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Plagiarism and Filipino Politics

These are just my thoughts on a news article from about Sen. Tito Sotto III's privilege speech defending himself about his misattribution on parts of his RH bill speech last August 14, 2012.

If plagiarism is okay in the Philippines, then why is this being taught in High School and Colleges as unethical and as an academic dishonesty?

Why craft a bill to regulate blogging/the bloggers? If plagiarism is not a crime in the Philippines, then why not craft a bill under the intellectual property code to protect the intellectual works of the Filipino people? If you think you are being cyber-bullied, then why not craft a bill about cyber-bullying?

We know your intentions about the RH bill are good, but People would greatly appreciate it if your words came from your own thinking and feelings about the reproductive health, or essentially, to properly cite your sources of research, please? It shouldn't excuse or exempt us from following the ethics and rules of plagiarism just because our intellectual laws doesn't cover anything about plagiarizing.

Impressionists, imitators, and those that fall under the category of arts as you have recited in your poem from Joey De Leon is not plagiarism as it has been a "long-established tradition of copying as a fundamental practice of the creative process". (Wikipedia)

Plagiarism is a literary theft, as simple as that!

Plagiarism can be avoided by citing your sources, as simple as that!

Really, how high can a man's pride go?!

Here's a link about what Plagiarism is all about, me too am learning more from this, thank you Senator for bringing this issue to its highest form.

Now how about using some Superhero's logo for your campaign?
Superman logo on Atty. Bong Suntay's
materials such as this canopy tent.
If you think people are really over-reacting about the plagiarism issue, read and understand Miguel Syjuco's article: "Why Tito Sotto's plagiarism matters" at

And for a conclusion about this matter, here's a poem comment by Andrew Lim from's "Sotto: 'Walang krimen na plagiarism'" article:
Eto sagot sa tula ni Joey de Leon:

Eh di wala nang taong rerespeto
Sa talumpati ni Tito sa Senado
Mga speeches ipa xerox na lang ninyo
Pati na rin ang utak ni Sotto.

Ang masama pagdating sa gayahan
Ay anong aral ang makukuha ng kabataan
Kopyahin ang gawa ng iba
At palabasin itoý sa kanya?

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