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Ayala Malls - Eco Dash (Greenology)

The run was such a success despite of the heavy downpour of rains due to the tropical depression 'Nando'.

1:30 AM, I woke up unexpectedly from my deep sleep of just two hours. My son - Von Aizen woke me and my wife when he just cried out from his sleep, and suddenly stood up near the edge of the bed. It bursted my instinct to dive from my current lying position towards the other side of the bed. I was able to catch him on time and prevent his head-on landing to the floor, not knowing that I already bruised my left knee.

After the "egg-catching" with my son, I wasn't able to go back to sleep, and also due to the continued rainfalls, I worried about the event that it might not push through. I texted the organizer (special thanks to Ms. Liza Calumpong) and confirmed me that the event will push through rain or shine.

My running colleagues though weren't able to dash-out their body from their bed due to the sound sleep caused by 'Nando'. One by one they texted me that they will no longer run, either afraid of the storm, or no service going to the venue. Although I've had second thoughts too if I would still run, but the bruise on my left knee and the tropical depression still did not stop me.

(Stretching before the start of the event)

My wife - Nessa then accompanied me going to the event to carry my baggage (lol), take pictures of me, and specially to support me on my endeavor to race against 'Nando', hehehe. We arrived there 5:30 AM, just on time for the fire start of 21k (against the posted race start of 5:00 AM) with my estimated runners of more or less 100. At first glance, there are fewer racers that time, and the rain is still showering on us lightly while we're doing our personal warm-ups.

The 10k dash started at 6:01:23 AM in my watch, with an estimated participants of around 200 - 250. I positioned myself in front so as to keep track of the number of racers who will pass thru me throughout the entire 10k dash. The race fired as tropical depression 'Nando' poured out its might upon us. It made me shiver in cold and in excitement that for the first time, I am running both against time and against the rain. Although I was able to warm-up my body enough, the rain seemed to put my body back in hibernation mode. So I tried to push my legs enough to fight the cooling effect of the rain and the air as I pass through the distance.

Along my way, I knew that I will not tire much since there was no sun, and no sweating will happen. But 'Nando' have accompanied us from the very start. Thus, at about 7.5 km point, I began to feel a bit cold from my toes due to already wet shoes and full-body wetness from the rain. And 20-30 minutes after I pass the finish line at 6:58 AM, my legs stiffened by muscle cramps caused by tired leg muscles and the cold rainwater falling from my body.

It was very enjoyable though, a first time run-in-the-rain and perhaps, one of the running experiences I had that I will truly cherish.

Personal Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Time: 0:57:28
Rank: 75th (out of 532 runners)

Race Info:
When: Sept. 13, 2009.
Where: Fort Bonifacio, Global City Taguig
Event: Ayala Malls - Greenology Eco Dash

You can download the race results here courtesy of


  1. Nabitin naman ako sa post mo Pedz. Pero may talent ka sa pagsusulat, gamitin mo 'yan. Hindi puro ka tulog :P

  2. hehehe... bitin nga eh, nakatulog kasi utak ko habang ginagwa yan.. sige maya-maya ipagpatuloy ko na :p


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