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Adidas KOTR 2009 - Expo, Event, and Race Result

It was yesterday, October 25, 2009 here in Manila. My first run for Adidas. I've been feeling lazy in blogging this event for no reason, I just really feel lazy, lol! But after googling the King of the Road, I came across several websites and blogs about this same event, Adidas King of the Road in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which was held last August 3, 2009. This is a very tragic incident that made me wonder about a runner, and race organizer's responsibilities before, during, and after running. You can read the full story of this incident by visiting Justice For Gary family website. A video when Gary first collapsed on the finish line was also posted in youtube.

This news also made me remember my experience on the first day of Adidas expo in Megamall last October 17, 2009. The first day of the expo was really a disaster for a lot of runners, for my colleague, and for me. I was on the line to claim our group's race packet from 3:00 PM up to 6:30 PM. I was able to claim two out of three (2 of 3) race singlets/packets that I have registered. It was really amazing how could the other race packet be left out since these were all registered at the same time, same date, and same registration outlet (Adidas Trinoma). After the expo though, I just went on without complaining about how well or how "not" well the expo was organized. Come race day, I could say that the race was a big success. No injuries, death, or tragic incidents after the event. There are enough hydration booths along the 10k route. A cup of three to four slices of banana was also given at the 4km mark for potassium supply.

The only thing that I noticed is the lack of self-discipline of one of their volunteers who was giving out the turn-over ribbons. This volunteer yelled and swore ("hoy P*****ina mo, wag kang mang-hatak, adik ka ba?!") to one of the runners who was taking the ribbon, which, as we know running his lungs out to reach his goal. I was not able to look back to see the face of the volunteer. I kept my running pace then after a while I realized that the volunteer should not have yelled and swore like that to the runner. Instead, he should just give out the ribbons politely. One more thing, the runner doesn't have to wait for him, he must have the ribbons ready on his hands or fingers to be given to the thousands of runners who will be pulling it on their turns.

Anyway, for the better part as I have mentioned a while ago, the race is still a success all-in-all. And for my personal record, this race is my 2nd personal best run. My first personal best run was way back in Baguio for the Rotary Club's Invitational Run.

(I ran for 10k route, posing for 21k map)

Event: Adidas King of the Road 2009
Date: October 25, 2009
Place: Fort Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig
Unofficial Time: 00:53:32
Official Time: 00:56:37
Official Rank: 235th

According to my official result, I placed at 235th with finish time of 56:37, my personal timing though from the gun start until I reached the finish line was 53:35. That's an additional 3:02 minutes padded time due to the slow pace of the timers on the finish line getting the bar codes from our bib. :D

For the list of Official results, click here.


  1. hi. im not being snarky or anything, but i just want to say that "marathon" is 42km so you actually only ran a half-marathon. this is a common misnomer committed by pinoys. :)

  2. oh yeah chekka, we know that a Full Marathon is 42k, and half-marathon is 21k, hehehe! Like you said, I think a lot of Filipinos, including me just got used to calling any long distance running as marathon :)

  3. Pedz, hopefully, next events na pupuntahan natin, hindi na RACE ang organizer. They have been in the business for how many times? They should've perfected how to 'ORGANIZE' the event.

    They should be thankful hindi ako marunong mang-away, :D

  4. sad to say Madz, they're one of the well-known Marathon organizer here in the Phils., and the one who's mostly contacted by a lot of marathon events.

  5. They should have perfected their craft kung ganon. Why all these kind organization happened?

    Tsk tsk tsk! Next year, takbo tayo sa Nike :D


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