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Run With The Doctors - The PCPF Run

Who wants to run with doctors? More interestingly, who wants to run with over 1,000 doctors at the PCPF (Philippine College of Physicians Foundation) fun run?

Many people would.

Being with the doctors outside the clinic and the hospital where they are just like everyone else is an occasion for fellowship and glee. Health assumes an equitable face: health as actually practiced in contrast to health as advised. The doctors may use the chance to compare with each other their levels of fitness; the public may want to see how they fare versus their doctors, or simply spend the time with them on a Sunday morning.

The number of doctors who have taken up running not only as a form of exercise but as a lifestyle has increased tremendously over the last several months. They have joined a bandwagon of Filipinos who now apply science in the activity. The health benefits of running come with the right pair of shoes, the fit of the clothes, the proper way for the feet to hit the ground, the appropriate pacing, and the adequacy of hydration. When doctors learn the science, expect them to do it quickly and with confidence.

Race Info:
What: PCPF Run With Doctors
Where: SM Mall of Asia
When: May 1, 2011, 5:00 AM

Registration Period:
Online: March 24, 2011 to April 25, 2011.
Registration link.
*Delivery of race kits will start on March 29, 2011.

March 24, 2011 to April 17, 2011.
  • PCP Office – Unit 2201-2203 22nd Floor, One San Miguel Ave. Bldg., San Miguel Ave. cor Shaw Blvd., Ortigas Center, Pasig City – Tel #9102250
  • RUNNR Store (12nn – 8pm,Tel # 4031787)
  • The Athletes Foot Alabang Town Center
  • The Athlete’s Foot Robinsons Galleria (12nn – 8pm, Tel# 6363162)
  • Planet Sports Trinoma (12nn – 8pm, Tel# 9167451)
March 24, 2011 to April 25, 2011.
  • R.O.X. (12nn–8pm, Tel # 8564638)
  • Toby’s SM Mall of Asia (12nn–8pm, Tel # 556-0445)
  • Planet Sports Glorietta (12nn – 8pm, Tel # 8177896)
Registration Fees:

Assembly and Guntime:
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Hyundai Fun Run - Media Release

Hyundai launches Run for a Cause on 10th Year Anniversary kick-off

Click Image to go to Registration site
Incorporated in 2001, Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai automobiles in the Philippines, will launch the first-ever automotive-sponsored run in the country dubbed “Hyundai Run for a Cause” on April 2, 2011, 4:30 AM, at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila to kick off its 10th year anniversary celebration.

Inspired by Hyundai Motor Company’s vision to provide Innovations for Humanity, founded on five core strategies of respect for human values, global orientation, customer satisfaction, technology innovation, and cultural creation, this 5K and 10K run plans to propagate HARI’s PRO-Environment, PRO-People Empowerment, PRO-Poor, and PRO-Health and Well-Being advocacies as it teams up with its partners in sustainability:
  1. Gawad Kalinga Center for Social Innovation – whereby HARI will forward its advocacy of PRO-People Empowerment, particularly of the youth, to become the new forerunners of economic progress and development through entrepreneurial dynamism. During the past years, HARI has supported the GK through the construction of SIBOL schools, GK Villages, and through the provision of vans to provide for GK’s much needed mobility needs around the nation. This year, the automotive group will not only provide additional transportation vehicles for the GK, but will also offer professional counselling to new generation social entrepreneurs in several forums and consultations scheduled not only this year, but in the years to come.

  2. St. Scholastica’s Priory – In recognition of Sr. Mary John Mananzan as One of the Top 100 Most Inspiring People in the World by Women Deliver, the leading global advocate fighting for women’s rights and maternal health, HARI has forged into a partnership with the Institute of Women’s Studies of the St. Scholastica’s Priory to propagate its PRO-Health and Well-Being advocacy. Through this partnership, the first complete 25-bed Maternity Mission Hospital with a pediatric ward and laboratory services will be built in the town of Catarman, Samar.

  3. Habitat for Humanity – This alliance will bring to fruition the HARI mission to provide decent homes for the marginalized sector of the society, encapsulated in its PRO-Poor advocacy. Beyond providing the structure, HARI aims to build new homes in a nurturing and thriving environment to ensure the sustainability of the Filipino families. For 2011, HARI’s joint efforts with Habitat for Humanity will see the construction of its initial batch of homes for the poor, uplifting the conditions of many marginalized families.

