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My Gait Analysis

Whenever I run for more than 5 kilometers, the outer-side of my left knee always suffers from pain, which also goes away after 5 to 7 days. That's why in most of my runs (and as long as my memory gap won't hinder), I always wear my knee pads which I have been using already for quite a while. I've been thinking that I might have some running form defects which I ought to correct before I get an injury. I don't want to stop from running since it has been one of my first loved sports.

Last Saturday, I visited one of the running-specialty stores in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig to canvass for a running shoe that would fit me and also to know more about this kind of shoe that I have seen from their website and some billboards in EDSA. At the same time, I was able to have my gait analyzed and also get my foot type.

The method for gait analysis is just simple. First they analyzed my foot type using some kind of instrument (called 'podoscope') that creates a thermal-like image of your feet after stepping on it for a few seconds. Mine has a normal arch, much like the image shown in the left. I was glad that I'm not flat-footed, since I've heard that flat-footed runners are more prone to injuries (I don't know if it is really proven), and those feet with normal to high arches have a higher chance of running faster (oh really? time to prove it!).

Next step was the gait analysis proper where I did a barefoot run on their treadmill at a speed of 9 kph, with a video cam a meter away from the treadmill recording my movement as I run (yeah, I noticed the video cam's location before I had my gait analyzed). The normal pronation should be 180 degrees and mine was just 180.7 degrees. It relieved me upon knowing that I still have a normal gait, with only a 0.7 degree of supination or pronation either way, I forgot what was the term that the sales assistant told me.

Gait measurement analysis

On the gait analysis video, I was also able to see one incorrect form on my running which, as the assistant said, can be consciously corrected. That is, on the lifting phase, my feet sways outside which is also due to incorrect toe positioning as it strikes the ground. I know this has been my problem ever since I started running. In my Baguio runs, I always try to keep my toes in the right position, which  I tend to forget already. Now I think, this has been the reason of my knee-aching problems. Happy to realize that! :)


  1. Nice one, "memory gap" :P

    Ako rin, I ssooo Love running :D

    Libre un? Gusto ko rin magpa-analyze :D

    So, alam mo na ngaun ang reason, "memory gap" pa rin, he he he..

  2. hmmnn... ano ba ung reason? hehehe..

    may bayad na madz, ako nlng ung last customer na naka-abot sa free gait analysis :))

  3. Great Post! As we walk our feet go through some very complex changes we walk. They are fantastic feats of engineering! They need to be stable enough to take all of our bodyweight, then be flexible enough to adapt to the ground, and then become rigid enough to push us forward again, all of this in less than a second. If we have correct fittinf footwear our symptoms can be dramatically reduced. Good Luck with the new foot wear!

  4. I had my gait checked too. it was really a bright idea that they had that ready for us. :)

    glad to know you were able to figure it out, have fun on the new foot wear! I swear, I have to save up for a new one already :(

    How did you get a photo of the video?!?! Haha they gave you a copy?!

  5. @progait, yeap, was really impressed with this kind of technology, helps us a lot!

    @runaholic, I just searched for those images in google, and that's not my feet. hehehe...

  6. may sakit ka db? :p
    joke lng na tapos na ung free gait analysis. Always un available dun. Tapos pag bumli ka ng pair of shoes worth 5k above, may free runnr socks ka.

  7. I think I should have that gait analysis too. I sometime sprain my ankle whenever we run.


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