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Binyag ng Sapatos - Part I

When I was still a young child (disclaimer: I am still young... at heart and at height), we have this kind of I don't know if you can call it a tradition or a child's play where you will try your best to step on the shoes of your buddy/playmate/friend when you see them wearing a new pair. Sometimes we would call the whole gang just to make sure that the shoe will get the dirt it deserves while screaming "binyagan na ang sapatos...". I think you can now relate, as it only happens in Da Pilipins!

Those were the early times of OUR days! ;)

For my running shoes, the "binyag" that was done on it were break-in runs, treading a mile or two instead of letting someone step on the shoe! But ever since I brought my first running shoe, I never gave it with a pseudonym or identity nick. So I thought of baptizing these running shoes - my first ever, and my always running buddies, a name that I can identify with, together with a short history of each of its own adventure.

1. Nonoy (1997 - 2000)
The first shoe when I first started running in Aug 31, 1997. Those were the olden days when a shoe specifically designed for running is not yet being too considered for you to run (there were still a number of barefoot runners in Baguio that time). I can no longer remember the brand nor the looks and the physical features of this shoe so I'm giving it the name "Nonoy" - the generic name being given to a boy child in our province.

I'm thinking that the shoe might have been a mid-cut rubber shoe - the type of rubber shoe that I love to wear back then which I bought from FootStep - the lone famous shoe store in Baguio during that time. Or it might have also been the gray lightweight, beach shoe-type (no laces but just a gripping garter around) which my Mom bought from the Ukay-ukay.

2. Mythos (xx Aug 2008 - 13 Dec 2009) - Diadora Mythos
I bought this lightweight shoe at a shoe sale in Trinoma, supposed to be for badminton when I was still learning how to be a "badmintonist". However, I realized that this shoe is really meant for the road when I came back to running on the 17th of August 2008 at the 2008 Men's Health Miracle Run.

It's life ended after my 10K race at the Pioneer Mighty Run when its outer sole tongued-out. I tried to revive it through Mr. Quickie but the stitching that was done made it no longer usable for running. I was still able to use it at the gym but I later decided to have it donated to Kathie's (my boardmate) Yaya for her grandchild or nephew I think.

(side story: When I saw one of my girl officemate also bought the same shoe model, it made me realized that Mythos was a shoe styled for ladies.)

3. Boknoy (200x - 04 Sep 2010) - Reebok Trail Crossback
The first non-office shoe which I purchased from SM North. I bought this shoe for my fridays and weekend strolls, but it has also served me well in my road races, and most specially during the 2010 Merrell Adventure Run, and the 2010 TBR Dream Marathon. Yes it survived the full 42.195km distance on my first Marathon, although I think it was also from Boknoy that I got my plantar fasciitis.

Boknoy has already retired from running because its outer sole tonged-out after the challenging uphill and downhill race at the Biodiversity Run in UP Los Baños when I was already sprinting my way back to the finish line. I am still using it though on some weekend short strolls as Mr. Quickie and a few amount of rugby made the fix.

4. Padi (16 Jan 2010 - Present) - Adidas Adizero Boston
The first most expensive shoe that I have bought and paid for 6 installment months. But in return, Padi made me break and create personal records, helped in my transition to mid-strike, and put a 700++ kilometers of mileage on record.

I'm already thinking of giving Padi a retirement plan as it is already nearing its limit, maybe until it reaches the 800km mileage or until I get a new racing flat as its replacement (sorry Padi). As of now, Padi still gives me good miles on my training runs. Although at one point, my feet and plantar seems to easily get tired already in just less than 15km distance run. This manifested during my 50K PAU-T2N last 17 Sep 2011, where I only wore Padi for the first 15K. The pain manifested at around 12 - 13km.

5. Sprinto (22 Sep 2010 - Present) - Vibram FiveFingers Sprint
It was thanks to blogging that Sprinto made it to my hands, errr... feet rather! Having this pair is like a dream come true. I remember one year back then when I first got a glimpse of a VFF shoe from a magazine. I wished that someday I could experience wearing a shoe like that... and voila, what do I have? A blessing in disguise!

Sprinto gave me a lot of calf muscle pains at first that I have to endure those pains for 5-7 days. But it made me love the minimalistic and natural feel of running barefoot. After more than 14 years, my feet got almost closer again to the ground with Sprinto. Like Padi, Sprinto also gave me breaking personal records for short distance races.

Right now, Sprinto has served me well not just in road running, but also with swimming and beach runs, urban adventures, gym sessions, and even during our Company's 2011 badminton tournament. Oh, and it's not yet about to retire!

That's it for now, the first five of the not-so-legendary shoes that has accompanied me well in my running adventures. There are still three un-named shoes left, and I'll make a post about it once I get to think of good names for their baptism. That's the reason why I never gave these shoes their own names as it is much harder to think one than to compose a blog post.

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