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A Hike on the Yellow Trail

It's Christmas season, and I'm in Baguio for more than a week. The city is overly crowded with a lot of vehicles and people from neighboring provinces, from Manila, and even from distant islands and Countries. I jogged on the first morning of our stay but was dismayed with the air-pollution caused by the vehicles. It seems that smoke belching in Metro Manila is much controlled than here in the Country's proud summer capital. I wanted to have a physical activity each morning while I'm in Baguio to be better prepared for the running events on 2010, but with the rampant smoke belching, I think I would end up in the hospital for some lung illness. Fortunately, my college friend, classmate, and adventure buddy -- Jaymark invited me to do some hiking.

At first I was hesitant because both of us haven't been there yet, and I was expecting a mountain climb instead of a trail hike. But due to lack of equipments such as a tent, cooking range, earth pads, headlamp, and etc., we just both agreed to try the Yellow trail hike.

The Yellow trail was just on the surrounding mountains of Camp John Hay (CJH). We started the trek from Scout Barrio, and planned to take our exit in front of the Baguio Country Club (BCC). If you would walk along South Drive road starting from gate 3 of CJH (fronting Nevada), it would only take you around 30 minutes to reach BCC, or around 5 minutes when driving. In contrast, the trail trek took us around 6.5 hours before reaching the residential areas around BCC.

Some of the pine tree sceneries

On the first few meters of the trail, some Filipino and Korean visitors frequented the area on a horse-back ride. Finding them amused and enjoying on the horse ride going round, up, and down the hills, made my memory flash back on the days when I was still shepherding our own buffalos (or carabaos), cows, and horses in Masbate. We can ride the horses as much as we want, we ride the horse going from one town to another, mountain-to-mountain, and without a fee to spend, just the responsibility of taking good care of the animals.

Me on the left, and my buddy Jaymark

While the middle and last few meters of our trail, we met some other foreigners who were also trail-hiking. This made me think that more foreigner visitors are much adventurous with this kind of activity on a foreign land, while some Filipinos prefer to just sit and be serviced by the horses and tour-guides, lol! Another thing that I have observed from those foreigners that we've met along the way is their friendliness. Me and Jaymark are too shy to greet them first, but their friendly faces and smile just took our shyness away, so we were able to respond to their greetings. This made me think back about the Filipinos that we first met along the trail. I even took pictures of them, but no one, not even one, and not even their kids smiled, waved, or greeted, and responded to our smiles. Is this how Filipinos are of today? Are we not the ones who were originally branded as friendly and hospitable? Well, I guess, today, these traits only applies to remote or undeveloped provinces yet, and no longer applies in the well-known Cities of our Country.

Ok, let's go back to the trail and to the story's trail (sorry for going out-of-topic)! I have never realized why was the trail called "yellow trail". Though along the way, we found a yellow-colored stone. One friend of my father told me before that stones like that are already on its dying age and to becoming a lump of soil. I just don't know if rocks or stones really die (are they even alive?), and if it does die, does it really have to become yellow? hmmnn....

The fruits of tree-planting

The whole trail is all surrounded by tall pine trees, and some about 3 to 7 year old trees that are fruits of some tree-planting activities before. There were also some beautifully constructed, unoccupied mountain/American houses built from pine tree lumbers. One security guard patrolling the area told us that one of those are being sold at Php 40 million. We also came across some area with warning posts on the trees like 'No Entry', 'No Trespassing', and 'Property of United States of America'. I just don't know if the US Property signage was during the American occupation or is it still a property of USA up to this time, after 100 years of Baguio City's anniversary.

Our planned trail exit would've been at BCC as mentioned earlier, though we decided to take another trail going to CJH's gate 3, but we ended up exiting at the main gate which is only around a kilometer away from where we started. It was because the trail going to gate 3 was already covered and surrounded by "Paintball Republic" and rappel adventures inside the CJH - which disgusted and disgraced the area with a lot of paintball bullets, and ticket stubs.

