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A Wellness Run and Beating the Sub-Piolo PR

Running for leisure, for fitness, for health, for a PR - these are what most runners are aiming for. And last Sunday, March 7, 2010, Unilab held their very first running event -- a run for wellness, which garnered a lot of positive feedbacks and reviews from the participants.

Why wellness? It seemed to me that Unilab did not just held an event like this for branding or marketing purposes. As I've mentioned in my other blog, I have re-learned things that also matters most in our life - health and family. And running for wellness, means a healthy balance of our mind and body that constitutes to an overall health of our well-being.

So after seven sessions of the free running clinic of Unilab with the team of Coaches of Coach Rio, we are finally set and ready to roll and check our legs and body on the race for any improvements. In my mind, I know that I would be able to finish the race without having any pains or injuries since the regular practice runs and clinic have prepared my body well. I just don't know if I could still run under a sub-50 time, or if I will finally be able to beat the sub-Piolo "PR standard" for 10k.

Here comes the race, full of energy and with our minds overflowing with excitements after almost more than a month of waiting for the event to take place. Finally we are here, and our first-time to stack ourselves at the starting line together with Kassy, Dietrich, CaptainRunner, ChickenLegSaga, MinnieRunner, and LostRunner. While waiting for our gun-start, I saw Mish whom we first met unexpectedly at the previously held Condura Run. Then after a few minutes of lining up the 10k runners and some stretching presentations on stage, the starting gun has fired-off.

Learning from my previous running mistakes, I tried to stay on the pace just like what I did on the Century Superbods Run. And thankfully, I was also able to control the sudden burst of energy and excitement as the gun started which could have also triggered my adrenaline to push and speed-up at the beginning of the race. The pressure was on me though when I saw KikayRunner passed by me speedily just even before reaching the 1km mark. She was with another guy pacing with her, and I couldn't catch up and even didn't want to since I might be losing the energy I'm trying to reserve for the last split if I tried to. It was only then at more than 7km mark at MC Home Depot that I saw her again and greeted her. I can barely speak enough but she still looks full of energy and still able to enthusiastically cheer "go, go, go"!

Catching up with another Adizero Boston runner.

As the race result unveiled the next day, as usual, MinnieRunner have again greeted and congratulated me for ranking on the top 30 overall 10k finishers. And analyzing the result, I am 2:50 faster than my Century run two weeks ago. Wow! After eight more 10k runs, I was finally able to outrun Piolo Pascual's ever-famous 0:47:56 PR in his 10k Timex Run with a difference of 0:0:50 seconds. I am so glad that I can now move on to another target PR, lol!

The ugly face of trying to beat a sub-Piolo PR

A day after the event, I read an amazing story that also took place during the Unilab run and it touched my heart that I can't help but to feel like a teenager falling in love. There has been a marriage proposal. Yeah, that was really so sweet! 'Twas dubbed for them as their "Unilove run" marriage proposal. You may read the unilove story here or check Unilab's facebook feed.

Do I still look like full of energy?

Mish, outrunning other 10k male runners.

with MinnieRunner and Sir Rene (aka JazzRunner)

with RunningKenyan and LostRunner

LostRunner, the one on my left at the photo above who is also my new run challenger, was so glad that he have finally found the right track for his 10k route, (read more about his long-lost journeys here, and here) lol! These are all thanks to the very-well organized and knowledgeable marshals about where to lead the runners. Now he was able to finally, and officially proved that he have also set a sub-Piolo PR and way much ahead of me with our time difference of 0:0:12 seconds.

Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Time: 00:47:06
Half-split: 00:26:30
Official Ranking: 27th out of 1,850 overall 10k runners

Official Update (as of 10Mar2010 6:55 PM):
  • Official Finish Time: 00:48:06
  • Half-split: 00:27:30
  • Overall Ranking: 27th out of 1,881 overall 10k runners
So, my sub-Piolo PR is un-achieved once again. Another lesson learned, never get too excited with the race results, lol! Read my "spoiled-PR" rantings in my other blog.

Race Info:
When: Mar. 7, 2010.
Where: Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Event: Unilab Run United for Wellness


  1. talagang RunningKenyan eh no? :) Okay I shall blog na nga!

  2. Wwo Sub-Piolo na! Yahoooo! Good job bud! Ayosss!

  3. Nice! Congrats!..I have a lot of fun too at the Unilab...more runs to go..^_^

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Mish Maravilla-QuirolgicoMar 11, 2010, 2:02:00 AM

    Congrats :) A Wellness Run, Indeed! Well Done :) see you on next race.

  6. oh people, the excitement of beating the sub-Piolo PR already ended yesterday, the official race results were released again yesterday at 6:55 PM and the finish time of all the 10k runners (I think) have been added up with another 1 minute.

    So I guess I'll have to run more 10k races to finally beat a good PR. :)

  7. woohoo sub piolo! congrats!!!

    I'm gonna check out that proposal =)

  8. Hey RunningAtom, the guy with Bib No: 7735 was my highschool classmate!

    Ano ba ang kita mo sa time as you cross the finish line? 'yun ang paniwalaan mo. I really can't comprehend kung bakit mali 'yung sa timing chip :(

  9. Congrats RunningAtom. I believe there's something wrong with the timing chip. Hope they'll look closely at it.

  10. hmmmm... so, runningKenyan is my official running name? cge na nga... kung dun kayo masaya... hehehe... next time.. im going for sub-atom. hehehe...

  11. @Hotlegs, still have more to go of beating a sub-Piolo, hehehe!

    @Minnie, when you are out there running with all your might and mind, you'll tend to forget everything, as well as checking the exact time as you cross the finish line, and even stopping your own chrono. That's why I never saw the time as I cross the finish line.

    @Captain, I really dunno what's wrong with the timing chip's data. Well at least, I've got another lesson learned for this race: Never get too excited with the race results ;)

    @Drake, yes you are RunningKenyan.. it shows (lol)! :p

  12. woohoo sub-piolo! :) congrats!

  13. I hope if the timing chip won't be that accurate, let's just settle for barcodes to have P200 less on the reg'n fees, LOL!


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