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Puma Timegears

PUMA TIME has taken a new approach regarding watches in order to meet the aspirations of its consumers. (The) products represent modern designs for the wrist rather than technical devices that merely show the time. Every style perfectly combines the influence of sport, lifestyle and fashion under one creative umbrella. To reach the broad target audience of the PUMA brand, the collection is divided into 2 separate segments: ACTIVE and MOTORSPORT.

Trend WATCH: ACTIVE - Time is really on our minds for 2012. Time trials and time-winnings performances at the London Olympisc; Ancient Mayan calendar calling for all manner of potentialities; the Queen's Diamond Jubilee; and it’s a leap year too. But where to go, who to be with and what to wear nonetheless remain the big questions of our time!

Puma is pleased to present a range of sleek, sexy and sporty timepieces, each and every one calculated for maximum style and pure pleasure at competitive price points. Our sleek silhouettes offer some of the thinnest, lightest and most easy-to-use timepieces on the market; reflecting our mission to create designs encompassing true style with freedom of use.

FAAS 200 & 250

Faas’ signature design is inspired by the relaxed cool style of the world-class, record setting sprinters and runners from Jamaica. Faas, which means “fast” in Jamaican, is a mere 9.6 mm thin, echoing the record-breaking 9.6 second 100 meter sprint, achieved at the Beijing Olympics. It offers up key lap and sprint timing functions with an easy-to-read display. The wristband design promotes breathability for ultimate comfort during your vigorous workout activities.

The Faas 200 for men & Faas 250 for women each come in a wide range of colorways ranging from nuanced neutrals to bright sportif pops, reflecting the emergence of the active sports look into must have style. Get one and get running!

FAAS 200 collections

FAAS 250 collections


  • 5 Operation modes: Normal Time, Chronograph, Alarm, Dual Time and Timer

  • 1/100 Second Chronograph

  • 100 Lap memory for split and lap time measurement

  • Timer with countdown stop, countdown repeat and countdown up functions

  • Normal Time: Hours, Minutes, Date & Weekday

  • Dual Daily Alarms

  • Dual Time

  • 12/24 Hour Display format

  • Auto-calendar

  • Electrolight (EL) backlight

  • Faas 200 – 38mm case size

  • Faas 250 – 44mm case size

  • SRP: Php 2,850.00

"Puma Time Jam" Collection

We thought it was important to pay a tribute to the great Jamaica Nation in this special year.

PUMA TIME is proud to bring to you a dedicated limited collection, of both new and heritage styles - from this season Faas watch, our signature super thin running style (only 9.6 mm) to the Cardiac II featuring an über user-friendly heart rate monitors - featuring the infamous Jamaican colors -- black, for the opulent coffee; green, for the luxurious tropical forest; yellow, for the everlasting sunshine and the endless beaches.

Whether you are a passionate runner or enjoy chilling out, you will find the best fit to your personality in our JAM range, adding that special zest for life to your look. The available models are:

Cardiac II

The “Cardiac” Jam successfully aligns true fitness and wellness benefits with a trendy design. Wirelessly connected to the included chest belt, each “Cardiac” style becomes an authentic fitness instrument, keeping track of your heart rate and transmitting various data signals to the wearer. The sleek styling of the “Cardiac” line raises the heart rate on its own. The eye-catching and functional design incorporates red LEDs that, in addition to the LCD display and sound signals, convey important information at a glance, such as the actual training level as expressed by the heart rate in relation to the user-defined range. It is equipped to display calorie expenditure, heart rate as BPM, and % of your maximum heart rate. Worn as a timekeeping device, the “Cardiac” is a top-notch accessory that features all of the useful functions an athlete could wish for: chronograph, timer, alarm, and measuring capability of up to 99 laps.


An easy-to-use heart rate monitor watch that features a target zone with alarm, the PUMA Pulse is also equipped with a chronograph, split measurement and an auto calendar. You can set up low and high target zones and an alarm will alert if you outreach them. An ECG wireless sensor belt for the most accurate heart rate measurement is included with the watch.


Sometimes innovation means going back to the basics and keeping it clean and simple. The Slide is equipped with a chronograph, lap counter, count-down timer, alarm, and dual time zone features. It has a large digital display that allows you to easily read time during sports activities. The Slide is a sleek digital sports watch that doesn’t compromise design for functionality.


The Loop blends form with function. It features a chronograph, lap counter, count-down timer, alarm, and dual time zone functions. This waterproof watch is super lightweight, with flexible and sleek wrist band.It has a large, luminous display that allows you to easily check your time during fitness activities. The Loop personifies 'play time' with its fresh, unconventional spin on your typical, everyday sports watch.

Flat Screen

Featured in the PUMA Social advertising campaign, this retro cool watch is inspired by iconic 1970s pared down shapes and features a signature squared off font style in the digital readout. Perfect for day life as well as late night hangs thanks to it back light mode.


Boasting a stunning 44mm plastic case matched with a secure plastic band, this timepiece makes an ideal accessory for any affair. The black dial sits under a mineral crystal, which combines a sporty look and an easy-to-read display. The sleek, subtle design instills this watch with an unmistakable sense of comfort that cannot be matched. Additional features include chronograph, timer, and stop watch.


The ultra comfortable form fitting Fuse watch features a double stud “press and play” closure, a sleek on the outside/ridged on the inside silicone wristband design and easy-to-read digital face. The unique closure allows the Fuse to fit any wrist size, small or large with ease, while the ridged silicone design provides serious comfort by providing natural breathability.

Puma watches are available at the Puma Time Kiosk in SM Megamall, Timegear and L Timestudio boutique.

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