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UNO Magazine Launches Mocha Girls Special

Warning: Some photos in this post might be somewhat revealing to some readers.

Disclaimer first, I am not actually a fan nor promote girl group that are coming too revealing, and honestly I hated the Mocha Girls when I first saw their performance of the "Gimme' gimme'" dance more than two (2) years ago. It was so promoting sexual desires to anyone watching, seeing how those booties move, shake, and grind together with the sexy outfit that adds up to the heat and wakes up the freezing mammal blood!

But then, me and together with my Cousin's family got a chance during that past year to hang-out and enjoy in a bar in Antipolo where the Mocha Girls are also performing. So after their performance, we were all lively dancing with each other (with the family, not with the Mocha Girls), while stealing some glances to the members of this lady group! =D

Autographed Dec.2013 issue of Uno Mag and 2014 Uno Mag Calendar
(noticed that autograph from Jhane and Georgina? they both love me *wink*)

Fast track to today, I got invited to attend the launching of UNO Magazine's Holiday feature/edition - the Mocha Girls Special! Ironically funny isn't it? :)

Whatever happened for the past two years since I first watched the Mocha Girls, it greatly contributed to confirmation of my attendance for the said launching. I thought I would be there just to see how the event will go, but then I was surprised when in just a few minutes, five (5) of my runner-blogger colleagues also arrived to witness this sizzling event, three (3) of us even stayed to watch the first set of their show -- of which got our heart rate up not from running, but from the feast that our eyes are getting!

I tell you, this girl group must also be Restricted to ages 50 and above, else suffer the consequences of getting a pre-mature.... heart-attack! :p

So then, enjoy the following photos below taken during the launch (forgive the blurry captures):

My first "crush" (high school?) from Mocha Girls - Mae
My crush of the night - Franz
The whole package (L-R): Jhane Santiaguel, Mae Dela Cerna, Mocha Uson (Founder)
Franz Fainsan, Seika Hashizume, and Georgina Knight

Autograph Signing
I love you Alfred :)
Be happy always!
Alfred, Godbless u <3

Stay hot
Love yah! Alfred <3
The naughtiest on my left, and the sweetest on the right, great combo!
Fairy beauty!

Mocha Girls UNO Magazine (Dec.2013) Photoshoot Behind the Scenes:

Read more about UNO Magazine's Press Release at
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Color Manila Run 2 Race Kit Winners

Here's another Christmas (or rather advance New Year's) gift for you, my dear readers and runners. Three (3) race kits were raffled off, courtesy of Ms. Justine Kayne Cordero and her team from Color Manila Run.

As always, I am happy for your responses, support to my blog, and for having this great chance to share with you some blessings that we're receiving. At the same time, my heart also breaks that I cannot give each one of you with your own race kit (if I can, then I wouldn't raffle it anymore *wink*).

So, without further ado, here are the winners as randomly picked by RaffleCopter.
  1. Entry #131 (Color Throw Back): Jarred Barra Q
  2. Entry #58 (Tweet About the Giveaway): Jo Tuason
  3. Entry #44 (Contact Information): Nicole Jabines
Congratulations everyone! I hope you'll be able to start your upcoming New year with a bang and lots of color, and to enjoy it fully, do invite a friend or two to join you on January 5. For those who did not win, do still stay posted as there's still more to come next year when I get back. Huwag magsasawa sa pagsali, darating din ang tamang panahon at nararapat na patakbo para sa'yo. ;)

And to the winners, do share your post-run story via comments in this blog post, I would love to read about it. You will also receive an e-mail from me for instructions on how to register and your race kits.

Happy Holidays!
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Navigate and Record Your Move with Suunto Ambit 2S

One of the beauty of the Suunto Ambit watches is its capability to synchronize a pre-plotted route from its online tool --, and then use it from your watch to navigate through the route. And what use will this feature be if you won't be able to use it if you want to simultaneously navigate an unfamiliar route, say an unchartered forest trail while running or biking?

