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If You Wanna See, Watch Juana C (Spoiler Alert)

With the many political scandals that happened in our Country ("ZTE scam", "Fertilizer scam", "Maguindanao Massacre", "Pabaon system", etc.), many of the Citizens with able-mind of this generation realized the real deal about what's happening in our society. We've realized that the crab mentality of which our National heroes hated about the Spaniards, still exists today -- we've inherited it, or in a much better phrase, we chose to inherit.

If you're still innocent of what I'm talking about, and you want to understand more what's really happening around the political veil without having a heart attack and rise in blood pressure, then you should definitely watch Juana C. the Movie. It will open your eyes and still make you laugh your heart out, utter your most creative "OMG" that you can make, and moan on the combination of kinky and comedic portrayal of real events around us. It's not a downplay of the issues surrounding us, but a lighter way of telling the people to once again wake up and get out of the bad norm that we're getting used to. As Jim Paredes puts in his tweet: "#JuanaCtheMovie challenges everything about stardom as only Mae Paner can. Outrageous. KICK ASS movie that spares no villain in PH society."

I did not know what's Juana C and who's Juana Change is until I get to watch the Premier of her movie. It started with 3 short films (which I think were one of those in her youtube channel) that talked about hypocrisy, the unsung Heroes and what those living heroes really needs, the real side of Women about RH bill, and trust-issues in our Armed forces due to their own issues that hounds them, which in contrast, are now having a full transformation through their Army Transformation Roadmap program. I'm just not sure though though if these short videos will also be shown to the Cinemas as commercials before the movie starts.

Juana C talking to her parents who lives on a small village yet fluent in English

The movie initially took place at Brgy. Kaploc (a fictional village near Wawa river, Montalban, Rizal), where Juana and her 2 other Valedictorian and Salutatorian friends were born, raised, and graduated in High School. Their barangay was already facing exploitation of the natural resources coupled with land-grabbing of People in power and money, silencing the villagers through buying them or worst... (you know what's next! or you don't? Then watch the movie now, lol).

Juana C. was the only hope of the village to get them out from this exploitation if she get better education but, the temptations and lure of the socialites and high-metro living took Juana C. to a different path than planned. Where will she end up? Now that's for you to find out at SM Malls, Ayala Malls, and Robinson's Cinema starting today, June 5 until June 11, 2013.

A Run United runner on her left

At the end of the movie, I can't stop wondering about the statement narrated in one of those short films: "Are we already numb from these numerous scandals that it became a normal thing already of our day-to-day lives?" Have we indeed? Is it enough to just cast our vote to say that "we did our part"? Or in case of most people, is it okay to fill-up all the empty slots in our ballot just for the sake of voting? Sometimes, hearing more good news about our Country also blinds us from seemingly less-important details, white lies, lesser evils of those who are in political power and higher stature around us. Things that we ought to know about becomes a distant and unimportant matter to touch, until one day, someday, it corrupts again our entire system.

Juana C., an Indie comedy film and first by Laganap Productions is a comedy film of our time with much more sense (although it's not for Children below 16-years of age). Truly it is a bomb that touches the political and real-life issues on a fearless, comedic, and witty spotlight!

At the premier night were Ms. Risa Hontiveros,
Jasmin Baptista (Masterworks), and iFM DJ Kitchie Daldal

with General Palakpak (Niño Muhlach)

with Eva (Annicka Dolonius), the socialite "Arrenean" student

with Ms. Mae Paner herself as Juana Change

Here's a trailer of the movie: Juana C. The Movie Trailer
you may also get Juana C. Theme song here.

*Special thanks to Ms. Marcie Linao


  1. Great article Pedz! Didn't know you dabbled in showbiz already!:) Pengeng movie pass!:)

  2. Sir Rene, I thought you were also there, saw the long list of runner-bloggers :)


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