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Diadora Mythos Axeler TI 4 - Shoe Review

On the website of Diadora, the Mythos Axeler TI IV is said to be the perfect balance between forefoot flexibility and shock absorption that makes this model elastic and reactive. I wouldn't disagree with this statement, as ever since I've ran with this shoe, my personal bests kept on coming race after race.

Propulsive shoe reaction
I've first race (the break-in) the Mythos Axeler TI-IV on a midnight run at my 2nd of 3 legs at the 2012 Epic Relay. And yes, this was also my break-in for this shoe, an actual race for a distance of 9.50km. Although there was no proper break-in for this shoe, there was no foot nor plantar pain afterwards due to the flexibility of the forefoot area that was made possible by the Axeler technology.

The reactivity of this shoe was very much evidenced at the downhill part of the route, as my forefoot lands on the asphalt road, my leg would lift as if I have stepped on a spring. This propulsive action though was not good on the downhill as it feels so unnatural and I would tend to control each lift else I get outbalanced. On the contrary, this propulsion, the reactive effect, and also the shock absorption are all advantage on flat terrain as it makes it easier for the foot to transition to the drive phase.

Never felt the heel-striking
One thing I noticed running with the Mythos Axeler TI IV, (the same thing that happens when I use other thicker or cushioned shoes) is that it seems like I naturally heel-strike a lot. But this heel-striking isn't noticeable until I get to see myself in photos, which makes me wonder if I really strike the ground in the heel area as I never felt like I was landing on my heels while running.

Another feature that I like from this shoe is that it is almost as lightweight as racing flats, much the same with the Diadora Mythos Samurai III. I've also raced this shoe on a 90-floors vertical run and the shoe's weight was the very least of my problem that I haven't thought of it at all.

On a rainy run, the shoe wouldn't also soak your feet, thanks to its "drainage" system found between the arch and heel area. The elastom EVA foam insole also has pores to easily drain the waters going inside the shoe.

Here are the races I've been to with the Diadora Mythos Axeler TI IV that broke my personal bests, all made in 2-months span of racing with this shoe:
  1. 3rd Trek the TEC - 90-floors vertical run PR from 00:20:03 to 00:19:10
  2. HyperSports' Get Fit Run 2012 - 21K PR from 01:59:24 to 01:56:24
  3. Run for Light - New 2nd best 10K PR from 00:48:10 to 00:47:43
  4. 36th Milo Marathon - Newest 21K PR breaking my HyperSports 21K PR to 01:54:44
Quick Specs:
Color: Silver DD/dark red/black
Nylon air mesh and Supreltech upper
Blown flexoft rubber in the front area
Special Duratech 5000 wearproof compound heels
Moulded elastom E.V.A foam, sandwich structure shock
absorber and double action in the metatarsal and heel area
CCB medial stabilizer of the arch support
anatomical and shock-absorbing elastom E.V.A. foam insole
Shoe Technology:
  • Axeler - a special thread-like frame in tech Alloy, a harmonic steel alloy that is light, elastic and sturdy, is inserted into the sole. It improves forefoot flexibility and pressure distribution while providing maximum midfoot and heel stability.
  • CCB - medial stabilizer created to control torsional stability of the area of the arch support, giving the shoe lightness and stability without altering shock absorption.
  • DA2 (double action 2) - Diadora’s exclusive shock-absorbing system eliminating negative vibrations in the heel area.
  • Duratech 5000 - special wear-resistant rubber compound assuring a far higher wear resistance than standard rubber, offering an effective solution to shoe heel wear.
  • Flexoft Blown Rubber - a particolar rubber and air compound developed to guarantee lightweight , flexibility, shock absorption and better propulsion in the forefoot area.
  • Microbe Barrier - Microbe barrier is a special antibacterial treatment, which is applied to the inside of the shoe and will last through numerous washes.
Running on Diadora Mythos
Axeler TI IV broke another 21K personal best


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