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The Guerilla Race Warrior Series

Obstacle races has already become popular in our Country, from the Urban-obstacle setting, various man-made obstacles on long-distance adventure runs, circuit and body weight challenge races, and even Military/Warrior-inspired obstacle races such as the already up and more series coming in our Country (and soon in Malaysia) -- The Guerilla Race“® Series.

The Guerilla Race® Series is the first hardcore, obstacle-driven race series of its kind in the Philippines. Skillfully developed by a Philippine Army Scout Ranger, the Guerilla Race® Series is meant to test the Guerilla Racers’® limits in terms of strength and endurance of body, presence of mind and resilience of spirit while having fun in the face of adversity. It is more than an event, it is a way of thinking to thrive under pressure and survive life's many challenges. It is a brotherhood, a sense of camaraderie among Participants.

Get out of your comfort zone, throw yourself in the water, trails, muds, and transform yourself into a tough one who can take any challenge in your lifetime. Guerilla Race® is all about taking on the obstacles in your life and overcoming them, so step on to the Guerilla Race® series -- "Finish the Race... or die trying!".

More details below:

What: The Guerilla Race® - Warrior Series/Leg
When: 29 June 2014 Sunday, (Assembly Time: TBA)
Where: Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal
Beneficiary: HERO Foundation - help fund worthwhile Guerilla Race Inc. scholarship programs for the children of our brave heroes who have left their families and lost their lives in service.

Categories and Registration Fees:
  • Guerilla Kids: 1K + 6 Obstacles - Php 500.00
  • Guerilla Sprint®: 5K + 12 Obstacles - Php 800.00
  • Guerilla Warrior®: 10K + 18 Obstacles - Php 950.00
Registration Centers at the ff. Chris Sports Stores:
  1. SM Megamall
  2. SM Mall of Asia
  3. SM North EDSA Annex
  4. SM Fairview
  5. Market! Market!
Other Distances (to be offered on succeeding series):
  • Guerilla Panther® (7 September 2014) - the third tier in the series, that boasts of a gruelling 21-kilometer trail with 25 or more obstacles, outclassing any other trail run, fun run, Olympic run, bike race, or marathon.
  • Guerilla Ultimate® (7 December 2014) - the highest tier in the series, a 24-hour endurance event with no real known distance or specific challenge count. The trail covers an undisclosed mix of obstacles, physical challenges, and mental exercise. Finishers of this final leg of the series will comprise the elite circle of Guerilla Racers®, ready to take on the next battery of obstacles on the race course, or even outside and beyond it.

The Guerilla Team Challenge®

The Guerilla Race® Series welcomes group entries for each tier, as a unique team-building alternative to a picnic or a walk in the park. The race course is envisioned to be the most adventurous method for any group to develop team dynamics and cooperation, esprit-de-corps, and a collective sense of pride with each and every accomplishment or challenge completed.

Register at least four (4) members, bring your team to the starting line, and finish together!

To help the participants strengthen and prepare for the race, a Military Fitness booth camp training will be offered to those interested, classes will start on April 26, 2014. Details will be announced soon!

Guerilla Race® Series is more than just a contest to complete a brutally challenging obstacle course. It is first and foremost a fierce sport.

TN Guerilla Race-sanctioned obstacle races are constructed on standardized distances with regulated obstacles. Each event is uniquely configured so the racers never know exactly what to expect, but the obstacles themselves are selected from a predetermined set.

This enables our races to be rated on difficulty so that objective comparisons can be drawn between events. Standardized distances also encourage racers to attack courses that are at the limit of their capacity while not getting themselves into trouble.

Guerilla Race-sanctioned races are timed and officiated, and all Guerilla Race obstacles are mandatory. Racers who avoid or fail to complete an obstacle are assigned a penalty—generally 30 burpees (squat thrusts)—which they must complete in order to advance. Failure to complete an obstacle and the associated penalty results in immediate disqualification. This ensures our race results are fair and unbiased. Entrants either complete the course or they don’t. No excuses, no waivers, no asterisks.

Guerilla Race-sanctioned races are responsibly staffed with appropriate medical services. There are no water stations or other support services along the course, and we expect our competitors to push themselves well beyond their accustomed limits.

Minor injuries such as scrapes, bruises, strains, pulls, and singes are common, and Guerilla Race HQ created a Best Injury Award that the recipients cherish as much as their finish line medals. So Guerilla Races don’t cater to comfort, but that’s not the same as being cavalier to real emergencies. Guerilla Race officials and racers alike are required to be alert and responsive to any injury or event that requires medical attention.

Guerilla Races vary from one race to the next. As such, this variety is a primary source of the challenge and thrill of Guerilla Race obstacle racing. Embracing the unknown is a landmark of the Guerilla Obstacle Course Race.

Read the complete Guerilla Obstacle Race Rulebook to find out more about the Course Rules, General Conduct, Infractions, Penalties, Medical Emergencies.

Visit Guerilla Race Website for more information.

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