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My First Race Directing Stint

It was an invitation so inviting and so frightening at the same time. It gave me shivers, added up to my sleepless nights, headaches, morning self-debates, and sudden emotional spikes. Nevertheless, we pulled it off! The team spirit -- our primary aim for this event, was first tested within ourselves, within us who organized the Sierra 51050.

In my lonesome, meditating hours, the names and the previous races of our great and well-known Race directors were all flashing back in my mind - Coach Rio Dela Cruz, Edward Kho, Thumbie Remigio, Jay Em and Ian Alacar, Atty. Jon Lacanlale, Rudy Biscocho, Vince Mendoza, Jonel Mendoza, Alvin Balderama. How did they put it off? What pointers can I get from my experiences running their races? What would be their decisions at this very moment? Where will they stand in conflicts such as this?

Although it was all successfully done in the eyes of the participants, for us there are still more than we can improve in many aspects of the race! Still, I am not without fear, and I am actually nervous more than before. With expectations and standards already set, we know we have to give more than our previous best to give the Runners the same (or better) challenge and quality race that they deserve.

To all our sponsors (World Balance, Tupperware Brands, Spyder Philippines, Suunto, Pascual Lab, Creamline Dairy Corp., and SensaCare) and race partners (SecondWind Running store, Takbo.Ph, PinoyFitness, Spin.Ph, Running Photographers, Six:30 Running Group, and all our Blogger friends), we couldn't have even done it without your invaluable contribution.

We will see you again on our next series - the Sierra Revenge. In the meantime, here's a short video clip of the recent Sierra 51050.
Video Credits: Allan Enriquez/Abet Ocampo

Event Photos are from Running Photographers.


  1. Congrats Atom for a successful race. Your passion is in the sport so it will show, it would be innate in you to come up with a run every runner would enjoy.

  2. Franc, thank you for your kind words. We hope to have you in our next legs. :)


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