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Corregidor Marathon 2013 Race Pack

I haven't been around the running scene for quite a while, and my last two races were the 2nd and 3rd leg of the Safeguard-2XU Sole Running. I was supposed to target a year-ender 50K Ultramarathon which turned into a 42K year-ender Marathon but these have all disappeared due to training and time conflicts, heck I haven't even finished my Milo APEX school. The remaining months of this year though will probably be much happier and livelier as I will be able to go back and visit my hometown for 16 days (12 days actually, 4-days for the travel) -- the pristine island of Masbate.

In contrast, the start of 2014 will be about running a Full Marathon, a come-back run to the historical island of Corregidor. Last Saturday (December 30), me and a friend went to 100-Miles Cafe in Bonifacio Global City to claim my supposed-to-be CIHM race kit and attend the Runner's briefing. Upon arrival, I saw Sir Raymund and we talked for a few minutes about this upcoming race while checking out in envy the Corregidor Marathon medallion.

Size comparison between my hand, the CM Medallion, and MRT card on the right

After a while Sir Edward Kho (the Race Director) saw me claiming my race packets and asked me if I wanted to upgrade my CIHM race entry to the Full Marathon category, of which I excitedly asked if he's really allowing me to upgrade and upon his confirmation, I said "YES!" with a great smile on my face, just this one feels like I'm already holding the humongous Corregidor Marathon medallion. After paying the difference between my CIHM and CM entry (which was still 50%-off as a blogger/media partner), I then claimed my Corregidor Marathon race kit and afterwards proceeded to attend the race briefing.

As big as the Aeropostale NY shirt logo
Race packet claiming
What's inside: Carbo dinner pass (Jan 10),  Lunch pass (Jan 11), CM back pack,  Bag bib#, Race bib, deo-spray givewaways from Adidas and race belt.
The full back pack enough for the Corregidor race trip

Registration is still ongoing up to January 3, 2014 and another Runner's briefing will be held on the same weekend (January 4-5) for the late registrants.


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