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Race of Life

It's been more than a month already since my last blog post. I was planning to lay low with blogging and running for a while just to take a breather and re-focus my attention to life and career matters. It's like I've been burned-out that I finally came to a branching road where there's no definite and sure way out.

But then, I know and I'm sure that that's just how life is supposed to be. That there will come a time for me to take a pause, and to re-evaluate the accomplishments, the failures, to visualize the upcoming adventures and adversities that will test, hone, re-shape, and re-sharpen the becoming dull me.

Until now, I still don't know what branch of the road will I take, or if I should even just go back to the starting line, re-trace the route, and start all over again. Well, that would be a lot of waste of time. In this race of life, there's no definite route markers, nor race marshals to guide our way. There's only one race director who is accountable from the start and in finding our route towards the finish line - that us alone - our own selves.

In my opinion, some of us started from a single starting line, but we went on either going too fast, going too slow, or doing a lot of races towards a lot of finish lines - that is of accomplishing many things that we first thought will satisfy our curiosity, our cravings, our goals, our dreams, and other people's dreams for us. Until the focus and the vision was lost!

Right now, I want to take a DNF (did not finish) from one of the races of my life, that kind of race which for me, have no definite finish line except from the finish line which I will personally declare. And to identify what "race" is that? That's another big question!

I will still be blogging about some of my previous running adventures that I want to be recorded here in my blog, yes it will be a very late post dating as far as a year or two ago. For the meantime, see you in some other races! :)

In order to win, a racing horse endures the pain of beatings...
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Our earth life is a race that God wants us to win. Some are about to start, some are going strong, some have already won, some have been defeated, and some are already lost including me! =)

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