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So I have nothing to post about running for today! Today's date, (11/11/11) couple it with the clock's time of 11:11AM or 11:11PM or 1:11AM or 1:11PM gives us a lot of possible one-sequence combinations. I was supposed to write down my more than two months pending race account and have it posted exactly at the all-powered on bit of date and time which happens only once every Century. But since I am still stucked here in the office, that didn't happen.

I was just reminded again about the date when our System Administrator gave me a temporary account to one of our Servers, with a User ID of 'tempadmin111111'. I got cross-eyed because of the many number "1" and wonder if our SysAd is mad at me for giving me such an eye-confusing User ID, until I realized today's date.

I have also actually planned a while ago to run in our office's treadmill a total distance of 11.11 kilometer in a span of 1 hour and 11 minutes. Of course, I wasn't able to do that as I already am more than 11 hours (exactly 15.5 hours and counting...) in-front of the office desk, and now eating an 11 minutes-cooked cup noodle. Sigh!

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