Camp John Hay's "Garbage Republic"

In contrast to all of these frustrating situations, the overall trek was superb, it was tiring and somehow we were able to sweat out our body from the slopes. My leg still got its exercise. The super fresh air with some scent of pine, and the cool breeze just made me remember my childhood days in Baguio when the city was not yet so populated as compared to these days. There were some few bird species too that you can not see nor find in the city, such as the crows (or "uwak" in Tagalog). I realized why they were surviving despite of the lack of food source along the mountains, 'coz they do feast in horse dung. :þ

After completing the trail, I never thought that the area of CJH was that big. We spent around 7.5 hours on the trail including the rests/breaks, going back and forth from the different trails, and finding our way back to the right way of the trail whenever we are lost.

I highly recommend this activity to anyone who's planning a vacation in Baguio City and wants to feel close to nature, and experience how Baguio felt like when there were still no pollution and over-population in the City. It's time for you to get the shopping malls out of your list to visit! ;)

Be close to yellow sun, be close to nature

More photos of the trail can be found here.
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PhilStar Celebrity Fun Run 2009

Last run for the year 2009, a run for Christmas, and a run with the Celebrities. This event was one of the "Ondoy victims" as this was originally scheduled last October 11, 2009 and re-scheduled more than 2 months after the onslaught of typhoon Ondoy.

Organized by, the event aims to raise fund for the benefit of GILAS (Gearing up Internet Literacy and Access to Students) program of the Ayala Foundation.

Aside from it's beneficiaries, the runners got the chance to meet and run with some of the Philippine Celebrities. Some of the Celebrities that we saw and were present on the event were Carlos Agassi, Maricel Laxa, Anthony Pangilinan, Christine Jacob, Manny Paksiw, Freddie Cockroach, and Ronnie Rickets. I was able to pace with Mr. Agassi on the 5K mark, going up the McKinley Hill. He was not that fast as compared to other runners, but he can surely maintain his pacing even on the sloping hill of McKinley that I was eventually left behind.

Another Photo-op with Coach Rio

The event has been full of excitement for us, after waiting for more than 2 months, specially to me and our new 10k buddy from the Strathlete runners group - Jose "Jun" Forneloza. The excitement has lead to my premature adrenaline push right at the gun-start where I have almost run at my top speed for the first 2 kilometer. In return, between the 2k and 3k mark, my two 10k competitors (MoonRunner and Jun) passed ahead of me and I never had the chance to reclaim my honor anymore, lol! Jun was able to finish ahead of us, having an unofficial time of 0:44:xx, while MoonRunner passed the finish line at 0:51:xx, while me, the last among our group's 10k runners, finished at 0:53:24.

It was a great accomplishment for my two 10k running buddies, specially to Jun who is a first timer for a 10k run. For MoonRunner, it is also his first time to out pace me in all our runs. Their progress was so great and we're even so amazed for Jun's achievement.

The 10k Runners of Strathlete

It was after the race that we found out our 5k runners were not contented with the outcome of their category due to misguided and chaotic race route. We never knew what happened to the race and marshalls of the 5k distance category who are supposed to make the route easy for the participants.

Aside from these, the race results have been messed up too. Out of the 9 runners in our group, none of us were included in the results, same situation with another blogger-runner buddy who also joined their group with total of 11 participants.

One of the good thing that happened to us though aside from those record-breaking achievements were, all three of us who joined in the 10k race category won some small prizes raffled out during the post-race program. I got a small PhilStar speaker bag, enough for small devices such as an mp3 player.

Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Net Personal Time: 00:53:24
Official Time: 00:00:00 (race results were messed-up)
Official Ranking: xxx

Race Info:
When: Dec. 20, 2009.
Where: Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Event: Philippine Star Christmas Celebrity Fun Run 2009

Click here for the official race results.
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The Gay and His Pleading Brother

Ako'y matutulog na sa aking higaan, dahil ako'y gigising pa bago magbukang liwayway.
Sana ako'y makatulog ng mahimbing, upang ako'y makabawi sa ilang araw na pagsusunog ng aking makapal na kilay. Good night crush! =)

matulog ka ng mahimbing,
upang sa iyong pag-gising,
matanto mong ika'y lalaki rin!

Ngunit kahit anong gawin,
umaga'y gumaganda pa rin,
dahil sa bawat paggising,
mukhang kaakit akit pa rin,
ang bumubungad sa akin!

wala na bang pag-asa,
mawalay ang pagka-dyokla?

minsan ako'y nababahala,
dahil sa chenes mong pananalita!

utak ko ri'y nagsusumamo,
matigil na sana ang iyong eklavo!
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Pioneer Mighty Run 2009

Pioneer Mighty Bond just recently held its very successful fun run with might and a charitable heart - the Mighty Run 2009, which was organized for the benefit of Bantay Bata 163.