  4. Haribon Foundation – whereby HARI will hope to realize its vision for a thriving and sustainable world “where cars, people, and the planet coexist as one dynamic system” embodied in the green slogan of its PRO-Environment campaign, Together We Can for a Green Tomorrow. HARI’s green mission started last year at the Yapak Forest in Boracay and the Caliraya Watershed in Cavinti, Laguna. This year, the automotive company will continue its green initiatives with an estimate donation of over 20,000 native tree seedlings as well as other eco-projects in development.
“The Hyundai Run for a Cause maps out a new avenue for HARI to help propagate humanitarian advocacies that are close to our hearts. With over 20,000 registered runners to date, we are delighted that many people share the same advocacies,” stated Ms. Fe Perez-Agudo, President and CEO of HARI. “Furthermore, we decided to change the venue of the Hyundai Run for a Cause to the Quirino Grandstand, one of the more historic landmarks in the Philippines to mark HARI’s own historic milestone of a decade of service to the Filipino,” Ms. Agudo added.
  • HARI to launch first-ever automotive-sponsored charity run in PH to propagate four (4) advocacies for sustainability

  • Gawad Kalinga CSI, St. Scholastica’s Priory, Habitat for Humanity, and Haribon Foundation to serve as HARI’s new partners in nation-building

  • HARI chooses Quirino Grandstand as new location for charity run
For further information contact:

Maria Lenavi B. Ramos
Tel: +63+2-813.6788 to 89 loc 207

Nerisse Z. Cordova
Tel: +63+2-813.6788 to 89 loc 209
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On Pacer Duty At The Afroman's 2011 Leg 1

After a few weeks of being in hibernation, I get to run my first 21k for the year with only around 12k preparation a week before the race, and some session of strengthening workouts. It was a RunRio and Unilab event after all that I don't want to miss. Besides, I have a special duty to fulfill right on this event - to be the pacer of RunnerIshi! Well, before she asked me to pace her on this run, it has already entered my mind since on our CIHM 2010 - her 21k debut - I only paced her for the first 3 and the last 3 kilometers of the CIHM course. My duty of pacing her for this event is like saying "sorry about the past!", lol!

I don't feel sleepy, but I already feel tired!
So how did it go? The night before the race, I had never had even one second of sleep. It was such a bad insomnia timing. This is the first time that I was totally sleepless before a race. Add more the lack of run trainings and proper preparation, where do you think my life is heading? So before putting on my running attire a few hours before me and Leo's meet-up time, just in case, I already prepared my emergency last-will-and-testament on my wife's iPod touch. My son erased these notes though after I got home. How convenient it is these days to write and delete important information.

Leo, Me, Louie and Hendy
After a few photo-ops with some of our Six:30 running buddies and a few minutes before the gun started, we went for a few hundred meters of warm-up run along the roads of Bonifacio High Street. A short run enough to warm-up our legs and body while having a nice chit-chat and kumustahan. While on the climax of our conversation, I felt that at some point along the course, I might enter onto a limbo state while running and run ahead of RunnerIshi, leaving my precious friend behind. So to reverse-psych myself into staying at pace with her when the urge to run ahead comes, I told her and assured her that I won't leave her on the entire 21k course.


At the starting line, I felt restless and nervous that I already wanted to back-out (for the first time) from the race. I got afraid of the unknown, of being sleepless and still run the 21k distance, of what would happen along the route if my plantar strikes, or if we come across a monster and grabbed RunnerIshi while I'm limping, or what about when I got hit by a truck - who will continue pacing RunnerIshi? Well thanks for Bodivance, a revolutionary breakthrough in sports technology that accelerates the warming up of muscles and promotes vasodilation. You can't connect? Neither do I!

While in the middle of our run, I realized that in my entire life of running, having already influenced a number of officemates into this lifestyle, I had never paced anyone yet during a race. On our practice runs, I have paced ChickenLegSaga and MinnieRunner but only for a few distance. So I'm wondering whether I could really keep my word of staying with her until we reach the finish line, or shall I just meet her on the finish line instead? Then I remember that ChickenLegSaga is also on pacer-duty for this race. His goal, is not just to stay at pace with his pace-mate, but to also make it his longest 5k ever that should last more than an hour. What's in his mind? Ask him what's in his heart! ;)

The most exciting part during the race was, I got to know more about RunnerIshi. She has some secrets that she does while running -- she farts (ssshhh... don't tell her about this or I might get beheaded). Aside from that, she has a knack of getting serious with running. A few meters from the 6th kilometer, I lost sight of her in the middle of converging runners of the 5k, 10k and 21k. Later did I knew that she already left me -- her pacer! Wow good, the pacer gets left behind! Slow me! Gladly, she waited for me until I could catch up with her. Catching up with her made my lungs and heart explode as I reached her location! Then I got blamed that she lost her running momentum for that very moment. Bad pacer!

