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How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Portable Fitness Tool

by: Jeric Danao

Smartphones are wonderful devices that allow you to do numerous functions that can help with your daily life. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy On5, along with other products from Samsung, have provided various apps and features that make simple tasks feel like a breeze. From gaming, social media, and streaming apps, smartphones are handy devices that you can count on.

Recently, more people have taken a healthy approach to their lifestyle, which means that more people are looking into taking healthy diets, along with regular exercise. With more people living healthy, it is best to make sure that you are able to track it. Luckily, your smartphone can be that handy health and fitness device that you are looking for. Here are steps on how to do it.

Get the right accessories

When it comes to turning your phone into a fitness tool, make sure that you are using the right accessories that match. If you are planning to run and exercise, you can get a strap so you can hold your device into place as you go. Make sure that your phone is protected as well, as there are many durable phone cases, like the Samsung Galaxy On5’s accessory. Buying the right accessories would make sure that you would be able to use your phone during some of your fitness routines.

Get Tracking apps

One of the main reasons you are using your phone as a fitness device, like your Samsung Galaxy On5, is to get the right tracking apps to monitor your progress during the day.

Examples of fitness tracking apps include MyFitnessPal for your calorie intake, MapMyRun for your running activities, miCoach for your workout schedules and routines, and Spotify for your background music. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy On5 would be able to handle these apps thanks to their sizeable memory. Having the right tracking apps would make sure that you would be able to see your daily progress, which can help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Get a shopping app

Living healthy also means that you would have to shop healthy as well. Buying healthy food and drinks, and even exercise gear, can be a task that may be challenging to put into your busy schedule, which is why getting a shopping app for your Samsung Galaxy On5 would be really ideal.

Apps for your phone like Amazon and Redmart are some of the most ideal choices. These apps would have your products handily delivered to your home, making sure that you have a consistent and steady supply of healthy consumables, along with some fresh exercise clothes.

Get fitness gaming apps

Another way to make your exercise routine more fun is by getting some gaming fitness apps. These games would help add some more variety and excitement by adding some tasks and objectives that would really get you fit. Examples of these gaming apps include Zombies Run! and Fitocracy.

Key Takeaway

Living healthy would do wonders for your body, and having a phone like the Samsung Galaxy On5 would really help make sure you maintain it. With the abundance of health-related applications and accessories available, you would be able to turn your phone into the ideal fitness tool that you can bring around during the day.

About the author:

Jeric is a freelance writer that features food, lifestyle, travel, DIY subjects, and nature. He is an adventurer, taking on the world and everything it has to offer, be it with the good and the bad. He also has a weird love for reggae and sharks. See: Reggae Shark

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