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Milo Apex Season 7: Week 3 at a Glance

Due to the heavy rains that poured out on this training week, our Monday rest & recovery session was cancelled. And because of this, our Wednesday training became a full wasakan mode, and had us introduced on medicine and russian ball workouts for the legs and core.

1st Day: No session due to Typhoon Odette.

2nd Day (Session #7):

Warmup Run:
2-km relax pace from apartment to Quezon Memorial Circle

Warmup Exercises Set 1:

The warm-up are functional exercises to mimic the leg turn-outs. Each is done for 10-counts slow execution (not forgetting the proper form for the arms and upper body), followed by another 10-counts of faster execution:
  1. Single leg knee-lifts
  2. Single leg knee-lifts to forward-step rotations
  3. Single leg knee-lifts to heel-cup rotations
  4. Single leg combo (knee-lifts to forward-step to heel-cup rotations)
Warm-up Exercises Set 2:

The second set of the warm-up exercises is to increase the heart-rate by doing fast intense-intervals in 10-repetitions of each exercise for a targeted completion of 4-minutes for 5-sets circuit:
  1. Shoulder jacks (forward-overhead arm swings)
  2. Regular burpees
  3. Ankle jumping jacks (squat to ankle-touches as you land from the jack)
Main Workout Set 1: Caterpillar workout (10-counts each, 1-set circuit)

Caterpillar workout is similar to the "follow-the-leader" games that we were playing back in our childhood days, except that this isn't a game but a workout. We were lined-up and allow the person in front of us to finish the first workout before proceeding on our turn, thus the caterpillar.
  1. Stability ball left leg lunges
  2. Stability ball right leg lunges
  3. Stability ball left leg lunges
  4. Stability ball right leg lunges
  5. Stability ball squats
  6. Regular push-up
  7. Forward lunges with Medicine ball in-out passes
  8. Regular push-up
  9. Backward lunges with Medicine ball in-out passes
  10. Regular push-up
  11. Medicine ball shoulder lift lying crunches
  12. Medicine ball shoulder lift lying crunches
  13. Clockwise crab walk on tire
  14. Foam roller abs tucks
  15. Counter-clockwise crab walk on tire
  16. Foam roller abs tucks
  17. Table-top pelvic-bridge with knee lifts
  18. 400-meter easy/recovery run
Main Workout Set 2: Ladder drills (2-sets circuit)

The purpose of the following ladder drills is to develop the agility, coordination, and quad and leg strength:
  • 1st set:
    1. Forward-step shuffle
    2. In-out sumo squats
  • 2nd set:
    1. Bunny hops
    2. Skip hops
Forward-step shuffles
In-out sumo squats
Bunny hops
Skip hops

Run workout:
  1. 25 to 30-mins. race pace run
  • 2-km race pace going home
  • Static stretching cooldown (20-counts per stretch)

3rd Day (Session #8):
  • 10K introduction to Trail Running at Tanay Epic-Park
Since I have already committed to celebrate and travel with Journeying James' 3rd Blogversary, I no longer joined the weekend trail run to Tanay. No regrets though as my weekend became filled with fun, simple party, Surfing, and boodle-fights with other Travelers at Sitio Liwliwa in Zambales.


  1. Will be joining the Apex Training sesh next next week.. Hope to meet you sir..

  2. see you there Sir and thanks for dropping by :)


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