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Immuvit MetaFit Challenge


If you are a gym rat, you'll have an idea what this means. It is 2 sets by 6 types by 20 repetitions, or doing 2 simultaneous sets of 6 types of workouts (mostly targeting a specific muscle group) with 20 repetitions per workout.

And that was what we did at the previously held 2nd Leg of Immuvit Fearless Challenge - "No Excuses" for the MetaFit Challenge last Saturday, 29th of September at the Quezon Memorial Circle. It was designed not just to test and outwit your running ability, but as well as your overall body fitness from the upper body extremities, core muscle groups, and the lower muscle extremities (legs). It is a literal sprint from the starting line, towards the next challenging sets of MetaFit exercises. Each workout has to be completed and executed properly, meaning one wrong execution would invalidate that count and you have to do it again. So a 20 push-ups with 5 incorrect execution would make you doing a total of 25 push-ups.

All of these workouts were a surprise to me, unlike the first leg (read about it here) where somehow I had an idea what obstacle trail running is. And unlike the first leg where I was deprived of sleep, on this leg I had enough doze that I needed to last me a whole day of active lifestyle, but still I was wrong. I went to the battle shortly self-prepared for what lies ahead.

Arriving at the venue a good 30-minutes before the gun-start, the Participants who have just crossed the finish line told me how hard the workouts were. But Coach Joseph Pagulayan (of Rip:60 Phils.) just simply shrugged it reminding us that these are just simple metafit exercises. So who would you believe? It depends on how prepared and how strong your whole body is.

Here's my take:

I was at the 9th wave together with Kuya Nonoy Floresca, 3 of the Team Soleus together with the Celebrity Gerard Pizaras, and other strong-looking guys. We were off at 8:30AM.

1st MetaFit workout - Suspended Pull-Ups
A few meters from the starting line was a set of Rip:60 Suspensions, pre-installed for the 20 counts of horizontal suspended pull-ups. Unlike the usual standing position for the initial form, you lie down on the ground facing the cloudy heavens (while praying to grant you the strength which Gokou has). This was easier compared to the usual pull-ups because around 20% of your weight is still supported by your heels which is still on the ground. I did it sweat-less having finished 2nd from Darryl of Team Soleus.

2nd MetaFit workout - Squats with Tire Flips
A few meters sprint from the first workout was the squats, with a twist of approximately shorter than 20-meters back-and-forth tire flipping. The only requirement here is for you to maintain the proper squat position from the beginning to the end. Squat without the knees going out in-front of the toes, pick-up the tires and as you stand up, just toss instead of throwing the tires to your front. You wouldn't cheat here as doing it in the wrong form will just make your back ache for the rest of your olden life (kidding)!

3rd MetaFit workout - Swiper Push-Ups
Another twist of the usual body-weighted push-ups. Swipe your right arm towards your right then do a count of push-up, then do the same to your left arm, swiping it to your left and do another count of push-up. Do this repeatedly until you complete the whole 20 counts correctly. My puffing here is still at normal rate much like when I'm still at the 8th kilometer of a 21K race.

4th MetaFit workout - Running with Tire Pulls
I think this should've been better placed at the beginning, as this have been the easiest part (for me). Two rounds of approximately 10-meters of back-and-forth running while pulling a tire behind you to complete around 40-meters distance. The only challenge here was the slippery ground but which also helped to make the tires become almost weight-less. The puffing here is like I'm already on my slower than 21K race-pace.

5th MetaFit workout - Weighted Walking Lunges
While sprinting towards this 2nd to the last set of workout, I didn't know how hard this would be, and how I will ever finish this set - the hardest for me! For the first round, 20-lbs of dumb-bells for each hand should be held overhead for a distance of approximately 10-meters. Sounds easy? That's no big deal if I was only carrying these weights in shoulder-height on static lunges. But take this computation, my total body weight is just 108- to 110-lbs, and I'm carrying a total of 40-lbs of dumb-bells - that's 1/3 (36-37%) of my own body weight and the dumb-bells have to be carried up on my head while doing the 10-meter walking lunges.

