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1st McHappy Day Fun Run

Just a day after the New Balance Power Run 2009 (NBPR), another race has been scheduled. It was Bonifacio Day, and at the same time, it was the McHappy Day for the children beneficiaries of Ronald McDonald's House Charities (RMHC). This is also the first time that McDonald's Philippines held a running event, aiming to raise fund for RMHC's two flagship programs: Bright Minds Read (BMR) and Bahay Bulilit.

Warming-up, we still have a lot of time ;)

The registration for the event has also been sponsored to us (the "Strathletes" team) by our Company - STRADCOM Corporation. It's the second of its kind for this year that our company have fully supported our running-for-health-and-fitness campaign. And again a big thanks to our HR, organizers, and the people behind who made our sponsored run possible. With this, we were able to invite a total of 23 company participants, the biggest so far, and out of these are 9 first-time runners.

A good starting line position

The Kids for the 3k Fun Run

Although most of us have just cooled-down from the previous day's run of NBPR 2009, under the team and flagship of The White Hat, we are still excitingly fueled-up for this race. After all, the direct beneficiaries for this event are the children and kids of our future. And yeap, this time, we are all on-time for the race's pre-event program. So we were able to stretch out our legs and body, a good reminder specially to our team's first-time runners.

Break a leg, Strathlete Runners!

As the gun-start fired, I was able to outlast all other 5k runners within the 400 meter distance. When I felt that my knee pads have not been properly placed yet (oh such a memory gap!), I immediately put it on but then I wasn't able to chase and pace with all the other runners again. Finishing the race with my personal timing of 0:25:30, as of this moment, this is my 1st personal best run for the 5k category, topping out my previous 5k runs on "GMA Tatakbo Ka Ba" and on the "21st Milo Marathon". I guess the pressure from one of the male first-time runners in our team helped a lot since he's been faster than me from the 400 meter mark onwards. If he have stayed on the course for 5k, we might have finished at the same time or finished with only a few seconds of finish time gap.

An Angel for the Event, with Phoemela Baranda and a guy!

The post-race event programs also surprised a lot of runners, specially the kids who witnessed Angel Locsin, and with the presence of the cute singer Charice Pempengco. I cannot deny that I shivered in excitement seeing Angel Locsin in person, lol! She's really beautiful from inside and out, and even in her most simple appearance, without the make-ups and gorgeous dress. If I have known that she would run in the 3k category, I might have also registered in the 3k so that I could run side-by-side with her (just for friendship / fan's sake, really, I'm already married), hehehe!

The official race results though have not yet been released by, I believe since we saw Coach Rio busy organizing manning the McHappy event.

I just realized, pressure is also a good thing in running!

Race Profile:
Distance: 5 km.
Net Personal Time: 00:25:30
Official Time: 00:25:34
Official Ranking: 18th out of 207 male finishers (9th on age category B)

Race Info:
When: Nov. 30, 2009.
Where: McKinley Hills, Taguig
Event: 1st McHappy Day Fun Run

You may download the official race results from the following links:


  1. two runs in two days? that's great! wish i had that iron will. unfortunately, i'm way far behind sa training at endurance

  2. Yeah, pressure is a good motivation. I also wanted to be the best among the 3K Strathletes, and I am successful :D

    Talaga lang ha? For fun? dahil ba nababasa ito ni Nessa? :P

  3. @8McDo, hi, thanks for visiting my blog, it's a great honor. Yeap, that's the first time we ever did it. And what more, after 5 days, we had another run :D

    @MinnieRunner, for fan's sake nlng tlga, kc break na kami ni Angel, ahahaha!


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