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4 Major Threats To Weight Loss And How To Beat Them

by: Stefan Simonovic

Losing weight is one of those things that can make a perfectly happy person miserable. From mood swings because you’re hungry, to hating yourself for wearing a size 8 even though that dress looks stunning on you, to feeling weak, lacking in energy, and being sick of BBW dating, attempting to lose weight, especially when it’s not going so well, sucks. That’s why we’d like to discuss some of the things that may be sabotaging you in the hopes of turning weight loss into a fruitful endeavor.

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#1: Desk Job

Sitting behind a computer all day is a major threat to weight loss and maintaining healthy posture. It leads to spinal problems, extra pounds that don’t seem to come off no matter what you do, slower digestion, and headaches, just to name a few. If you’re trying to lose weight but are stuck at your desk all day, make sure to get up every 20 minutes and move around a little bit. Being in the same sedentary position for longer is very bad for your health, and no matter how hard we are bombarded with information about it all the time, it doesn’t seem to sink in until you’re faced with a health problem. Take 10 to 15 minutes from your lunch break to do office stretches, and try to spend the rest of it taking walks around the block any chance you get.

#2: Your Routine

When you find yourself facing a health or weight concern, you don't need to look for the cause further than your routine. If you get up in the morning up to an hour before you need to leave the house, take the car to work or school, sit on the bus if you don’t drive, sit at work for at least 7 hours a day, come back home, turn on Netflix, and lie down on the couch for a relaxing evening with your favorite TV show and some comfort food, your routine needs to change ASAP. Not only is it sabotaging any diet you may be on, but it’s seriously jeopardizing your health. Introduce morning and evening stretching at least 4 times a day, and if you could do it every day, you wouldn't believe the results you'd notice in only a couple of weeks.

#3: Medical Condition

Lots of girls out there are struggling to lose the weight that just keeps on piling up for no apparent reason without talking to a doctor first. There may be a medical reason why your weight loss efforts are in vain, such as a hormonal imbalance or problems with your thyroid gland. Grab your health card, and go see your doctor, especially if you haven’t had any blood work done in a while. Talk to an endocrinologist if you have a family history of thyroid problems, and consult a nutritionist while you’re at it to make sure you’re feeding your body the right nutrients.

#4: Exercising To Lose Weight

If your only goal when exercising is to lose weight, chances are you won’t succeed in the long run. Exercise is supposed to be fun. You can even turn it into a social gathering by going on a trekking trip with your girlfriends or a cycling tour through the downtown core. Take long walks in the evening with your partner and bond by talking about what’s been going on with you lately. In all these examples, exercise is secondary, it comes as a result of another activity, making it far more enjoyable and likely to 'survive' in your routine than merely forcing yourself to go to the gym just because you're trying to shed pounds.

About the author:

Stefan is a writer and a blogger in his spare time. He also works for First Beat Media, a company that mainly focuses on the online dating niche and similar services.

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