How I previously navigate my bike route
(Bike computer + Ambit 2S)

A few weeks ago, I accidentally bumped into this very, very cool feature of the Suunto Ambit 2S. I know it was just there but I don't know how to use it (and haven't even had the chance to google it), my eyes got wide upon seeing that it is possible to log your exercise or moves while navigating a pre-plotted and synchronized route (the route already exists in the watch).

Here's how you do it:
  1. First and foremost, you have to plan and plot your target route through
  2. Synchronize or download this route to your watch (through the moveslink applet installed in your computer).
  3. Now go out and set your watch in exercise mode (run, bike, hike, or fly). The watch will go through its usual initializations which doesn't really take much time such as detecting your HR Monitor, Pods (if any), and of course the GPS.
  4. Navigation
  5. When the watch is ready to begin, press and hold the 'Next' button for the Optons until a menu is displayed.
  6. Scroll and select the 'Navigation' menu then press 'Next'.
  7. Navigation options
  8. Scroll to 'Routes', press 'Next', then choose the route that you wanted to use. This route will then be visible and added as the last screen to your exercise.
  9. Choose your route
  10. When ready, just press the 'Start' button, and the watch will start recording your move. You can still switch through the screens to see your pace, speed, heart-rate, and also zoom-in/out from the route.
The route view

When zoomed-out, shows exactly where you are
relative to your route's starting point

Happy Navigating! :)

You may also navigate the route of your previously saved move/exercise if you want. This is most specially useful when you need to trace back your path starting from Point B (finish point) going back to Point A (starting point).

On step #6 above, instead of choosing the 'Route', scroll to the 'Logbook' and press 'Next'. From the list of your previously saved moves, choose one which has the route that you wanted to navigate and press 'Next'.

Point B is shown as the end of your route
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RaceKit Raffle - Color Manila Run 2

Here's another race kit raffle that will surely make the first weekend of your New year a colorful one. The color packets that are included on the race kit, and a pair of stylish sunglasses will add up to the excitement of the run. And since I won't be arriving back here in Manila from a Yuletide vacation, I will just be raffling of race kits for the upcoming Color Manila Run 2 set to happen on the 5th of January 2014 at Bonifacio Global City.

Just follow the mechanics below from RaffleCopter for you to qualify, and you're good to go! :) The raffle will end on Friday and announcement of winner will immediately follow together with an e-mail confirmation that will be sent to you, so keep posted just in case you're busy for the holidays (I'm sure you will)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

More than one (1) entrant will win so invite your friends to join in also! ;)
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Run for a Better Christmas Race Kit Winners

The race kit raffle giveaway "Run for a Better Christmas for Yolanda Victims" has come to a close. Thank you for everyone who joined and for everyone who contributed a comment on how to better prepare yourselves or family from a disaster. I made it an optional item but that should earn you +4 points, thus giving you better chances of getting picked. Also, it's a way for us to contribute, share our knowledge, and give idea to other people about getting prepared for disasters.

Now for the exciting part -- it’s time to... announce the winners!

But before that... I would like to remind everyone who's joining this event, that you will be required to bring one (1) bottle of UNOPENED/SEALED 500-ml of purified water. The Caritas Manila will be the one in-charge in delivering these goods to our fellowmen in Tacloban. As for your race shirt, any comfortable, white-colored shirt will do.

To make clear about the mechanics, the total budget allotted for this raffle is Php 1,000.00 worth of race kits, regardless of distance. Thus, there's no definite number of winners if the picked distances are mixed. And in this case, there was still Php 50.00 remaining after the fifth (5th) winner was picked, and to make use of it, I decided to pick another entry which brought out the sixth (6th) winner.

So, without further ado... here are the winners as random picked by RaffleCopter:
  1. Entry #134 (tweet about the giveaway): Lance Tondares / Distance: 10K
  2. Entry #92 (choice for distance category): Rachelle Ann F. Nillusguin / Distance: 3K (2-slots)
  3. Entry #220 (tweet about the giveaway): John Brian Pacia / Distance: 10K
  4. Entry #238 (leave a blog post comment): OriYhel Angelio Briguela / Distance: 5K
  5. Entry #78 (choice for distance category): Kathy Ursua / Distance: 10K
  6. Entry #211 (leave a blog post comment): Rekib Taldik / Distance: 10K

Congratulations to everyone! There were a lot more entries and a lot more who joined, and most of them I personally know and it broke my heart that you didn't won here but hey, there's still more to come so stay posted! ;-)

And to the winners, do share your post-run story via comments in this blog post, I would love to read about it. You will also receive an e-mail from me for instructions on how to claim your race kits.

