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Quantum Plus Multivitamins

Quantum Plus (Q+) - a new vitamins and minerals supplement with a promise of multi-benefits has been made available for people with active lifestyle through the exclusive distributorship of McGraw Pharma Inc. Quantum Plus is formulated with its main component of Chlorella -- a small green algae high in protein, providing a faster cell regeneration and accelerated wound healing. That's a great benefit for active people who often breaks down muscles during intense workout periods.

As Chlorella is also known as a detoxifier, Q+ becomes an effective and safe detoxifying agent that can draw mercury, lead, and cadmium from where it accumulates in our gut and intestinal tracts due to its heavy-metal binding capabilities.

Q+ also boasts of Taurine and L-Lysine for that superior bone and muscle health, increased energy, mental alertness, and Sodium Ascorbate for immunity and proper digestion. It also contains 60mg of Ferrous sulfate, a compound which I have always been given during my childhood days to keep me from having an iron-deficiency anemia (being anemic that is).

I also liked much the vitamin B-Complex contents (B1, B2, B6, B9, B12) which are all essential for metabolism, energy production (which I really needed lately), promotion of normal cell division, and production of blood cells in bone marrow.

Having took a 20-day trial of this multivitamin, I could affirm how it made me more alert and active specially during those sleepy-hours of the day (before noon and/or after lunch) without the side effects of caffeine. That's a plus for me unlike one of the multivitamin which really drags my eyelids to close, the reason why I stopped from taking it a few years ago.

Multi-vitamin content of Quantum Plus

Quantum Plus is currently available in all Mercury Drugstores at 50-capsules box with SRP of Php937.00


  1. That sounds like something to supplement with. not a bad price. lol

  2. Oh hey I take Quantum Plus too! And I like that it takes me less time to recover from workouts. Glad to know it's effective for you too. My other vitamin was ok for immunity, but didn't really do anything for muscle recovery.

  3. Hello, how can I get in touch w/ McGraw Pharma Inc.? Can I ask for an email address? Thanks!

  4. The human body requires various vitamins and minerals on a daily basis to keep you alive, healthy and functioning at your best. Each of those vitamins/minerals have their own benefits and play their own roles in your body. Since a multivitamin provides them, its benefits are that of pretty much every vitamin and mineral it contains. Here people are most addicted to buy multivitamins online in India...because the true benefit of a multivitamin is the format itself. Like I said before, we were meant to get all of these important nutrients each day from our regular daily diet. Problem is, the typical “regular daily diet” these days often fails to do that. Thanks

  5. Quantum Plus is beneficial even for those who don’t have a regular exercise regimen. The hustle and bustle of everyday life also take a toll on our muscles, which is why need Chlorella to combat muscle fatigue. The high Chlorella content present in Quantum Plus helps our muscles recover that's is imported supplement and can't available in the market which only available multivitamins for women in Pakistan at the online shopping store. Quantum Plus also contains Taurine, which improves mental alertness, L-Lysine, which helps keep our bones strong, and Sodium Ascorbate which improves our immunity.

  6. However, the main rule of almost all diets is severely restricting of food, which are the cause of the formation of extra kilograms. However, such a reduction in the diet leads to vitamin deficiency (lack of vitamins). You can add to your food natural pills which have all necessary vitamins.

  7. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!

  8. Is quantom good for gaining weight...?


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