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Race Kit Raffle - Run for a Better Christmas

It's been a while since I raffled-off some race kits for a running event. So I'm ending this year with quite a number of race kits for an upcoming run that is geared towards helping and raising more funds for a happier Yuletide celebration of our dear brethren and sisters affected by the Yolanda typhoon which has killed more than 5,000 people already.

As this is going to be my year-end gift to you dear runners and readers of my blog, and as well as to help raise funds for this event which is by the way in partnership with CARITAS MANILA through Dreamcast Events Productions (who generously put my logo as a Media partner in their posters, Thank you very much!) :) I am raffling off not just one (1) race kit, but up to five (5) 10K race kits, or up to six (6) 5K race kits, or up to ten (10) 3K race kits should all the winners chosen by RaffleCopter falls on the same distance categories.

So let's start the raffle by answering the following mechanics via RaffleCopter.

Please share this race-kit raffle to your colleagues as well, don't worry, it won't lessen your chance of winning as the 3K category is a "win 1 get 2" option.

You may read about the race details through the link of "Run for a Better Christmas" in Aktibo Ka Ba?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You may also visit the Facebook fanpage of Run for a Better Christmas for more information.


  1. For me, I will prepare my home /family from disaster by always being update in the weather forecast.Always make sure that survival kit is always present at home.

  2. As an individual, in what ways can you prepare your homes/family from a disaster?
    First Pray to the Lord, not panic, scroll down and go to the cover area or safe area...

  3. As an individual, in what ways can you prepare your homes/family from a disaster?
    I tell to my family not to be afraid and be calm when there is a disasters, God will help us a lot...

  4. As an individual, in what ways can you prepare your homes/family from a disaster?
    I will follow my mother for what i am doing when a disasters come.. and pray always for keeping my family safe...

  5. I make sure that we had the things that we need (food, water, medicines, extra candles, charged emergency lamps, etc.), secure important documents (if ever comes to worst), check on our house for leaks and things that needs to be fixed, to make sure that we're all in a safe place in case one of us are not inside the house and to pray that the storm will pass.

  6. I Will ready a Emergency Kit that included Ready to eat food, Candles, Lighter, First Aid Kit, and Rechargable Light and always watch News or Listening to radio.

  7. I make sure that I have an emergency survival kit such as medicine, ready-to-eat food and flashlight and candles.

  8. Create a contingency plan and create a life card for each family member. On the back of the life card is a map of evacuation location for meet up in case of disasters.

  9. Dont panic...deep breathing...exit in calm and orderly manner ;)

  10. I make sure we always have an instant food, candles and first aid medicines ready

  11. As an individual i will prepare my family from a disaster by first EDUCATE them what types of disaster we are encountering...then Being them educated of what are the harmful things might happened if disaster hit us they have a knowledge on what and how to do if it comes to us..

  12. I want to run more and achieve more miles this coming yearend

  13. inform/educate everyone about disaster awareness program especially about evacuation/escape plan, survival kit and contingency plan


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