Happy Holidays!
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Ready, Set, Gold at the 2013 SEA Games

The Philippine contingents for the 27th South East Asian Games

The Philippine National Athletes are ready to battle it out for the country in over 15 sports categories at the 27th Sea Games, which will be held in Myanmar from December 11 to December 22, 2013. The national athletes have been training rigorously, with their eyes set on their collective goal: the gold medal in their respective categories. Taekwondo representative, Gershon Bautista is set to make a comeback, “We all worked hard for this and we all wish to make the country proud.”

Current medal tally as of this writing

Summit Natural Drinking Water has long been a supporter of the Philippine National Athletes and believes that now, more than ever, the support is critical, “The country needs inspiration in midst of what we’re going through. The athletes all aim to put a smile on our countrymen’s faces just in time for Christmas by putting in hard work and giving it their best,” says Angelie Ong, Senior Manager, Summit Natural Drinking Water.

For more information on the schedule of games, you may visit:
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It’s the Season to be Healthy with Men’s Health this December

This December, Brazilian-Japanese model Hideo Muraoka shows he is ready for action as he takes on this month’s cover of Men’s Health Philippines for the first time. This season of giving, Hideo shares his coveted training plan followed and outlined by the muscle guy himself to get that rock-hard abs like his.

Men’s Health also shines the spotlight on the country’s top South East Asian (SEA) games-bound athletes before their battle begins in Myanmar this December 11. Get to know Taekwondo’s Galilee Tanaya and Rani Ann Ortega; Archery’s Earl Benjamin Yap; Boxing’s Josie Gabuco, Rogen Landon, and Mark Anthony Barriga; Basketball’s Kevin Louie Alas and Kiefer Ravena; and Wushu’s Daniel Parantac as these champs show you how to sharpen your brain’s innate power to overcome obstacles, and unleash your A-game.

So what does it take to win? “You have to learn how to let go of the bad shots. If you learn how to accept that you’ll have bad shots, it will gradually cancel out and you’ll eventually shoot good shots until you can perfect it. Let go and have fun,” shares 2007 Asian Archery Champion Earl Yap.

For the 2-time UAAP Champion Kiefer Ravena it’s about accepting criticisms. “Critics are your number one fans. They’re there when you do something bad. And I like to believe they’re still there when you do something good. Be motivated na lang to prove them wrong. Instead of looking at the negative, try to see the positive side, na concerned sila.”

With countless Christmas parties and sumptuous buffets this holiday season, Men’s Health gives you the low-down on 6 crazy diets that deliver realistic results in MH Extreme Diets. Learn more about the Juice Cleanse Diet, Paleo Diet, GM Diet, Morning Banana Diet, and Beer and Sausage Diet – as MH breaks down where these extreme eats are right, where they’re wrong, and more importantly, how you can make them work for you. Not only that, Men’s Health gives you the info on the unusual flab suspects you should avoid this festive month with Liquid Bombs. Remember, what you eat is not the only culprit behind the excess weight. You might be slurping it right now!

The December issue of Men’s Health with Brapanese model Hideo Muraoka on the cover is available in Summit Newsstands (, and in leading newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide for only Php 140.00. For more information, become a fan of on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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Papa Jack and Sir Chief Campaigns Change for a Better Pilipinas with Krem-Top

"Can a brand bring about positive change towards community progress and nation-building?" This was also a question lounging in my head before and upon my arrival campaign launching.

Thursday last week, December 5, I and together with other co-bloggers (mostly to my surprise, running bloggers instead of food bloggers) were invited for the launching of "Krem-Top's Change for the Better Pilipinas Campaign" at the Wangfu Restaurant in Tomas Morato.