I was hesitant at first to join this run due to two reasons: 1) I was feeling worn-out due to non-stop weekly fun run schedules since the month of November started; and 2) I don't like the color of the singlet. In contrast, there were also three reasons which encouraged me to join the event: 1) it will be another run-for-a-cause; 2) the race venue is UP Diliman; and 3) MinnieRunner was so enthusiastic about every running event. It really pays off when there is someone who have high level of running enthusiasm. I hope that the members of our running group will also have such running spirit whatever the running event is.

The Strathletes with TsuperRunner's son

The presence of the Kenyans and PNP runners gave some chill of excitement and nervousness to some runners (or it was just me?). Just seeing them on the event makes me think more than twice if my day will still come where I can hold a place or a prize. I really wonder when can I outrun those long-legged running Kenyans and PNP Officers/Cadets.

The first half of my route was really really tiring to the point that I was already feeling lazy in the middle of the run. And yeap, I was so slow that I crossed the half-split at around 32 minutes. I was already thinking that I would be running the whole 10K in more than an hour. Luckily, my body, as what always happens, just heated up at approximately 6K mark. So I ended up in the finish line outpacing one runner of the PNP group, a female Cadette, lol!

My Diadora shoes, which I bought two years back when I joined our company's badminton tournament at a sale price of Php 500.00 bid goodbye to me when the outer sole just went-off right after I finish the race. It must have known that I had been planning to buy a new running shoes for the past weeks, but I didn't expect that my shoe will surrender ahead.

As for the overall rating, though the race started late, I salute the organizers for well-prepared and well-organized race event. The post-race giveaways were superb, hydration, and carbo-load with yummy "lugaw", which my wife also liked. I just didn't drink the Bacchus energy drink since it is caffeinated. MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando was also present during the post-race program. And to my dismay, Mr. Fernando used the opportunity for his early campaign for the 2010 National elections.

Final Run of my Diadora

Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Net Personal Time: 00:54:52
Official Time: 00:00:00
Official Ranking: xxx

Race Info:
When: Dec. 13, 2009.
Where: UP Diliman, Quezon City
Event: Pioneer Mighty Bond - Mighty Run 2009

Telecast schedule on Solar Sports Channel Philippines:
December 21, 2009 - 10:00 PM
December 22, 2009 - 08:00 AM

Keep posted for the official race results.
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What Have Been the Actions?

With the brutal killings/massacre that occurred in Maguindanao last November 23, 2009, I decided to tail the news headlines about this gruesome event for me to see how long and how will the justice be served to the victims of this massacre. To date, after 23 days of updating my blog with the headlines from varying news sources, which mostly are from PhilStar (thanks to them), all I could conclude is that the pace of the investigation against the Ampatuans are moving idly. After 23 days, there are still no concrete resolution about the suspects, the security for Maguindanao province and its residences, as well as justice assurance for the victim's families!

Adding up to my dismay is when I read about the complaints against the Ampatuans more than a year before the massacre happened. The complaint letter came from concerned people's organization and was sent to the Office of the President (OP). And it has been more than a year, but there have been no actions, no comments, no investigations happened until this inhumane killings occurred. If only the government have done their job upon receiving the letter, this incident may have been prevented, the brutal killings which have been previously happening in the province may have already stopped, the justice for the victims would've been served, and the Journalists, innocent people, and Mangadadatu women would've been still alive up to this time.

Below is the excerpt from PhilStar about this complaint letter received by the OP on Aug. 11, 2008:

A concerned people’s organization has complained to the Office of the President (OP) about numerous irregularities in Maguindanao, and the information has been referred to the Office of the Ombudsman and to the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) as early as last year, according to documents obtained by The STAR.

In a letter received by the OP on Aug. 11, 2008, the concerned people’s organization appealed to President Arroyo for her “noble attention to our agony” about “our local leaders (that) fill our hearts with terror and degradation.”

The same letter was received by the General Government Administration Office on Aug. 12, 2008, which subsequently endorsed it to the Office of the Ombudsman “for information and appropriate action” on Aug. 14, 2008.

