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Cesar Guarin's Global Run

Running across the globe marks the very summit of achievement for few, elite runners. There is an ever - increasing group of men and women who have set out to create, and subsequently conquer, challenges that some might never have thought humanly possible. These challenges are held in some of the most hostile regions on the planet and cover extreme distances. Leaving trophies and cash prizes at the starting line, these contests are less about recognition, fame or glory and more than about conquering what the world thought could not be conquered. These challenges test the very boundaries of human ability and tenacity, reaching the utmost of an athlete’s physical and mental capabilities.

From the desert of the Middle East to the snowy wasteland of Russia, Cesar Guarin’s global run is an extreme distance running challenge in the toughest and yet breathtakingly scenic places in the world.

Here's the mother of all distance running – Cesar Guarin’s global run.

Setting a Philippine and Asian Record in Distance Running

Ultramarathon runners in search of adventure and extreme challenge have set out to run across the globe that would mark the very summit of achievement for these few, elite runners. It’s an extreme distance run more than anything. Fifty-seven (57) year old Cesar Guarin, the first Filipino global runner and the "Father of Ultramarathon" here in the Philippines is determined to finish his solo run across the globe and become the first Filipino (and Asian) to do so. The entrepreneur and father of 4 children is one of few individuals who positively savor the thought of running across the world. To him, marathon is a mere light warm up for the rigors to come.

Cesar Guarin is welcomed by the Filipino Community

With running experience covering some thirty years, spanning 6 presidencies, Cesar is poised to continue his toughest ever run – his run around the world quest. To accomplish this one-of-a-kind "mother of all distance running", he partitioned it into 16 stages, with stages typically requiring him to run 42 - 60 kilometers a day for each of the 30 - 90 days per stage (usually resting only on Sundays). Once he finished all the stages, his run would have covered an estimated total distance of 42,000 kilometers across 47 countries in more or less 920 running days! He will then be numbered among less than ten elite global runners who achieved an epic demonstration of human endurance and pain. This will also be another triumph for Filipinos across the globe.

As a veteran distance runner, he shares with extreme sports athletes the same passion to explore one’s limits with every step that he runs. The longer he run, the more miles he cover beyond the marathon distance, the more challenging and interesting it gets. And needless to say, the more in tune he becomes with his mind, body and soul. He has been conditioning his mind and training his body to run for more than 8 hours a day for at least 1 to 3 months. He also trains to endure months of continuous running given unpredictable weather, no stopping, no looking back, no matter what happens. His fame and experience in long distance running led him to mentor the first Filipina to run across the Philippines and USA, Joy Rojas and the famous "running priest", Fr. Robert Reyes who ran a 40-day, 1,195 kilometer Visayas leg ultramarathon.

Next Challenge: 1,265-km Solo Run in the Middle East this 2013

The Middle East has home of the world's spellbinding landscapes in the region. It is quite simply extraordinary, one of the most fascinating and yet the most challenging global run destinations of Cesar Guarin. Running conditions in GR7: Middle East run go beyond brutal: a gruelling 1,265-kilometer of extreme distance, it is about running 30 standard marathons for about 30 running days (resting only on Fridays)! This stage stands out not only for its terrifying distance, but also for the challenging weather conditions, rough terrain and blinding sandstorms it throws. It’s not hard to see why GR7: Middle East Run challenge is referred to as "the toughest extreme distance run" among Cesar’s 16 stages of his global run.

There are no medals or trophies at the finish line of this extreme ultramarathon. Instead, Cesar takes on the challenge for a much more profound prize: to discover and rise above his own limits. To finish this ultramarathon, Cesar will have to complete the total distance in 6 countries in the Middle East (UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait) on roads and around an oval course in regions or areas where road running is prohibited or illegal. At 1,265 kilometers, it’s going to be a challenging run, which may take 40 or more days to complete. Add in the fact that this will be a solo run. Cesar said, "Many often see just the physical pain and stress of running 40-60 kilometers per day for several weeks, but the other more challenging part of the run is the emotional side of not having anyone to talk to, day in and day out. Often, the roads always seem to stretch forever. The emotional loneliness or boredom makes me feel more weary and tired."

Global Run Middle East will surely be one of the most memorable and exciting global run stage that Cesar and his team will venture. For Cesar Guarin, global running is an incredible life changing experience where he challenges himself against some of the most rugged and beautiful landscapes in the world. Once he finished this run he will be the first person to have run an ultramarathon of this magnitude in the Middle East.

His Inspiration to Run Around the World

Cesar Guarin’s global run is more than just about setting a record. He said, “My global run serves as a tribute and token of my gratitude to all Filipinos abroad for inspiring me to not give up and take courage in fulfilling my dream of running across the globe and also for their valuable contribution in helping our country’s economy and for enriching our cultural heritage”. As he runs across the world, Cesar meets interesting people, see fascinating places, and experience rich and colorful cultures. He also added, “As I meet Filipinos around the world, they always make me feel home is never thousands of miles away. Once you hear their stories and their triumph over challenges in life you will learn to love and respect them more. That’s why I’m always excited to hear their stories. Though they all come from different family backgrounds, various professions and diverse beliefs, you can sense and feel that love for our country is what unites us as one. And it is for this reason that I’m running across the world.” Global Run also gives him the chance to personally thank them and share what connects them as one: We are Filipino and we are Proud of It. That’s why he never fail to say, "Para sa Pilipino, Tatakbuhin Ko ang Buong Mundo!"

To know more, you can visit and like their Facebook Fan Page: The Global Run.

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