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Sardines In Red Orange Sauce

Barely two weeks ago, my feet got to tread once again at the Bonifacio Global City after almost two months of not joining races held at the said venue. And at the same time, five of my office/ex-officemate running buddies have also came back trampling the roads after some period of hiatus from running.

*I remember the tsitserya "Rin-Bee" whenever I see this photo
As far as I can remember, this is the only race where I wasn't able to move beyond the starting line for almost four minutes. Positioned in the middle with three of my running colleagues, I first tried to make way at least a few meters from the starting line. But the squeezing "sardines in tomato sauce" (runners are all in red-orange Nike running shirt) made no way for me to go ahead, instead I went back to where I was previously positioned with my other colleagues.

*Doing some warm-up a few minutes before the gun-start
The Nike We Run Manila 10k has definitely succeeded in flooding the routes of Bonifacio Global City with around 8,000 afternoon/evening runners and enthusiasts. Runners squeezing each other at the starting line, elbow-to-elbow rubbing up to about 3 kilometers away after the gun-start, and a few test of agility and ocular power a few kilometers away from the finish line - these made the event more fun and challenging. Although many of our social runners in the community complained on these points, criticizing and swearing the event to their utmost anger and stressing way, I could say that this is what I'm looking for, a unique road running experience I may say that broke the monotony of road running. Of course if you're not one who enjoys these differing challenges, then you should be running carefully and watch where you're stepping at, or run faster and get the lead among the pack of the thousand runners.

Some of the Six:30 members (photo by: Kyx Castañeda)
After all those criss-crossing, taking the center isle of the road as a trail-route, and hopping from the possible/pothole-looking areas along the route, my body got the sweat it deserves for an afternoon run - injury-free and happy. We're still able to visit some sponsor booths (which I haven't done already for a very long time), met the Six:30 gang, had our burger dinner at the Bonifacio High Street, took some photos with the group, and had a few fun-bonding with the members of Six:30 running group.

What's more exciting and fun about the race is the after-party with the presence of three known Filipino bands - the ChicoSci, Sandwich, and the much awaited Parokya ni Edgar. Though I am one of the few runners who are not really inclined to music, the atmosphere that these guests brought is enough to make the evening more lively.

*The previous "Strathletes"
All races are unique on its own, some are challenging, and some doesn't have fun at all. But it is up to us how we will enjoy the race, it is not how fast you can get, or how long you can endure the race, but how much heart you could put on this metaphor of life - and that's what also defines a real runner.

From my Nike race result video on facebook, the race:
  • Produced 10,296 hours and 31 minutes of sweat, enough water to fill up a public swimming pool
  • Generated 19,200,000 kJ (kilo joules) of raw energy, enough to power up the PBCom Tower for 78 minutes
  • Every step we ran made 50 db (decibels) of sound, noisier than 2,666 jet engines
  • We ran a total of 80,000 kms, which is like riding the world's longest roller coaster 32,000 times
  • When I crossed the finish line in 58 minutes, that's long enough to do 4,640 sumo squats
  • My 2,400 kJ (kilo joules) of running power is enough for a 8,431 hours kissing Marathon (sweet!)
Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Time: 00:58:08.39
Official Ranking: 214th

Race Info:
When: October 15, 2011.
Where: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Event: Nike We Run Manila 10K

*Photos courtesy of MinnieRunner


  1. Malakas Na Super Noypi? Did they sing this man? It's one of my favorites. Was everyone in this race required to wear the shirt, or what? lol. Take care man, thanks for sharing the experience. Oh, Not bad timing, and congrats. Have you seen the movie super noypi? lol lol lol

  2. Oh... sorry Sir Kenley, I didn't stayed long to hear even one song of even the very first band, LOL! And I don't know that song too =D
    You see, I'm not a Super Pinoy at heart, hahaha!


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