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If there is only one test of physique and endurance that I could join besides running and cycling, it would be the circuit games such as my debut at the Immuvit two years ago, and the Planet Games last year that I and my officemates joined at.

On November 9 2014, WOD Nation will bring a new kind of event that will test the strength, agility, and speed, designed for both the enthusiasts and hardcore fitness "machines". The event will be held at The Camp Sports Complex in Taguig City.

Dubbed as the "Titan Games 2014", the event will have two divisions, each of which will have to complete four (4) challenges in a timed competition. The top 5 for both divisions will advance to the final challenge -- the Clash of the Titans, where the top (3) who finishes the last workout with the shortest time cap will be declared winners.

Registration is now open, check-out the images below on how to join.

Event Name: Titan Games 2014
Date and Time: 09 November 2014 Sunday,
Venue: The Camp Sports Complex, Taguig

Event Uniform:

Registration Process:

Top 3 Winner Prizes:

Venue Map (click to view on Google):

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