The launch was guested by two (2) handsome endorsers of Krem-Top - 90.7 Love Radio's DJ Papa Jack (John Gemperle) and the actor of the hit love story series "Be Careful with my Heart" Sir Chief (Richard Yap) who is also the owner of Wangfu Chinese Bistro (which has just opened last Oct. 13, 2013).

Menu for lunch during the launch
People from the media (ABS-CBN) also abound during the launch eager to ask questions to both personalities from the show-business related topics (of which I was not able to relate, sorry!) and on to more challenging questions such as how they could possibly inspire the people to change for the better? Even for me, I couldn't simply answer the question without first contemplating hard enough about it! But both endorsers John Gemperle (Papa Jack) and Richard Yap (Sir Chief) have answers in simplest way possible.

For Richard Yap, simply following the traffic rules, obeying the laws of the land, not throwing pieces of garbage anywhere, can do a lot to change a community when everybody is doing and following it. As for John Gemperle, caring for his family and loving them unconditionally coupled with enjoying the things you love to do makes him feel harmonious with everything around him.

Another answer that I loved most is about keeping everything positive around, refraining from negativity which includes criticism and abusing our freedom of Speech. The freedom of Speech according to Richard Yap, is not the freedom to blurt out anything that you want to say, not minding if it could hurt/damage someone or not, but it should be a way to inspire and motivate our fellowmen.

Carrying the Krem-Top brand (launched in 2010) with them in this campaign, they will push the envelope of declaring a better Pilipinas as not just merely a vision, but a reality by "telling Filipinos that small changes when done together can affect a change not just for the individual but for an entire country. All it takes is the will and participation of the greater majority."

This made me realize once again, that we don't have to become a Superhero or to be in Power to contribute and help in our community as just by following and doing the simple things, we can be a better change that we aim to be.

Dec. 6 - Krem-Top volunteers repacking relief goods for Yolanda victims
For more information, follow Alaska Krem Top on Facebook and Twitter (@KremTopPH).

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Race Kit Raffle - Run for a Better Christmas

It's been a while since I raffled-off some race kits for a running event. So I'm ending this year with quite a number of race kits for an upcoming run that is geared towards helping and raising more funds for a happier Yuletide celebration of our dear brethren and sisters affected by the Yolanda typhoon which has killed more than 5,000 people already.

As this is going to be my year-end gift to you dear runners and readers of my blog, and as well as to help raise funds for this event which is by the way in partnership with CARITAS MANILA through Dreamcast Events Productions (who generously put my logo as a Media partner in their posters, Thank you very much!) :) I am raffling off not just one (1) race kit, but up to five (5) 10K race kits, or up to six (6) 5K race kits, or up to ten (10) 3K race kits should all the winners chosen by RaffleCopter falls on the same distance categories.

So let's start the raffle by answering the following mechanics via RaffleCopter.

Please share this race-kit raffle to your colleagues as well, don't worry, it won't lessen your chance of winning as the 3K category is a "win 1 get 2" option.

You may read about the race details through the link of "Run for a Better Christmas" in Aktibo Ka Ba?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You may also visit the Facebook fanpage of Run for a Better Christmas for more information.
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Karylle Proves Age is Just a Number on Women’s Health

This December, Women’s Health shows you how to get through the holiday season without gaining weight or feeling stressed. Yes, it’s totally possible! The issue is packed with practical tips so you can enjoy this season. Want to indulge minus the bulge? Flip to “Sweet Endings” for WH’s top picks of healthier dessert options. “Hot Body Shortcuts” will show you how to stay fit and sexy, even with a schedule packed with parties and get-togethers.

Gracing the cover is Karylle, the triple threat of an actress, singer, and host.. Looking as fresh as when she was in her 20s, Karylle shares useful advice on how to embrace your age and live life to the fullest.

Balance all that merry-making and effort to stay fit with ample rest and sleep. “The Young and the Restless” shows you why women now put off rest or refuse to take breathers, it’s health impacts, and how you can reverse this cycle. Turn to“Lighten Up!” and learn howelevating your mood can help you lose weight.

