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Ail With You

Photo courtesy of deviantART

As I look unto your lovely face,
and listen to your golden voice;
Trembling is my unrestrained action,
and shaking is my uncontrolled motion.

As I look at your twinkling eyes,
and imagine your fairyness;
In the highest star there I lie,
and the snowy clouds passing in the sight.

As I sing the lovely songs,
and with you as my inspiration;
Problems would go away,
and happiness is on the way.

As I loved you with my whole heart,
and carry you in a joyful park;
My love for you will be the last,
and the memories will be our past.

Background: 20May1997 @ near midnight, this is the first poem I had ever made while working at Baguio Concorde hotel, inspired by Rutchie, a lady from the neighborhood.


  1. So, si Rutchie ang first love mo? What is Ail?

  2. ahmmmm... first love na tnry ligawan thru letters only harharhar! un ibang naging love kc, dko niligawan, torpe pa eh! hehehe...

    at dahl sya ang una kong ligaw, sya din ang unang basted, ngyehehehe!

    ail - google, "define: ail"

  3. Nice Pedz. I never had written a poem in my life.

  4. wow! you are in love. I'm happy for you

  5. good blog ,, hope i can visit every day ..

    add my link please


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