I felt the duty of being a pacer when we were already more than halfway of the route, when her energy stores started depleting. It was a test of patience to still stay slow and at pace with her, to be a good motivator when the route seems getting long and farther from the finish line, and help her go on despite her feeling the muscle aches and the heating sun. During this time, I know I was able to motivate her and have her push herself when I was able to dig a very inspiring message to her:

     "Go Ma'm Irish, kaya mo yan, konti na lang, go go go!".

Dramatic indeed!

Crossing the Finish Line.
To add more drama to that, I forced her to look and run strong towards the finish line while holding high each other's pinky finger, and yes we did, yebah! How many runners, lovers, or even couples have you seen running towards the finish line while holding each other's pinky finger? None so far right? That was just unique to us, a different sign of friendship!

After claiming our priceless medal after some 3 hours of running, I also got my own prize from her. A sweet hug and thanks that made my tears fall, and the tears tasted salty - Pocari sweat! Well it will be "our last run together". During the race, she told me that she's already leaving, and have no idea when is she coming back. I was glad that I was able to pace her on her 2nd 21k race and gave her a personal record, cutting-off some 20 minutes from her previous Pikermi at the CIHM 2010.

Finish line photo from BazuSports
We still have race schedules together with the Six:30 running group members, but it will be different this time. I will be back on the track of running on my own, minding my own fart, and pacing my own self. And I missed it too, thank goodness the plantar's gone for good (wishful hoping)!

The pacer duty was great. It was my longest time spent running a 21k, but also it was the shortest time that I have spent with a girl [space] friend.

Me with friends - RunnerIshi, Erika, and Eden
As a conclusion for the event itself, I rate this race with an 8 out of 10 "pinky fingers"! So far, only the photos and race results were not been that perfect this time compared to the previously-perfected RunRio races. It is understandable since this event debuted the introduction and birth of new technology for the capturing of time and photos.

Initial race result. The pacer is still faster after all :p
Actual finish time. Thanks to Eden for the greatly captured moments.
RunRio Trilogy 2011 Leg 1 - Run United 1 Links:
Official race result from BazuSports.
Runpix Analysis
Race Director's Official post-event message

Special thanks to Bazu, Leo, and Eden for the photos.
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A Surprise Present from Oishi

Whenever time comes when I am in a low mood state due to some electrical-pulse or mechanical changes in my body (yes I'm an android), human life gets in and it seems to know how to uplift my very core, even in a little way, but enough to re-electrify my wirings for a few moment. Well, I'm speaking figuratively, but yes that's how I could describe it (Ok, I'm just over-acting on this paragraph).

Life's surprises sometimes comes in a box and a paper-bag.
Just a while ago, I received a box and a big paper hand-bag full of assorted products from Oishi. I was surprised since and didn't expect that there's a follow-up giveaway after my previous product review with Smart C+. The box contains 24 bottles of Oishi pomelo grapefruit Smart C+ juice drink, while the paper bag contains an assortment of Oishi products like Marty's, Sponge Crunch, Bread Pan, and this new wonderfully flavored Wafu ("gwapo" as my officemates called it) cream-filled waffle sticks, and the new flavor of Marty's bacon strips chicharon.

The snacks has already been munched before I get to take a good photo!
As the present entered the office, people thought I won a contest from this popular TV show Willing-Willie as they saw me carrying the big paper hand-bag marked with Oishi, and full of those assorted snack products. My boardmate's kasambahay even thought I just came from the station/show. And what will complete the day of having surprisely blessed from a Company (Oishi/Liwaway Marketing Corp.) which I barely encountered physically? Of course to share that same blessing.

What caught my officemate's taste buds (and audible sensitory) is the new snack product called "Wafu". I wasn't able to taste it, as there wasn't one left for me, but based from their reactions, they surely loved it (Sshhhh, there's still an extra box of Wafu that I hid. Lucky Aizen)!

In behalf of everyone, we express our gratitude by
saying "Oishi" while taking this shot!.
Thanks once again to Oishi and Liwayway Marketing Corporation.
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Wow Philippines Free Boracay Package

Punta Rosa Boracay - Win a Free Boracay Package only from - WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc.

WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. is one of the most respected and trusted names in Philippines Travel, arranging short trips and family vacations to any of the 7,107 Philippines Islands. We have been specializing in all inclusive packages since 2005 to top destinations like, Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Cebu, Puerto Galera, Baguio, Tagaytay, and Manila as-well-as other island destinations.

WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. is the 1st travel agency in the Philippines to offer FREE VACATION PACKAGES to BORACAY ISLAND, the number #1 Philippines Tourist Destination. Now everyone has a chance to WIN a FREE all expenses paid vacation to Boracay, and all you have to do is to enter the contest is to CREATE a BLOG and paste this info into it, that’s it, it’s just that easy.

Enter our Free Boracay Vacation Package Giveaway at

3 Days / 2 Nights – Punta Rosa Boracay Hotel & Beach Resort
Enjoy this luxury Boracay Resort located directly on Boracay Beach in Station 1. At Punta Rosa Boracay you will enjoy beautifully designed accommodations, with each room decorated in a native theme.

Each room in Punta Rosa Boracay Hotel offers a beautiful ocean and beach view, with the beds facing the ocean. Room accommodations at Punta Rosa consist of, Wi-Fi, TV & DVD Player, Ceiling Fans, Large Rain Showers, Balcony, and IDD/NDD Phones.

Flights to Boracay - Manila to Kalibo Airport via Philippine Airlines
No true vacation package is complete without having the air-fare included. WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. will be including ROUNDTRIP AIR-FARE from Manila to Kalibo and back to Manila. Once you arrive at the Kalibo airport you will be greeted by SOUTHWEST Travel & Tours, and transported to Boracay Island via a tour bus.

Boracay Island Transfers - Kalibo Airport to Boracay (roundtrip)
SOUTHWEST the OFFICIAL TRANSPORT COMPANY of WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. SouthWest Travel & Tours has been in business for over 15 years, and is considered one of the safest carriers in the Philippines.

Daily Breakfast – Buffet Style
The winners to this Free Boracay Package will also have included a FREE DAILY BREAKFAST, served on the deck overlooking the ocean and Diniwid beach.

Boracay Activities - Island Hopping Tour
For one full day our winners will enjoy a BORACAY ISLAND TOUR that includes snorkeling, as-well as visiting surrounding beaches. (does not include entrance fee into Crystal Cove)
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1st Qtr Discount Coupon Giveaway Winners

Image courtesy: LocalShops
Congratulations to the following lucky subscribers who joined and won from my first quarter discount coupon giveaways.

The North Face 10% discount Coupon - Zerina Jimenez

Timex 15% discount Coupon - Irish Cruz

Figaro 10% discount Coupon - Ed Diente

Skechers Php 500.00 GC - Ryan Verdan

Drop me an e-mail so we could coordinate when and where you could claim your discount vouchers.

Congratulations to all of you! More to come...
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Sali Ako Dyan! The 1st Boracay Fun Run

Most of us spends a day or two on a beach to bask our summer-prepared body during the holy week season. Now how would you like the idea of competing a race on a Black Saturday, and at the same time supporting an environmental advocacy on your favorite beach spot?

On April 23, 2011, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Municipality of Malay-Aklan will be holding its 1st ever BORACAY FUN RUN ACTIVITY. The Fun Run aims to create awareness and start an advocacy in keeping our environment, particulary the Boracay Island clean.

The 1st ever Fun Run in Boracay dubbed "SALI AKO D'YAN: RUN FOR A CAUSE. HELP SAVE BORACAY BEACH” Will have 4 different categories which will happen in Boracay beach front from station 3 - 1 to the Eco Village as race tracks. For the 1st time the run will not just focus at the beach front but also the back street up to the ECO VILLAGE.

The FUN RUN target families and teens aged 13 years old and above to join the race.

Race Categories and Registration Fees:
2.5k - Php 350.00
5k - Php 600.00
10k - Php 700.00
21k - Php 750.00

Registration Site:
Starts on: March 14, 2011.
Toby's Sports - The Block, SM City North EDSA

Registration Promo:
Register for a group of six (6), get the sixth (6th) registrant for FREE! Promo open until March 30, 2011 only. Just drop me an e-mail of your group's members to have your group qualified/listed.