With everything that has happened in our country, from the pork barrel scandal to the devastating super typhoon Yolanda, Women’s Health inspires you to take action to be the change that the nation needs.

Spend a happy and healthy holiday season this December with Women’s Health, available in all bookstores and magazine stands nationwide. You can also download the current issue and past issues of Women’s Health online at Like WomensHealthPhilippines on Facebook and follow @WomensHealthPH on Twitter and Instagram.

Summit Media is the largest magazine publishing company in the Philippines, with 22 titles under its belt to cater to individuals with different lifestyles, attitudes, and passions: Candy, Cosmopolitan, Disney Junior, Disney’s Princess, Entrepreneur, FHM, Good Housekeeping, Martha Stewart Weddings, Men’s Health, K-Zone, OK!, Preview, Real Living, Runner’s World, Smart Parenting, Top Gear, Total Girl, Town & Country, Women’s Health, YES!, YUMMY, and now, Esquire. Summit Media, for the fifth year in a row topped the nationwide TNS-Trends Newsstand Survey conducted in 2010. Summit Media titles led in all their respective categories, making Summit Media the leading consumer magazine publisher in the Philippines not just in terms of number of titles and advertising sales, but in circulation per category as well. By creating magazines that are relevant, affordable, and of world-class standards,Summit Media has changed the way Filipinos read.

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Corregidor Marathon 2013 Race Pack

I haven't been around the running scene for quite a while, and my last two races were the 2nd and 3rd leg of the Safeguard-2XU Sole Running. I was supposed to target a year-ender 50K Ultramarathon which turned into a 42K year-ender Marathon but these have all disappeared due to training and time conflicts, heck I haven't even finished my Milo APEX school. The remaining months of this year though will probably be much happier and livelier as I will be able to go back and visit my hometown for 16 days (12 days actually, 4-days for the travel) -- the pristine island of Masbate.

In contrast, the start of 2014 will be about running a Full Marathon, a come-back run to the historical island of Corregidor. Last Saturday (December 30), me and a friend went to 100-Miles Cafe in Bonifacio Global City to claim my supposed-to-be CIHM race kit and attend the Runner's briefing. Upon arrival, I saw Sir Raymund and we talked for a few minutes about this upcoming race while checking out in envy the Corregidor Marathon medallion.

Size comparison between my hand, the CM Medallion, and MRT card on the right

After a while Sir Edward Kho (the Race Director) saw me claiming my race packets and asked me if I wanted to upgrade my CIHM race entry to the Full Marathon category, of which I excitedly asked if he's really allowing me to upgrade and upon his confirmation, I said "YES!" with a great smile on my face, just this one feels like I'm already holding the humongous Corregidor Marathon medallion. After paying the difference between my CIHM and CM entry (which was still 50%-off as a blogger/media partner), I then claimed my Corregidor Marathon race kit and afterwards proceeded to attend the race briefing.

As big as the Aeropostale NY shirt logo
Race packet claiming
What's inside: Carbo dinner pass (Jan 10),  Lunch pass (Jan 11), CM back pack,  Bag bib#, Race bib, deo-spray givewaways from Adidas and race belt.
The full back pack enough for the Corregidor race trip

Registration is still ongoing up to January 3, 2014 and another Runner's briefing will be held on the same weekend (January 4-5) for the late registrants.
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WetShop's Run4Tacloban

What: Run4Tacloban (For the Victims of Yolanda)

When: 15 December 2013 Sunday, 5:30 AM

Where: Acropolis Clubhouse, Adonis St., Acropolis Greens, Bagumbayan, Quezon City

Beneficiary: Typhoon Victims of Tacloban

Distance and Registration Fees:

  • 5K - Php 500.00

  • 10K - Php 750.00

Registration Centers (download Registration Form):

  • WetShop Stores

  • Al Terra Stores

  • Shopwise C5

  • Acropolis Admin Office


  • 5K - 6:15 AM

  • 10K - 6:00 AM

Route Map:

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