin yet durable upper frame that holds those protective pads.

After crossing the finish-line at the last leg of the Epic Relay wearing Experia socks
(photo courtesy of Chris Sports)
The only thing left as my wishlist for a Thorlos sock design, is the side-indicator as I previously mentioned on my Thorlos 84N review. When this indicator would finally appear on Thorlos socks, I could say that a Thorlos sock is already 99% perfect and I will start collecting even for my casual and office socks.

If you spend more than Php 5,000.00 for a shoe, why not also spend Php 650++ for your socks if it gives your feet the protection, comfort, and breathability that it needs?

Six:30 Running group at the Epic Relay all wearing Thorlos Experia socks
After the 3K race at Schools' Run for School Rooms
(photo courtesy of Roy Agsunod)
10K wet, rainy run at the Run for Light
(photo courtesy of RJ Knight Runer)
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Philippine 2012-Multisports Event Calendar

For the remainder of this year, the multi-sport community is going to be packed with actions on the waters and on the road. Here's the remaining schedules for adrenaline rushers like you, courtesy of TRAP (Triathlon Association of the Philippines).

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Diadora Mythos Axeler TI 4 - Shoe Review

On the website of Diadora, the Mythos Axeler TI IV is said to be the perfect balance between forefoot flexibility and shock absorption that makes this model elastic and reactive. I wouldn't disagree with this statement, as ever since I've ran with this shoe, my personal bests kept on coming race after race.

Propulsive shoe reaction
I've first race (the break-in) the Mythos Axeler TI-IV on a midnight run at my 2nd of 3 legs at the 2012 Epic Relay. And yes, this was also my break-in for this shoe, an actual race for a distance of 9.50km. Although there was no proper break-in for this shoe, there was no foot nor plantar pain afterwards due to the flexibility of the forefoot area that was made possible by the Axeler technology.

The reactivity of this shoe was very much evidenced at the downhill part of the route, as my forefoot lands on the asphalt road, my leg would lift as if I have stepped on a spring. This propulsive action though was not good on the downhill as it feels so unnatural and I would tend to control each lift else I get outbalanced. On the contrary, this propulsion, the reactive effect, and also the shock absorption are all advantage on flat terrain as it makes it easier for the foot to transition to the drive phase.

Never felt the heel-striking
One thing I noticed running with the Mythos Axeler TI IV, (the same thing that happens when I use other thicker or cushioned shoes) is that it seems like I naturally heel-strike a lot. But this heel-striking isn't noticeable until I get to see myself in photos, which makes me wonder if I really strike the ground in the heel area as I never felt like I was landing on my heels while running.

Another feature that I like from this shoe is that it is almost as lightweight as racing flats, much the same with the Diadora Mythos Samurai III. I've also raced this shoe on a 90-floors vertical run and the shoe's weight was the very least of my problem that I haven't thought of it at all.

On a rainy run, the shoe wouldn't also soak your feet, thanks to its "drainage" system found between the arch and heel area. The elastom EVA foam insole also has pores to easily drain the waters going inside the shoe.

Here are the races I've been to with the Diadora Mythos Axeler TI IV that broke my personal bests, all made in 2-months span of racing with this shoe:
  1. 3rd Trek the TEC - 90-floors vertical run PR from 00:20:03 to 00:19:10
  2. HyperSports' Get Fit Run 2012 - 21K PR from 01:59:24 to 01:56:24
  3. Run for Light - New 2nd best 10K PR from 00:48:10 to 00:47:43
  4. 36th Milo Marathon - Newest 21K PR breaking my HyperSports 21K PR to 01:54:44
Quick Specs:
Color: Silver DD/dark red/black
Nylon air mesh and Supreltech upper
Blown flexoft rubber in the front area
Special Duratech 5000 wearproof compound heels
Moulded elastom E.V.A foam, sandwich structure shock
absorber and double action in the metatarsal and heel area
CCB medial stabilizer of the arch support
anatomical and shock-absorbing elastom E.V.A. foam insole
Shoe Technology:
  • Axeler - a special thread-like frame in tech Alloy, a harmonic steel alloy that is light, elastic and sturdy, is inserted into the sole. It improves forefoot flexibility and pressure distribution while providing maximum midfoot and heel stability.
  • CCB - medial stabilizer created to control torsional stability of the area of the arch support, giving the shoe lightness and stability without altering shock absorption.
  • DA2 (double action 2) - Diadora’s exclusive shock-absorbing system eliminating negative vibrations in the heel area.
  • Duratech 5000 - special wear-resistant rubber compound assuring a far higher wear resistance than standard rubber, offering an effective solution to shoe heel wear.
  • Flexoft Blown Rubber - a particolar rubber and air compound developed to guarantee lightweight , flexibility, shock absorption and better propulsion in the forefoot area.
  • Microbe Barrier - Microbe barrier is a special antibacterial treatment, which is applied to the inside of the shoe and will last through numerous washes.
Running on Diadora Mythos
Axeler TI IV broke another 21K personal best
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