Just around 4 steps and I was about to give-up already. For each lift of my leg, the overhead weights would literally push me down thereby destroying my entire form, unable to step longer. My sight is starting to get dim, my heart-rate has risen to what I have previously felt, mouth is wide open gasping for air, and my butt and quads are already squeezing tightly. I can no longer hear my surroundings except for the small voice of Kuya Boy - Running Host, whom I just realize have been pacing me through-out.

10-meters overhead walking lunges - success! But I still have another 10-meters left going back to the starting area. Much easier this time as the weights are now suspended on the sides, except that my quads are already burning and aching -- that made this last stretch of lunges still a struggle to me!

Final MetaFit workout - Burpees with Push-Up
After that dredging and strength-draining lunges, I could no longer sprint towards the next and final workout. As this was the last workout, I thought that I could still squeeze out more of my remaining energy and finish the set of 20-burpees. But I began struggling for air at the 8th jump so after the 10th, I stopped, unable to continue, I realized I need another minute or two to regain myself.

Then I heard Kuya Boy telling me: "Okay Atom, 30-seconds, I'll give you 30-seconds to breathe..." and he started counting. Heck! Kuya Boy really? Okay thanks for the push :) So after 30-seconds, I'm back to completing the last 10 burpees.

The Finish Line
"Okay Atom this is it, maikli na lang 'to..." these were the only words that I remembered from Kuya Boy, I know there were still other encouraging and pushing words he told me that helped me reach the finish line but my tired body, tired over-all system did no longer register what else have happened around me. It was like I was drunk that my brain can no longer process all the information that is feeding it.

Final sprint to the Finish
From Kuya Boy: "Let me check your heart rate..."; "...hydrate..."; "...hindi pa nakakabawi..."; "...okay lang yan..."; "...that's good..."; "......."!

From Random people: "...gusto mo isa pa?..."; "...your finisher's kit?..."; "...congrats..."; "...medal..."; "......", and "......" and more "......"!

Me: Unable to speak, nor utter a single word, I just remember crossing the finish line; Then I was at the hydration booth; After a while I was already holding the finisher's kit, then I lost it; Back at the media/check-in tent; Talking with Coach Joseph Pagulayan and Nonoy Floresca but their words were hollow to my mind; Head was aching like I'm suffering from Sinusitis - another participant told me it was the pressure of the blood going upwards; Oooppss, I'm out of the tent and on the rain, staring upwards hoping to normalize the head ache.

My body finally recovered after 30-minutes, although not fully but at least I am now more aware of my surroundings. Such experience I have never felt even from after each of my sprint to the finish line of any race I have ever joined.

A Surprise Duel - The 2nd set
Jojo and Rodel of Team USB were competing for the Team-relay competition, and one of their contenders lacked one more member to be able to compete. They approached me and gave me a bib. Although it was a relay, each team member will still complete the whole workout and the winning will be based from the total time of the whole team. But heck, I'm not doing it anymore, so I gave the bib to Kuya Nonoy who in turn passed the bib to Darryl of Team Soleus.

Whew, that saved me!

Or so I thought! Here's the real surprise, a spontaneous duel of all the finalists - Top 10 for the Males, Top 5 for the Females, and Top 3 for the Team. And I was at the Top 10. Aaaarrrrrkkkkk!!!

Top 10 contenders (7 remaining) with Coach Jim and Sir Running Host
Well, the encouraging words of Coach Jim and Kuya Boy that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to be called the top contenders of the MetaFit challenge, was enough to boost me up. Hah! I was smiling but shaking, I was happy but nervous at the same time. Most of the contenders belong to our wave - 9th, composed of the 3-member of Team Soleus (but Gerard Pizarras was no longer around), Nonoy Floresca, the hunky-guy Chris Everingham of the Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team, and 2 other stronger guys. That only made us 7 remaining contenders as the other 3 were no longer around.

Going easy at the 2nd round
This time, I took it easy, going out last from the starting line. The pull-ups became a struggle to me at the 18th count, tire-flips, swiper push-ups, and tire-pull were all still good. I walked myself going to my mortal enemy - the 40-lbs overhead walking lunges.

I think the Marshall who got assigned to me became bored when he saw me just merely walking with no competitive spirit. Later did I come to know when I was already browsing my facebook that that Marshal was Raffy Tan himself -- the Top 3 finalist of the Biggest Loser Philippines. Wowww, I didn't know, pardon me for not getting updated as I am no longer a TV watcher.

