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Sierra 51050 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sierra 51050?
Sierra 51050 is a team road race set in the rolling hills of Tanay, Rizal.

What does 51050 mean?
51050 is read as five-ten-fifty: Five-man team doing increments of 10kms going around a 50-km loop.

When you say increments of 10kms, does it mean each member covers 10kms?
The team's distance coverage increases as each member runs alongside his/her other teammates at every 10th km. interval.

When is Sierra 51050?
It will be on February 23, 2014, Sunday from 3:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

What time is the gunstart?
The race starts at 5:00 AM.

How much is the registration fee?
Early bird registration fee is Php 3,000.00 from December 16-31, 2013. Regular registration starts January 1-February 8, 2014 with Php 3,500.00 per team.

What are the inclusions in the racekit?
The racekit will include the racebibs of the team (5), Sierra shirts and finisher’s kits (5).

Are there hydration stations?
Sierra 51050 is a green race thus every member of the team is required to have his/her own hydration bottle/bag. Hydration stations are located every 10 kilometers or every checkpoint. These stations will be situated 100 meters away from the checkpoint to avoid congestion.

Will there be shuttle service to and from the venue?
Sierra 51050 is a team race that will make it imperative for teams to get to the venue and assembly area AT THE SAME TIME, which may only be possible if the team is supported by its own transport system. It will be the organizer’s prerogative to arrange for transport shuttle, as needed, but this will be charged to the teams who will request for such service.

Are international runners allowed to join the race?
Sierra 51050 caters to all runners. We recommend that the international runner(s) be a part of a local contingent (e.g., 2 at most).

How many teams can be formed from the running groups, companies and schools?
There is no limit of how many teams who will join. Running groups, companies and schools may field in more than one (1) team; should be readily identifiable with a different or varying team name. This may increase the chances of groups at winning coveted prizes.

What type of vehicle is recommended for a team?
A team is required to bring a support vehicle that will hold the team, their support and the driver. There is no limit for the support of the team (support crew is optional), as long as they will abide by the race rules on parking BEYOND hydration stations and checkpoints to avoid congestion of cars and participants.

Support vehicles are also prohibited to shadow runners or traverse the race course unnecessarily.

Is there a minimum requirement for a participant to join?
A participant should be comfortable in running 10-20 kilometers.

So how many kilometers does a runner cover?
A runner may cover 10-20 kms for a leg.

How does that work?
Starting km.10, there will be two (2) Runners of each team running at a time up to the finish line:

At what point along the route will runners pass the baton? Will they have to run together at that point?
Sierra 51050 is a UNIQUE team race. Instead of simply passing the baton from runner to runner, starting Km 10, Runners 1 and 2 will run together. By Km 20, Runner 1 finishes his/her leg and Runners 2 and 3 will run together. By Km 30, Runner 2 finishes his/her leg and Runner 4 will join Runners 3. By Km 40, Runner 3 finishes; Runner 5 will finally join Runner 4. It is highly recommended that the runners be in single file.

What will happen to the finished runner?
When a runner finishes, he/she shall ride the team’s vehicle to join his/her team.

What happens when a finished runner won’t be able to join the team?
The team is required to plan how to pick the finished runner and to deploy the member to run.

Will there be a leg where only one member runs?
Yes. Runner 1 will be the first to run solo from Km 0-10. By Km10, he/she will be joined by Runner 2. By Km 20, Runner 2 will be joined by Runner 3 and so on.

What happens when in the middle of the race, a team member gets injured?
Sierra 51050 organizers have planned for a safe and secure event. As a contingency, there will be an ambulance roving around the 50-km route and will be on-standby when for emergencies. In case a team member gets injured during race, it is the team’s decision to assign another to cover the remaining distance (i.e., Runner 1 gets injured at Km 10. Runner 5 can cover Kms. 10-20 BUT will still run his/her assigned distance Km 40-50).

In the extreme scenarios mentioned above, any member of the team is obliged to report and get a sign-off from the RDV Secretariat, a contact number of which will be given before the race.

How will the race be timed?
The official time of the team will be based on the check-in time of Runners 1-5. Runners are required to coordinate (they will countersign on a sheet provided) with the timekeeper in the checkpoint before send-off.

Who will finish the race for the team?
As per the mechanics of the race, Runners 4 and 5 will cross the finish line. BUT the whole team may cross the finish line together.

Who will win the race, the one with the most cumulative distance or the first to cross the finish line?
The first team with Runners 4 and 5 crossing the finish line will win the race.

How many winners will be awarded?
The first three (3) teams to cross the finish line will be the top three (3) winners of the race.

What are the prizes of the winners?
Winners will be given citation, trophy for the team and cash prize.

Who can we contact in case of emergency?
You may contact Allan Enriquez 0917 6312255, Abet Ocampo 0915 8030224 or Zarina Segundo 0916 5217400. You may email us at

Read and learn more about the Sierra 51050 Team race and also check the schedule of Team Leads Orientation.

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