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NBPR Raising Hope 2009 - Event and Race Result

November 2009, it marked my calendar's busiest month, from the family affairs on the holidays, and the running events on weekends. A day after my day of birth, comes one of the most awaited running event of the year after more than two months of schedule postponement. The New Balance Power Run 2009 dubbed Raising Hope, was supposedly fired-up during the hype of typhoon "Ondoy".

Although after a long wait for this event, I still got around 5 minutes late for the 10k gun-start. The same thing that happened to my Timex Run with more than 15 minutes late. I think that's what I get for running alone on the 10k category among my running buddies (no hurt feelings, really, lol!).

My best shot, again, no photo while running :(

So to make up with the lost time, I maintained my somehow "fastest" pacing from the starting line up to the finish line. After all, I was also aiming to finish first among the White Hat (TWH) team participants for the prize of one month yogurt ice cream supply, hehehe! Having such kind of inspiration (the yogurt supply), and with the workout that I got from the recently held Men's Health Urbanathlon, I was able to outpace a lot of runners, and even beat my own 10k records. To date, this is my second best run with official time of 0:53:59, and personal time of 0:51:47. The ranking though has not been published yet.

After the race, me and together with one of my running colleagues who already finish his 5k race, immediately went to the booth of The White Hat to check if they already have the winner result for TWH team. I asked the ladies on the booth how will they verify the winner for the team, and to our surprise, me and my buddy were entertained like we are the winners for the 10k and 5k categories respectively. And yes we are! We were then asked to pose a photo at the back of their booth with The White Hat's tarpaulin. Photos were then taken with the Certificate and the claim stubs for one month yogurt supply. We felt like celebrities, and I could already imagine my appearance at TWH's website, holding a certificate, stub, and finisher's medal, lol! Then after the photo shoots, another finisher for the 10k also arrived at TWH booth, asking about the "celebration" going on. To their surprise, the guy (if I can remember right, his name is Rex) also has a medal. It was then that they realized that all the finisher's were given a medal. Then we also realized that our winning for TWH team has not yet been verified, and that they only thought that we were the top finisher since we are the first one who went to their booth, bearing a medal. Such a dismay! Well that's the fun part of the event!

Another photo collection with Coach Rio

The post-race feast was also sumptuous. A lot of sponsors such as Alaska and Nesvita gave out an unlimited cereal drinks and milk. A juice product that has a weight-losing ingredient that is claimed to be better than L-Carnitine was also sampled. It doesn't taste that good compared to the known Fit 'n Right, but I think the weight loss is real since I have been going in and out to our comfort room for a number of times in a day for three days straight, lol!

Party pics live - the photo contractor for this event, were also present to take the photos of the runners, not during the running event though, but for the post-race. Me, MinnieRunner and her hubby - Paulo went on a long line for more than an hour to have our photo taken. Unfortunately, the event's time cut-off have already lapsed, cutting out also the electricity supply for the Partypicslive's booth. Gladly, one of their crew still accommodated our request to take our photo using Paulo's DSLR cam.

At the PartyPicsLive booth

You may download the Unofficial race results at the New Balance's website or on the links below.
5k results     10k results     21k results

Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Net Personal Time: 00:51:47
Official Time: 00:53:58.6
Official Ranking: 154th out of 916

Race Info:
When: Nov. 29, 2009.
Where: Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Event: New Balance Power Run 2009 - Raising Hope


  1. Talaga lang ha, no hurt feelings? Sabi ko kay Paulo, gusto mo na dun kami magrent sa inyo para hindi ka na malate sa mga runs natin :P

    Kung ito ang 2nd best mo, alin ang best? Anyhow, Congratulations!

    Oh, bakit hindi mo siniraan ang PartyPics? atsaka hindi DSLR 'yun, sa McHappy may DSLR :P

  2. no hurt feelings yun madz, pero galit ako, hehehe!

    my Personal best ay nung sa Baguio pa, 1st Rotary Club of Baguio North invitational run ( I still can't beat that record nor even be at par with it.

    hindi ba DSLR ung sa NB? sa naaalala ko, parang DSLR eh, hehehe!

  3. Oo, hindi un DSLR :P 'Yung McHappy ang naalala mo.


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