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Soleus Moments - More Than a Run

Just barely two years ago (Nov. 2011) when the Soleus GPS 1.0 was introduced here in the Philippines by Soleus Watch Founder and CEO himself - Mr. David Arnold, here comes the new models and great line-up of GPS watches geared not just for Running, but also for the Fitness and Cycling segments. Soleus watches are known as an inexpensive GPS watch, yet as powerful as the other more expensive brands.

GPS Fit 1.0
Last Tuesday, October 15, 2013, Soleus Philippines, under Truegears Marketing launched their new line of devices. One noticeable device that caught our eyes was the GPS Fit 1.0 -- an upgrade of the Original GPS 1.0). The GPS Fit 1.0's functionality is very much same with the GPS 1.0 model: GPS receiver; measures distance, pace, and speed; calories burned; 100-lap data storage; world time; rechargeable battery; backlight; night mode; chronograph; and 30-m water resistant.

The upgrades to the GPS Fit 1.0 is very noticeable with the color choices; larger digit display; sports-ventilated strap; its USB charger now also comes as its data upload cable -- what the GPS 1.0 previously don't have; and the function buttons was also reduced to 4 (previous was 6 buttons). On my quick check on the watch's features, there was also a change on the night-mode functionality, the night-mode start and night-mode end can already be customized (more about this on my gear review of the GPS Fit 1.0).

More than just a running company, Soleus stands to be the most accurate, intuitive,
and easy to use running, cycling, and fitness monitors on the market.

During the launch, Mr. David Arnold also expressed the Company's stand of not just making watches and devices, but of helping athletes make moments by resonating with them emotionally -- thus with the Brand's voice/tagline "Make Your Moment" and the unique and variety of squiffs under each of the watches that helps fuel the passion.

Hidden surprise at the back of each watch (my personal favorite: "Sanity is slow, run wild.")
The Soleus Product DNA
The Soleus Product Inspiration

Aside from the GPS Fit 1.0, the GPS Tour which is currently their top of the line GPS watch, and other colorful, sleek-designs, and intuitive watches and devices were presented to us. Some of these are already out in the market while some are about to come out in a few weeks time.

Check out these products from the photos below (click a photo and press left/right to browse). Note that the squiffs on each caption may not be the actual squiffs of the watch:

"A journey of 26.2 miles begins with a single step."
"Sweat can be sexy."
"Keep running. It's not about the scenery."
"There are no shortcuts on race day."
"Seconds matter, keep moving."
"There are many roads in life, run them all."
"Get moving, and never miss a beat."
The Heart Rate Monitor that is compatible with SmartPhones

Another exciting product that Soleus has which I'm also interested about is the GPS Draft shown below, a GPS-driven computer device for bicycles with up to 30-ride data storage.

Soleus Brand Expression

"There are moments when we are working out or competing when the sense of accomplishment, joy, kinship, and community all come together. These are moments that can change us, inspire us, moments of accomplishment or just moments with friends. It’s in this moments when we realize we have become part of a larger experience, part of a community of athletes that know exactly how we feel.

Every second of every run, ride, or workout has the potential to be one of these moments. These are Soleus moments".

Soleus does more than make colorful, inexpensive watches and timing devices. Soleus make moments more than devices by helping athletes express their passion and commitment to sport for themselves and their greater community.

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