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Asics Dynablast 3 Shoe Review - Can These Running Shoes Keep Up with Your Pace?

Jumping in the fun
I recently purchased an Asics Dynablast 3 running shoes last April 10, 2023 from Asics BGC. This is actually my first time buying and getting a hold of an Asics brand.

The very first brand new running shoes that I bought was the Adidas Adizero Boston way back in 2010. Then I have tried a couple running shoes from then on such as DiadoraReebokVibram Five Fingers (VFF), OnSkechers, Merrell, Somnio, Viking, Saucony, Nike, Mizuno, and Salomon of which more than 70% are sponsored (click the links to read my honest review).

Asics is a popular running shoe brand that has been around for many years, and they regularly update and release new models to meet the needs of runners. The Dynablast series was first released on 2020 and this specific model, the Dynablast 3 was released early last year, 2022.

I actually thought that this was one of the latest shoe model in range for this year as the price is still in the 6K-ish, but behold... I was stunned to see that the more latest ones already ranges to 5-digits in peso.

I got the US 7.5 and it fits true to size. If you're not familiar about your shoe size, I recommend trying them on in-store to make sure. And remember to allow at least half or an inch size allowance than your regular shoe size.


If you're not familiar with the Dynablast 3, let me give you the lowdown. The Dynablast 3 is a lightweight and comfortable shoe designed to be responsive to your every move. It's suitable for different race distances, from 3K to half marathons, so you can wear them for a variety of runs without feeling like you're dragging around bricks on your feet.

Available colorways of the Asics Dynablast 3
The Dynablast 3 comes in a range of colors, and I went for the Deep Ocean/Light Steel combo. I must say that this color combination looks fantastic in person and really stands out.

The Deep Ocean color is a deep blue shade, while the Light Steel color is a light gray tone. It's like wearing the ocean on your feet, but without the sand getting stuck in between your toes.

One thing to note is that the Dynablast 3 is suitable for runners with a neutral foot gait. If you're a heavy overpronator or underpronator, you might want to consider a different shoe that's designed for your specific foot type. But if you're like me and have a neutral foot gait, then these shoes might just be the perfect fit for you.

Technology and Material

The latest in the Dynablast series

Now enough about looks, let's get to the good stuff. The Dynablast 3 features a breathable mesh upper that allows for proper air circulation and prevented any hot spots from forming, so your feet don't feel like they're cooking inside the shoe.

The FlyteFoam technology midsole is responsive, lightweight, and provides excellent cushioning, which is essential for runners who want to maintain their speed and form without weighing you down. It's like walking on clouds, except there's no rainbows (sadly) and you're actually running and getting exercise.

One standout feature of this shoe is its Ortholite foam insole. This cushioned and supportive base is designed to wick moisture away from the foot, preventing odor and foot infections. The insole is also removable, allowing for a customized fit, and its contoured shape matches the natural shape of the foot for added comfort and support.

The outsole is made of durable rubber in high-contrast hue of yellow-orange that can provide great traction on different surfaces. This is particularly helpful when running on wet or slippery roads.

The Break-in Run

A little leg pose before the run
During my break-in run at my favorite place -- Nat. Sci. Circle in UP Diliman, the Dynablast 3 stayed comfy throughout the 3K run. My feet didn't feel cramped or suffocated, in fact, it feels a little bit bigger than the usual US7.5 shoes that I had.

The Asics Dynablast 3 shoes are lightweight but still feel sturdy and supportive, which is key for maintaining good form and avoiding injuries, thus giving you the confidence to push yourself harder and faster.

I also have to say, this shoe is somewhat responsive, perfect for those of us who like to go fast, because they help to propel you forward with each stride. Mind you that I haven't been regularly running for the past 3-years, but I completed a 3K run huffing and puffing (obviously I'm not as fit as before... yet) but without aches and pain from my foot and calf.

The Blurr shot (not)

As soon as my feet hit the pavement, there's a noticeable energy return in my step. You might wonder if these shoes have their own little boosters built in! I felt like I could pick up the pace without sacrificing comfort, which is a huge plus. I even tried a few sprints and felt like I had an extra bounce in my step.

But don't just take my word for it - give 'em a try and see for yourself!

Oh and yeap, I did a few stairs jump on this shoe (scroll up and check my awesomely shot photo) and the cushion is just enough to support my hard landing in each flight of stairs. No pain in the knees!

A little mishap

Just a mishap experience is when I slipped backwards while treading beyond the sidewalk where there are lots of loose Mahogany leaves. For those who are into trail running, you're familiar how slippery these leaves are even when dry.

So a bit of a caution, do not do what I did or else you'll end up like me suddenly down on the ground with some rays of light directly on my face (it's the sun, not a UFO).

The shoe also features a classic lace-up closure that enables you to customize the fit to your preference. The shoelace is flat, which is the kind that I don't like since it tends to roll and twist. But the Dynablast 3 has solved this by making the eyelet design rectangular which is perfect for the flat shoelace.

As for durability, only time will tell. Of course, every runner's experience with the Dynablast 3 may differ depending on their foot shape, running style, and terrain. That's why I'm planning to do more testing runs with the shoe in the coming weeks to see how it performs on different surfaces and under various weather conditions.

I'm particularly curious to see how it handles wet or slippery roads, as well as how it fares during speed workouts. The possibilities are endless!

One thing I do appreciate about the Dynablast 3 is its affordability. Compared to other latest Asics models (and other latest ones for the running shoes right now in the market), the Dynablast 3 is reasonably priced, which is a plus for those of us on a budget.

I was able to get a 20% discount, which was much higher than the 10% off coupon that I got from one of the previously held virtual run. I wasn't able to ask though if it's part of a holiday discount or until when this promo will last.

Overall, I'm impressed with the Asics Dynablast 3 so far. It's lightweight, comfortable, and affordable, making it a solid option. With its stylish design, ample cushioning, and durable outsole, it's definitely worth considering for your next pair of running shoes.
Fun Fact

Did you know that ASICS is actually an acronym? It stands for "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" which is a Latin phrase that means "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body" (fact thanks to Ms. Abet).

ASICS is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in manufacturing athletic equipment such as footwear, apparel, and accessories for various sports activities. The company was founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka and is headquartered in Kobe, Japan.

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