The anti-graft agency received the letter last Sept. 3, 2008.

It referred the letter to the CHR on Nov. 11, 2008. The CHR received the document on Nov. 24, 2008.

“The province of Maguindanao is entirely unique from the rest of the country,” read the letter.

“It is ruled by a wealth (sic) and blood-raven governor, Datu Andal Ampatuan Sr. This place is seriously ill that needs serious attention of the national and local authorities.

“We are very much worried seeing our home place now became killing fields (sic).”

The five-page letter said the rule of Ampatuan Sr. “gave birth to tyranny in Maguindanao” amid corruption as well as what the group described as “carnage of innocent people.”

“Ambush dramas happen wherever the government would like it,” read the letter.

It mentioned certain areas where the alleged schemes were carried out, including the Quirino Bridge in Cotabato City and Datu Odin Sinsuat municipality.

The letter said these “ambush dramas” were planned to boost the popularity of the Ampatuans, as well as for the clan to get more sympathy from the people of Maguindanao.

These ambush dramas were intended to allow the transfer of the provincial capitol from Sultan Kudarat to Shariff Aguak, the letter added.

The letter said it was made to appear that the life of the governor was in danger while on his way to the provincial capitol in Sultan Kudarat.

“Today, the provincial capitol is already in Shariff Aguak, hometown of the Ampatuan clan,” read the letter.

“The transfer of the capitol in their hometown paves the way to their over doings (sic).

“It allows them to maneuver affairs to suit their needs such as results of elections and exploit the resources of the province for their own personal pleasures and to stay in power.”

The letter reported other alleged incidents:

• The untoward death of the governor’s son, Saudi Ampatuan, former mayor of Datu Piang, due to an alleged “mishandling” of the so-called ambush drama;

• The killing of an entire family, including an eight-month-old child, who was buried alive in Datu Piang, for being relatives of “somebody in their hit list”;

• The abduction, rape, and murder of a high school student of Notre Dame of Dulawan, who was subsequently “thrown like an animal;”

• The murders of alleged former fiancée or boyfriends of certain wives of the governor as well as the wife of his son and namesake, Datu Andal Ampatuan Jr.: and

• The death of a man through the use of a chainsaw.

The letter said the man was subsequently buried “in the rice field somewhere in Shariff Aguak.”

The victim was reportedly an employee of the capitol and a relative of former governor Zacaria Candao, the letter added.

The letter said the Ampatuans kill people for fun as if they were hunting their prey for sport.

“These are only few of the cruel acts the governor and his family members had done,” read the letter

“These days, human rights have died in this face of the earth (sic).”

The letter also talked about alleged misuse of government funds in Maguindanao, purportedly by the Ampatuan family.

Government projects in the province are funded out of the governor’s pork barrel and those of close relatives in the House of Representatives, not from provincial revenues, which are for the governor’s “personal aggrandizement,” the letter added.

The letter said the governor expends the resources of the provincial government “like his own wealth and properties,” and allegedly buys personal luxury cars “as often as he wishes” and builds mansions and houses in various cities.

“The people’s eyes are deceived with some developments scarcely sprouting in selected few places in the province,” read the letter.

The letter said that the provincial government bought earth-moving equipment used in the governor’s vast agricultural lands and properties allegedly grabbed from the people.

Development funds from line government agencies are released on condition of sharing portions or in exchange for favors, the letter added.

The letter said the Ampatuans had allegedly organized private armies under the guise of Civilian Volunteer Organizations (CVOs), Citizens Armed Forces Geographical Units (Cafgu), and auxiliaries.

The private armies were armed with around 600 assorted firearms for use of the Army and police, the letter added.

The letter said the private armies were being used by the Ampatuans “to fight for their grudges and run after their political foes.”

“The people in ARMM are really in deep frustrations,” read the letter. Towards the end of the letter, the concerned people’s organization asked Mrs. Arroyo “to put an end to this chaos regime and save the lives of the people.”

“Help us for the truth to prevail and have our caring leaders (sic),” read the letter.

