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The Experia Experience

What to look for in a running socks:
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Protection
You now have the list, but where can you find these features? I say, it's all present with the Thorlos Experia running socks.

Thorlos Experia, in electric-yellow color
I first glanced on the striking electric-yellow color of the Experia a night before our Epic Relay 250 race. It was so thin giving it the almost weightlessness it needs. It has a minimal but specifically-located protective paddings compared with the Thorlos 84N Runner which is fully padded making it thicker.

As thin as it is, Experia socks still gives you the cushioning at the right place where it is most needed by our foot. The ball and heel part of the socks are sculpted with Thorlo pads that provides the foot protection and cushion from each ground impact and shear (the sliding of the foot within the shoe that cause blisters).

The glove-like, fit-hugging feel arch
I first used the Thorlos Experia sock at my 2nd leg and 3rd leg of the Epic Relay 250 (yes I used it twice on a one day race). The Experia wasn't noticeable given that it is so thin, but it does gives the right protection where it is essential. Running downhill at a pace of 3'50" to 4'10", one would normally feel the socks rubbing at the forefoot or ball of the foot against the shoe, but the glove-like fit of the Experia, this downside is eliminated.

Protective Coolmax fabric pads where it is most essential
And what does a shoe with water-draining feature can do if the socks you are wearing doesn't have the moisture-wicking capability? Luckily, these protective padding of the Experia are made from Coolmax fabric, thus providing the maximum moisture wicking and moisture management. On a rainy Sunday race of Run for Light where I attained my 2nd 10K personal best, the moisture-wicking of the Experia proved to really work as my feet didn't soak and I never had that swishing-moisture sound between the socks and the shoe.

Mesh-design and nylon-covered Lycra upper
Protective pad for the achilles tendon
Aside from the ball and heel, I also like the the achilles tendon padding, which protects from chafing and the rubbing of our achilles tendon against the shoe. At the same time, the upper portion of the Experia is made from Ultralightweight nylon covered Lycra frame, giving it the thin yet durable upper frame that holds those protective pads.

After crossing the finish-line at the last leg of the Epic Relay wearing Experia socks
(photo courtesy of Chris Sports)
The only thing left as my wishlist for a Thorlos sock design, is the side-indicator as I previously mentioned on my Thorlos 84N review. When this indicator would finally appear on Thorlos socks, I could say that a Thorlos sock is already 99% perfect and I will start collecting even for my casual and office socks.

If you spend more than Php 5,000.00 for a shoe, why not also spend Php 650++ for your socks if it gives your feet the protection, comfort, and breathability that it needs?

Six:30 Running group at the Epic Relay all wearing Thorlos Experia socks
After the 3K race at Schools' Run for School Rooms
(photo courtesy of Roy Agsunod)
10K wet, rainy run at the Run for Light
(photo courtesy of RJ Knight Runer)

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