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While wondering about why I don't get a physique and height like those of my taller cousins and relatives, or even to the average level of a Filipino, I remembered a topic we once had in Physical Education subject back in 1st year college. The topic was about the 3-major body types, or somatotypes. Back then, I wasn't that much interested about this topic and never knew much about it aside from the fact that I belong to the ectomorphic type. Knowing that, I thought that I would grow tall as shown from the visual aid that our teacher provided, which has already proved wrong.

Quite a few times back when I first attended a gym 6-years ago, I figured that I might have a chance of making a way to a Mesomorphic body type. If I would just continue working out, building muscle, and follow the weight-gaining program that the gym-instructor has provided, I might get the bulk that I want. The gym workouts that costs me for a year somehow paid-off enough to my liking. A few muscle gain that gave me enough physical-confidence.

In contrast, I realized how weak my muscles really were compared to those who have enough built than I was, and to gain such a small bulk needs a double-effort for me, in a really slow weight build-up, lesser cardio workout, and more protein loading, contrary to my gym-buddies who would only do less but would have the same or more muscle build-up than I do. What I also realize as time goes by is that, that little muscle that I gained in a year have diminished in just 2 to 3 years of hybernating from the weight-gain program. That's when I made a little research about Somatotypes and learned that a body-type such as mine is not really suited for strength activities and sports since our lack of muscle structure limits our capacity to do such and forcing our body would only lead to damaging injury.

But then, I'm wondering that if I could maintain just a little muscle and balance it with an activity that is recommended for my body type, will my genes be slowly re-programmed and give a greater hope for my offsprings to have a better body than mine?

I think that could account to natural genetic engineering! Hmmnnn... now I'm getting more curious about biology and evolution.

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