“After all, not only this region will benefit from our long awaited and dreamed peace, but also the national leadership will have at least peace of mind and focus to economic progress (sic).”
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Running Clinics

This year marked the ever-rising number of running events aiming to raise funds for various groups, organizations, and charities. A lot of people have also been joining these running events, from as young as 5, and to as old as 80 plus. The population of competitive or serious runners have also increased, but some of them still don't have enough training or the knowledge with the proper form and posture in running. We need not just practice, and daily run trainings, but also the correct knowledge, form, techniques and posture in running to prevent injuries on the road. So, if you are ever planning to attend a running clinic, pick one below and start in properly training your mind and body for your upcoming race schedules.

Coach: Jojo Macalintal
Schedule and Venue: SUN, 5:30AM, in front of Abelardo Hall, U.P. Diliman
Contact: Rene Villarta 0915-6606291

Coach: Rio de la Cruz
Schedule and Venue: TUE/FRI, 7PM, Philsports Complex (ULTRA)
FRI, 7PM, Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street
Contact: Coach Rio 703-1736

Coach: Ige Lopez
Schedule and Venue: THU, 7PM, Bonifacio High Street
Call Jai, 757.3160 loc. 515

Coach: Saturnino Salazar
Schedule and Venue: Every TUE, WED, FRI, 5:30PM, Philsports Complex (ULTRA)

Coach: Jojo Macalintal
Schedule and Venue: SUN, 5:30AM, Abelardo Hall, UP Diliman
Contact: Rene Villarta, 0915-660-6291
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Maguindanao Massacre

A lot of us were shocked about this breaking massacre news in Maguindanao last Monday, November 23, 2009. This brutal killing lead to the death of 57 people, more than a dozen were Journalists, lawyers, and the Mangudadatu women. They were on their way to the local Comelec office in Shariff Aguak to file a certificate of candidacy for the upcoming 2010 Philippine national elections.

Come to think of it, the formal elections period has not yet started, even the campaign period is still on its hibernating state. It was just the COC filing, and yet, the brutal killings have already started terrorizing innocent lives. And indirectly, this has also affected a lot of voters, specially in Maguindanao area, who are to vote the leader of their own choice. But what will happen now, now that a fearsome action has took place, now that a gruesome example of what you would become when you go against the tyrant will of those who possess the evil minds to wipe you out of your lives?

I myself, have a lot to say and react about this unjustifiable and inhuman acts of those power hungry people. Even to those who are directly and indirectly involved in this massacre. The militia men who are supposedly upholder and protector of such violence neglected and rejected to do their duties. They are meant to act as an auxiliary force to the military and police in fighting rebels and criminals but often serve as a politician's private army. According to Army intelligence operatives of battalions under the 601st Brigade said they had informed their superiors, all under Col. Medardo Jeslani, Commander of the Army’s 601st Brigade, of the presence of the suspects last Friday. An Army agent told the reporters: “I was told by my superiors that we can’t do anything because it’s a political thing and that we should not interfere”.

The death of over a dozen innocent journalists in this massacre planted fear, terror, angst, and tears into the hearts of every media men. The GMA Network, one of the country's leading TV and Media broadcasting channel, released a statement of their grief and call for justice. You may read their official statement here.

A timeline of the massacre incident can also be viewed at the GMANews website (flash player for IE/Firefox plugin is required).

News Updates:
December 23, 2009
December 22, 2009
December 21, 2009
December 20, 2009 12:00 AM 7 Maguindanao police officers face dismissal
December 19, 2009 12:00 AM Journalists confront massacre suspect
December 18, 2009
December 17, 2009 12:00 AM
December 16, 2009
December 15, 2009 6:01 PM, Military clashes with armed supporters of Ampatuans
December 14, 2009 12:00 AM, Police files rebellion charges against 5 Ampatuans
December 13, 2009 12:00 AM
December 12, 2009 12:00 AM, Ampatuan homes in M.M. under PNP surveillance
December 11, 2009 12:00 AM, Ermita: Martial law proclaimed without actual rebellion
December 10, 2009 12:00 AM,
December 9, 2009 12:00 AM, More Witnesses coming out
December 8, 2009 12:00 AM, Supreme Court asked: End martial law
December 7, 2009 08:41 AM, DOJ: Evidence links Ampatuan Sr. to massacre, looming rebellion
December 6, 2009 12:00 AM, ARMM Governor, 8 other Ampatuans arrested
December 5, 2009 12:00 AM, Martial law set in Maguindanao
December 4, 2009 12:00 AM, Two Militiamen admits role in Maguindanao massacre
December 3, 2009 2:34 PM, Traces of sperm found in bodies of 5 female massacre victims
December 3, 2009 12:00 AM, Ampatuan Sr. files COC, indicted for massacre
December 2, 2009 10:09 PM, After the Massacre
December 1, 2009 12:00 AM, DOJ files 25 counts of murder vs Mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr.
November 30, 2009 12:00 AM, Ampatuan clan planned massacre
November 29, 2009 12:00 AM, DOJ: Rasul sees conspiracy in massacre
November 28, 2009 12:00 AM, National Gov't Takes Over ARMM
November 27, 2009 12:00 AM, Ampatuan charged, points to MILF
November 26, 2009 12:20 PM, Massacre suspect surrenders.
November 25, 2009 12:00 AM, Maguindanao Massacre Timeline
November 24, 2009
November 23, 2009 5:15 PM, Wife of gubernatorial bet, 35 killed in Maguindanao
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1st CMDP Yes Run 2009