Each year there are 300,000 people in the island for vacation and to party. With the help of the partner LGU and NGO, the event aims to gather more than 5,000 attendees since the event will happen during Holy Week, BLACK SATURDAY. After the race during the day there will be a FREE evening after party and awarding ceremony celebration at Summer Place beach front with an international DJ to entertain the guests.

The run aims to raise funds for the activities of Boracay projects for its efforts particularly for ordinance number 2001-141 “An ordinance banning the extractions and collection of white sand and pebbles in the beaches of Boracay Island."

For more information, visit:
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G.O.O.D. Running with RunRio

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists-Philippine Chapter (AACE-PC) invites one and all to “The G.O.O.D. Run” to raise awareness for G.O.O.D. – Goiter, Obesity, Osteoporosis, and Diabetes and for the benefit of the Power of Prevention Through Fitness and Nutrition (POFTN) Program to teach kids how to eat right and stay healthy.

Free blood sugar, blood pressure and other health checks will be offered after the run while supplies last.

Isn't it a Good Day to run on April 3?

Date: April 3, 2011
Venue: Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Distance and Registration Fees:
3K - Php 500.00
5K / 10K - Php 600.00

Registration Sites:
Runnr - Bonifacio High Street
R.O.X. - Bonifacio High Street
Toby's - SM Mall Of Asia
The Athlete's Foot - Robinson's Galleria
Planet Sports - Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, Trinoma
Online Registration:

Registration Period:
February 14 - March 27, 2011.

For inquiries, call 703-1736. Cash prizes, raffle prizes and lots of freebies at stake. So run the G.O.O.D. Run and help fight Goiter, Obesity, Osteoporosis, and Diabetes!

Race Singlet

AACE-Philippine Chapter is a professional community of clinical endocrinologists committed to empowering Filipino patients to achieve optimum endocrine health by enabling one another to practice leading edge, proactive, ethical, and cost-effective medicine.

The Endocrine System
The endocrine system is made up of glands throughout the body which regulate the function, growth and development of tissues and organs by releasing chemicals called hormones directly into the bloodstream. Endocrine disorders develop when a malfunctioning gland secretes either too much or too little of a hormone due to illness, surgical removal or natural causes.

Clinical endocrinologists are physicians with special education, training and expertise in the complex disorders of the endocrine system. These physicians devote their clinical practices to providing the highest standard of diagnosis and care to patients with endocrine disease, including obesity, diabetes, thyroid disease, reproductive disorders, osteoporosis, hypertension, cholesterol and lipid abnormalities, as well as pituitary, parathyroid and adrenal conditions.
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ROAM at the NightFest

Here's one running event that you should not miss aside from the new race route. Read on runners...

Date: April 9, 2011 6:00 PM
Distance Categories: 5K / 10K
Venue: Filinvest Alabang
Registration Fee: Php 650.00

Registration Sites:
Skechers Stores (Festival Mall, Glorietta 5, Market Market, Trinoma, Robinson's Ermita)

Beneficiary: Runners on a Mission (R.O.A.M.)

About R.O.A.M.

Craig and Michelle Logan have been serving with Arise and Shine Philippines for over 22 years. In 2001 they adopted Justin, who has special needs. Justin had bacterial meningitis when they got him as a baby. The couple spent many months in the hospital that first year fighting to save Justin’s life.

Through it all, Craig and Michelle’s prayer was that Justin’s life would make a difference and fulfill the purpose that God intended for him. After his recovery, the couple started Justin in physical and occupational therapy at home, and thus was the start of Justin’s long road to recovery.

It was while talking with the therapists during the many hours of Justin’s therapy that Craig and Michelle realized there were so many other children out there that did not have access to therapy. There are so many needs that a special child has and this can be overwhelming for parents who may not even have enough for basic needs.

Craig and Michelle  had a desire to help other families and children with special needs but did not know how they could help since Justin’s own needs were quite overwhelming. Over the years, Justin has been blessed by others donating standing frames, wheel chairs, braces and many other items to help with his therapy needs.

All the therapy has definitely paid off for Justin. He may not be able to walk or talk but he has come a long way.  He loves to smile and to hug and kiss anyone who comes near. So the question became…How can the Logan family share all the blessings they have received with others?  That’s how the idea for “Runners On A Mission” was born.

Team Logan first came on the scene in 2006. At first the “team” consisted of Craig and Justin until Michelle was inspired to join the team and make it a family affair. Team Logan started out just joining a few of the bigger races, not knowing of any others. In 2008, they joined and found that they could run in more races than their feet could take them!

