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1st CMDP Yes Run 2009

The Catholic Ministry to Deaf People, Inc. (CMDP) held it's very first running event dubbed Yes Run 2009 last December 6, 2009 at UP Diliman, with main goal of raising funds for the schooling of deaf children and youth. The event only had around 600 runners since the date also coincided with another bigger running event at a known school in the metro. And although I am not (or no longer) a member of the Catholic church, I still opted to join this running event due to its charitable goal of helping one of the most needy people in our society, and also, sometimes neglected and misunderstood people.

Opening presentation of some Deaf Youth

Though there were only four people from the Strathletes group who joined the event, two pioneer runners (me and MinnieRunner) and two newbie runners (Richard Garcia and Rica Labrador), the event was still full of fun with the presence of some of our friends. RunningPoy also ran with us without registering - thus, branded as a 'Bandit Runner', lol! And for the first time, my son's yaya (Cris Artiaga) also joined the event for the 3k category. My wife and her brother and sister wasn't able to join due to unavailability of their singlet sizes, so my wife just took the responsibility of taking our photos, thanks by! :)

The Strathlete Runners with Aizen's Yaya

I only joined the 5k distance category for this event due to an overdose (lol) in running events for the past month. I have been feeling weak also due to incomplete sleep brought by my insomnia and inconsistent body clock (or maybe due to lack of self-discipline in my sleeping habit, hehehe!).

Enjoying UP campus' cool winter breeze

The post event was not as festive as the other running events though. With the number of sponsors that CMDP invited, only the Manila Water was there to support the event and hydrate the runners. Fortunately, the 'taho' vendors are around to fill-up our protein and sugar needs before and after the race. Kudos to these two supporters! :) And since there were no booths to be lined-up upon for claiming some freebie items, we just enjoyed the surrounding, took photos, and watched my son dance in front of some spectators, hehehe!

With my wife and soon-to-be Runner son

Race Profile:
Distance: 5 km.
Net Personal Time: 00:27:28
Official Time: 00:29:05
Official Ranking: 16th out of 172 tallied finishers

Race Info:
When: Dec. 6, 2009.
Where: UP Diliman, Quezon City
Event: 1st CMDP Yes Run

You may download the official race results here.


  1. Tagal naman ng next paragraph :D

  2. hehehe, pag labas ng race results, saka ko na tatapusin :D

  3. Yes! Thank's to the taho, he he he. I enjoyed the run. The event was quite organized even with li'l or no sponsors. The race route was quite good. Only, I am not included in the race result, hu hu hu. I now know the feeling of CaptainRunner and BanditRunner when their name were not included in the Adidas KOTR 2009 Race Result, ha ha ha.


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