The Catholic Ministry to Deaf People, Inc. (CMDP) held it's very first running event dubbed Yes Run 2009 last December 6, 2009 at UP Diliman, with main goal of raising funds for the schooling of deaf children and youth. The event only had around 600 runners since the date also coincided with another bigger running event at a known school in the metro. And although I am not (or no longer) a member of the Catholic church, I still opted to join this running event due to its charitable goal of helping one of the most needy people in our society, and also, sometimes neglected and misunderstood people.

Opening presentation of some Deaf Youth

Though there were only four people from the Strathletes group who joined the event, two pioneer runners (me and MinnieRunner) and two newbie runners (Richard Garcia and Rica Labrador), the event was still full of fun with the presence of some of our friends. RunningPoy also ran with us without registering - thus, branded as a 'Bandit Runner', lol! And for the first time, my son's yaya (Cris Artiaga) also joined the event for the 3k category. My wife and her brother and sister wasn't able to join due to unavailability of their singlet sizes, so my wife just took the responsibility of taking our photos, thanks by! :)

The Strathlete Runners with Aizen's Yaya

I only joined the 5k distance category for this event due to an overdose (lol) in running events for the past month. I have been feeling weak also due to incomplete sleep brought by my insomnia and inconsistent body clock (or maybe due to lack of self-discipline in my sleeping habit, hehehe!).

Enjoying UP campus' cool winter breeze

The post event was not as festive as the other running events though. With the number of sponsors that CMDP invited, only the Manila Water was there to support the event and hydrate the runners. Fortunately, the 'taho' vendors are around to fill-up our protein and sugar needs before and after the race. Kudos to these two supporters! :) And since there were no booths to be lined-up upon for claiming some freebie items, we just enjoyed the surrounding, took photos, and watched my son dance in front of some spectators, hehehe!

With my wife and soon-to-be Runner son

Race Profile:
Distance: 5 km.
Net Personal Time: 00:27:28
Official Time: 00:29:05
Official Ranking: 16th out of 172 tallied finishers

Race Info:
When: Dec. 6, 2009.
Where: UP Diliman, Quezon City
Event: 1st CMDP Yes Run

You may download the official race results here.
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2010 RunningAtom's Race Schedule

One of my running buddies who now became addicted to running - MinnieRunner - encouraged me to plan as early as now our race schedules for the year 2010. So with the help of the outlined race schedules from, we already have our 2010 calendar filled-up with twice a month races. And for this year (2010), I'm aiming to join a 15k and half-marathon events whenever possible.