Anyway, at this point, I get to finish the lunges much faster and stronger as I was able to keep the proper form as tipped to me by my Diadora team-mate Bave dela Cruz. After the lunges, I walked again towards the burpees set while Raffy went ahead and waited for me to start doing the burpees. I paused for a few seconds before starting, and rested for a few more seconds after 10-burpee counts. The drive to finish came late when I saw that there were 2 more contenders behind me who are just about to start their burpees. Then I was able to finish ahead of them, placing 5th overall.

I never thought that I can still do this MetaFit challenge 2x in one day or in between 2 hours and 45 minutes to be exact, but I am still thankful that once again I have pushed my limit. I felt another burst of strength draining out of me, like my soul was already giving up from my physical body. But it was all thanks to those people who were there to support, to the Coaches and the people behind this event who made us realize what real body fitness is.

Oh, if still you are not convinced how great this challenge was, right now, I am on sick leave! Recuperating from the DOMS I'm experiencing right now. My butt aches when squeezed as I stand up, I can't lie on the bed properly without falling face down, I can't even properly get-up from the toilet seat without grabbing a hold from the tissue holder or the faucet, I can't go down the stairs without thumping it hard, I can't actually lift my legs properly as I walk, my shoulder blades also aches as I open my chest, and I can't get off the bed without first stretching and pulling those tight muscles off like a cat who just woke up from a deep sleep!

Attended by only about more or less than 200 participants, the event was still festive, with familiar faces from the running community, Milo APEX and Fitness camps, the race proved that for a sports like running, it is not enough to just settle for speed or leg muscle workouts. The overall body fitness will prove how fit you really are, and how much your body can still achieve.

So, what's on Leg 3? I still don't know, but definitely I am joining, and it's time for me to go to a MetaFitness gym. So see you there all you guys!

Workout photos courtesy of Manghusi. Check out a few more photos below taken from my album:

Beeps, as the Marshal intently watching the workout execution
Jojo Pauly and Ian Alacar on their own burpees set for the Team competition

Some photos from the Marshal's competition:
Raffy Tan (BLP) doing the swiper push-ups
Hazel Chua (BLP) doing her walking lunges
Ms. Monica Ann Loares (Milo APEX) for the swiper push-ups
Katrina Sarsonas doing the tire pulls
Van Denn Cruz, marshaled by Ms. Grace Siongco and Ms. Tonette Dimaguila
Rico Azurin, marshaled by Daniel "Vincethong" Buenaventura

More photos can be found from my FB album.

Race Profile:
Distance: around 430-meters
Eliminations Time: 00:09:13
Finals Time: 00:08:29
Official Rank:

Race Info:
When: 29 September 2012
Where: Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City
Event: Immuvit Fearless Challenge - Leg 2, MetaFit Challenge "No Excuses"


  1. Great Job Atom!!! Astig when you did the lunges with 40 pounds dumbbells considering your body weight. It was real fun doing the metafit challenge and I dubbed Jojo vs Ian as the main event in my blog and the MVPs were the marshals who had to go through the circuit for all waves and even did it on the last few waves.

  2. Indeed Franc. I was also wondering if these Marshals were the same Marshals of all those waves including the team competition. And then there they were also competing against each other.

    The event was really challenging -- then it became fun and enjoyable! :)

  3. Thanks for the full account.. Reading your blog brings me to the actual event. But still the enviousness remains in me since I wasn't able to attend. Though its all just like a blur after one big beating, u were still able to push your body beyond its limit. Congrats bro! paglaki ko gusto ko maging tulad mo! :P To not settle and be confined in the comfort zone and keep struggling for a better u! Grats!!!!!

  4. Yeap DaddyCastle, Sir Rene and Carl wasn't there also, we missed you guys!
    Hahaha, ako naman pangarap ko ang lumaki DaddyCastle =D

    There's still Leg 3, what you think? :)

  5. i already confirmed my presence on the last leg. kahapon tumawag n si Sherleen. :) Advance daw sa 16K? bahala n si batman! :)))

  6. Thanks Atom! Na-extra pa ko sa article mo. :)) Congrats!

  7. walang anuman Beeps, na-miss kita eh haha! See you bukas, leg3? :)


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