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Run for a Better Christmas Race Kit Winners

The race kit raffle giveaway "Run for a Better Christmas for Yolanda Victims" has come to a close. Thank you for everyone who joined and for everyone who contributed a comment on how to better prepare yourselves or family from a disaster. I made it an optional item but that should earn you +4 points, thus giving you better chances of getting picked. Also, it's a way for us to contribute, share our knowledge, and give idea to other people about getting prepared for disasters.

Now for the exciting part -- it’s time to... announce the winners!

But before that... I would like to remind everyone who's joining this event, that you will be required to bring one (1) bottle of UNOPENED/SEALED 500-ml of purified water. The Caritas Manila will be the one in-charge in delivering these goods to our fellowmen in Tacloban. As for your race shirt, any comfortable, white-colored shirt will do.

To make clear about the mechanics, the total budget allotted for this raffle is Php 1,000.00 worth of race kits, regardless of distance. Thus, there's no definite number of winners if the picked distances are mixed. And in this case, there was still Php 50.00 remaining after the fifth (5th) winner was picked, and to make use of it, I decided to pick another entry which brought out the sixth (6th) winner.

So, without further ado... here are the winners as random picked by RaffleCopter:
  1. Entry #134 (tweet about the giveaway): Lance Tondares / Distance: 10K
  2. Entry #92 (choice for distance category): Rachelle Ann F. Nillusguin / Distance: 3K (2-slots)
  3. Entry #220 (tweet about the giveaway): John Brian Pacia / Distance: 10K
  4. Entry #238 (leave a blog post comment): OriYhel Angelio Briguela / Distance: 5K
  5. Entry #78 (choice for distance category): Kathy Ursua / Distance: 10K
  6. Entry #211 (leave a blog post comment): Rekib Taldik / Distance: 10K

Congratulations to everyone! There were a lot more entries and a lot more who joined, and most of them I personally know and it broke my heart that you didn't won here but hey, there's still more to come so stay posted! ;-)

And to the winners, do share your post-run story via comments in this blog post, I would love to read about it. You will also receive an e-mail from me for instructions on how to claim your race kits.

Happy Holidays!


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