10-Jan Mizuno Run (re-sched to April 11) 5k / 10k / 15k
17-Jan 2010 PSE Bull Run: Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya 3k / 5k / 10k
7-Feb Condura Run (Run for the Dolphins) 3k / 5k / 10k / 21k
21-Feb RunRio Trilogy Leg 1 (Century Superbods Run) 3k / 5k / 10k / 21k
7-Mar Unilab Run for Wellness 3k / 5k / 10k / 21k
20-Mar BDO Race For Life 3k / 6k
21-MarGlobe Run for Home3k / 5k / 10k / 15k / 21k
11-Apr Mizuno Infinity Run 5k / 10k / 15k
17-AprMerrell Adventure Run3k / 5k / 15k
18-AprNatGeo Earth Day Run3k / 5k / 10k
24-Apr Greenfield City Sunset Run500m / 3k / 5k / 10k / 21k
15-May Neutrogena Run 2010: Chase The Sun3k / 5k / 10k / 15k
22-May TBR: Dream Marathon 42.195k
30-May RunRio Trilogy Leg 2 (Nature Valley Run) 3k / 5k / 10k / 21k
6-Jun Isang Hakbang Pilipinas 2010 [DNR] 1k / 5k
12-Jun 2010 Phil. Independence Day Marathon 5k / 10k / 15k / 21k
13-Jun Globe Tiger Run [DNR] 3k / 10k / 21k / 30k bike
19-Jun Rock and Run 2010 3k / 5k / 10k
26-Jun Global Run Global Fun 3k / 5k
27-Jun Team Lactacyd by RA Woman Relay
11-Jul Nutribar Hip 2B Fit Fun Run 3k / 5k / 10k
25-Jul RunFest: Anniversary Fun Run 5k / 10k
15-Aug Run To Read 500m / 3k / 5k / 10k / 15k
22-Aug Tiktakbo 3: Isa, Dalawa, Takbo [DNR] 2k / 6k / 18k
29-Aug Activate! Run and Pump it Up! 3k / 5k / 10k
4-Sep Biodiversity Run 2010 5k / 10k / 21k
26-Sep Thunderbird Resort's Fun Run 3k / 5k / 10k
10-Oct 10.10.10 Run for Pasig River 3k / 5k / 10k
17-Oct Bluewater Day Spa Fun Run 3k / 5k / 10k
24-Oct Eye Run 'coz I Care 5k / 10k / 16k
7-Nov Men's Health Urbanathlon and Festival 2010 5k / 10k
21-Nov RunRio Trilogy Leg 3 (Unilab Run for Wellness) 3k / 5k / 10k / 32k
27-Nov BGC Vertical Marathon 50 flrs / 100 flrs
28-Nov RWM Grand Fiesta Run 2010 [DNR] 1k / 3k / 5k / 10k
19-Dec Corregidor Int'l Half Marathon 21k
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1st McHappy Day Fun Run

Just a day after the New Balance Power Run 2009 (NBPR), another race has been scheduled. It was Bonifacio Day, and at the same time, it was the McHappy Day for the children beneficiaries of Ronald McDonald's House Charities (RMHC). This is also the first time that McDonald's Philippines held a running event, aiming to raise fund for RMHC's two flagship programs: Bright Minds Read (BMR) and Bahay Bulilit.

Warming-up, we still have a lot of time ;)

The registration for the event has also been sponsored to us (the "Strathletes" team) by our Company - STRADCOM Corporation. It's the second of its kind for this year that our company have fully supported our running-for-health-and-fitness campaign. And again a big thanks to our HR, organizers, and the people behind who made our sponsored run possible. With this, we were able to invite a total of 23 company participants, the biggest so far, and out of these are 9 first-time runners.

A good starting line position

The Kids for the 3k Fun Run

Although most of us have just cooled-down from the previous day's run of NBPR 2009, under the team and flagship of The White Hat, we are still excitingly fueled-up for this race. After all, the direct beneficiaries for this event are the children and kids of our future. And yeap, this time, we are all on-time for the race's pre-event program. So we were able to stretch out our legs and body, a good reminder specially to our team's first-time runners.

Break a leg, Strathlete Runners!

As the gun-start fired, I was able to outlast all other 5k runners within the 400 meter distance. When I felt that my knee pads have not been properly placed yet (oh such a memory gap!), I immediately put it on but then I wasn't able to chase and pace with all the other runners again. Finishing the race with my personal timing of 0:25:30, as of this moment, this is my 1st personal best run for the 5k category, topping out my previous 5k runs on "GMA Tatakbo Ka Ba" and on the "21st Milo Marathon". I guess the pressure from one of the male first-time runners in our team helped a lot since he's been faster than me from the 400 meter mark onwards. If he have stayed on the course for 5k, we might have finished at the same time or finished with only a few seconds of finish time gap.

An Angel for the Event, with Phoemela Baranda and a guy!

