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This blog is primarily intended to be an online journal about the owner's personal experiences, aspirations, reviews, reactions and insights mostly about everything that interests him. You will find in this blog the owner's reviews of post-event races, product reviews, health insights, fitness tips, technology articles, pressers, and literary creations such as poetry and short stories.

Who is RunningAtom?

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My real name is Alfredo Vedarozaga - more commonly known as "RunningAtom" in the running community. I belong to the populace of "Jack of all trades, master of NONE!". Blogging has become my literary outlet of my unspoken ideas and some of my personal activities and experiences whenever I have time to blog.

I am a Programmer by Profession and a human at heart! Outdoors is my first love when I was yet a small child, bearing the heavy weight of asthma. Thus, it is also the outdoors that greatly healed my health burden.

Born healthy, but grew up malnourished in my younger years under the care of random Nannies. With my small physique and bearing the heavy weight of asthma, any physical sports and activity was a great challenge back then. There have been a lot of times that I have dreamt of myself on a coffin during an onset of asthma attack, I've also been dragged down by a buffalo, a cow, and even a goat from the top of a mountain down to the streams!

It was so, not until my first fun run participation in exchange for an exception from the Physical Education 1 (PE1) Midterms exam. It was then that my physical life had greatly changed from an asthmatic, weak, and feeble-looking guy to an athletically-slimmed, toned man (except still for the height)!

From then on, I started participating and enjoying my new found love for sports such as Tae-Kwon-Do, Table Tennis, Hiking, Mountaineering and Running. On my corporate 8-to-6 office-cubicle life, I take a joyful step with weight lifting to compensate my small physique (and height) and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Billiards, Badminton, Airsoft, Bowling, and other sports have also become my past time after a stressful office day.

My favorite distances are 10-km and 21-km, and I enjoy doing these under the mud and uneven dirt surface that we call "trail". In contrast, I have also raced longer distances from 32-km, to the full 42-km Marathon, and with my longest distance to date of a 50-km Ultramarathon. Right now, I am slowly evolving and embracing the Multisport scene, starting from Duathlons, into Aquathlons, and hopefully soon a Triathlon!

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