The post-race event programs also surprised a lot of runners, specially the kids who witnessed Angel Locsin, and with the presence of the cute singer Charice Pempengco. I cannot deny that I shivered in excitement seeing Angel Locsin in person, lol! She's really beautiful from inside and out, and even in her most simple appearance, without the make-ups and gorgeous dress. If I have known that she would run in the 3k category, I might have also registered in the 3k so that I could run side-by-side with her (just for friendship / fan's sake, really, I'm already married), hehehe!

The official race results though have not yet been released by, I believe since we saw Coach Rio busy organizing manning the McHappy event.

I just realized, pressure is also a good thing in running!

Race Profile:
Distance: 5 km.
Net Personal Time: 00:25:30
Official Time: 00:25:34
Official Ranking: 18th out of 207 male finishers (9th on age category B)

Race Info:
When: Nov. 30, 2009.
Where: McKinley Hills, Taguig
Event: 1st McHappy Day Fun Run

You may download the official race results from the following links:
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NBPR Raising Hope 2009 - Event and Race Result

November 2009, it marked my calendar's busiest month, from the family affairs on the holidays, and the running events on weekends. A day after my day of birth, comes one of the most awaited running event of the year after more than two months of schedule postponement. The New Balance Power Run 2009 dubbed Raising Hope, was supposedly fired-up during the hype of typhoon "Ondoy".

Although after a long wait for this event, I still got around 5 minutes late for the 10k gun-start. The same thing that happened to my Timex Run with more than 15 minutes late. I think that's what I get for running alone on the 10k category among my running buddies (no hurt feelings, really, lol!).

My best shot, again, no photo while running :(

So to make up with the lost time, I maintained my somehow "fastest" pacing from the starting line up to the finish line. After all, I was also aiming to finish first among the White Hat (TWH) team participants for the prize of one month yogurt ice cream supply, hehehe! Having such kind of inspiration (the yogurt supply), and with the workout that I got from the recently held Men's Health Urbanathlon, I was able to outpace a lot of runners, and even beat my own 10k records. To date, this is my second best run with official time of 0:53:59, and personal time of 0:51:47. The ranking though has not been published yet.

After the race, me and together with one of my running colleagues who already finish his 5k race, immediately went to the booth of The White Hat to check if they already have the winner result for TWH team. I asked the ladies on the booth how will they verify the winner for the team, and to our surprise, me and my buddy were entertained like we are the winners for the 10k and 5k categories respectively. And yes we are! We were then asked to pose a photo at the back of their booth with The White Hat's tarpaulin. Photos were then taken with the Certificate and the claim stubs for one month yogurt supply. We felt like celebrities, and I could already imagine my appearance at TWH's website, holding a certificate, stub, and finisher's medal, lol! Then after the photo shoots, another finisher for the 10k also arrived at TWH booth, asking about the "celebration" going on. To their surprise, the guy (if I can remember right, his name is Rex) also has a medal. It was then that they realized that all the finisher's were given a medal. Then we also realized that our winning for TWH team has not yet been verified, and that they only thought that we were the top finisher since we are the first one who went to their booth, bearing a medal. Such a dismay! Well that's the fun part of the event!

Another photo collection with Coach Rio

The post-race feast was also sumptuous. A lot of sponsors such as Alaska and Nesvita gave out an unlimited cereal drinks and milk. A juice product that has a weight-losing ingredient that is claimed to be better than L-Carnitine was also sampled. It doesn't taste that good compared to the known Fit 'n Right, but I think the weight loss is real since I have been going in and out to our comfort room for a number of times in a day for three days straight, lol!

Party pics live - the photo contractor for this event, were also present to take the photos of the runners, not during the running event though, but for the post-race. Me, MinnieRunner and her hubby - Paulo went on a long line for more than an hour to have our photo taken. Unfortunately, the event's time cut-off have already lapsed, cutting out also the electricity supply for the Partypicslive's booth. Gladly, one of their crew still accommodated our request to take our photo using Paulo's DSLR cam.

At the PartyPicsLive booth

You may download the Unofficial race results at the New Balance's website or on the links below.
5k results     10k results     21k results

Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Net Personal Time: 00:51:47
Official Time: 00:53:58.6
Official Ranking: 154th out of 916

Race Info:
When: Nov. 29, 2009.
Where: Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Event: New Balance Power Run 2009 - Raising Hope
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