Running had become a popular sport in the Philippines. Team Logan’s desire has always been to inspire other families with special needs children to realize their child’s full potential. They have met others along the way that have that same desire. Some have even brought their children out to join races.

Along the way, Team Logan realized that it’s through their running that they can help meet the needs of other special needs children in the Philippines. That is where “Runners On A Mission” comes in.

A simple yet very attractive running shirt
Perks for Registrants and Participants:
  • 10% OFF on Skechers Resistance Runner(SRR)
  • FREE SRR Shirts for early registrants
  • Magnolia Pure Water
  • Magnolia Life Drink
  • GSM Blue Sampling
  • Pocari Sweat
  • Gardenia samples
  • Nature Valley Bars
  • SportBeans along the route
  • Dance Showdown by Skechers
  • Photo booth
Click to download larger image.
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Love Letters

Keeping your things tidy once in a bluemoon would sometimes give us unexpected surprises. Surprise such as that you have a lot of extra clothings that you could still wear or donate, and things that would make you reminisce old memories and experiences.

One of the things that surprised me one time when I was looking for my old address book (from Advan Paper products), was how my penmanship has changed from when I was still spending more time with pens than with computer keyboards. And what's more surprising, is when I get to read the names of my old acquaintances, lost friends, and even "ex'es". There were some names whom I cannot remember writing, but I knew I wrote that name because it was my penmanship. Was it due to a selective memory loss? Or was it just written without me really knowing who that person is?

As I continued to dig the box full of horded scraps that can already cause a forest fire with just a spark of a shiny-white-teeth, I came across some love letters. It's not cheesy as you think, come on, please continue reading!

I know that those people who are at my age, and who were teenagers during the 90's and below, still know what a "love letter" really is. It's not like a spam email, nor an impulsive twitter message or social network status that you just show-off for everybody else in the world to see. But it is the compilation of thoughts, of words from the heart, made alive through creative expression in writing. Okay, it may not even be creative, it may not come from the heart, but it definitely is something that we write on some stationeries or a piece of paper, or on a carefully selected and designed paper from a bookstore, and in some cases, personally designed paper. In short, it has been created with love or passion for the person whom the letter will be given.

So just to keep the memories alive in case my apartment get burned from the hordes of decade-old trash, I decided to somehow, share some of these letters here. But sorry, I'm not sharing it word-per-word. If you want to get to know the contents, tickle my spine and I might share some during a midnight kwentuhan session, lol!

I know you have more love-letters than I do!
So those came from different people, a friend, an acquaintance, and even from people whom I almost forgot who they were. There were also a number of letters that came from a girl - who is now my now wife (sweet!).

But the most interesting part is, when I saw these bulky cards with some bulky letterings and handwritings, lol! It came from my sweet, loving sister. ;)

Love letters from a family is the sweetest you will receive.
Memories came in as I read each card, making me remember how I first reacted whenever I receive a card or letter from her each year, or even on my birthdays. I feel awkward then, but I still get to read the cards; I don't feel it deserves appreciation, but I still kept the card; I didn't felt it's importance, but I treasured it. And now, it has finally touched my heart.

Why did I react like that, you may ask. You see, we have not been raised with a daily dose of cuddling and lambingan from our parents. Our Mom is also our Dad, making her the most-busiest (intentional made redundant) person we know. So time is always gold for her that she couldn't even find enough time to cuddle us, except when I look cute (I wonder why my sister always gets the hugs and cuddlings?! Does it mean she's cuter? hmmnnn... I don't think so, lol!).

So, start digging your archives (boxes) of old letters, you might also be surprised who are the people who also made you cry. Come on, be brave, don't worry, it will no longer hurt you! ;)
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Quarterly Discount Coupons Giveaway

Ola my fellow runners and readers!

RunningAtom has some good news for you, so read yea, read yea!

For the span of four (4) quarters for this year, I'll be giving away some discount coupons to my avid blog post subscribers. As each quarter starts which begins on the months of January, April, July, and October, there will be one (1) to four (4) lucky e-mail subscribers who will get a chance to win any of the following discount coupons listed below.

a) The North Face
b) Timex
c) Figaro
d) Mizuno
e) Eco Things
f) Skechers
g) Deuter

Just note that these vouchers will also be subjected for availability, so the guarantee of having all these vouchers on a single quarter is not 100% sure. But I will be posting what are the discount vouchers available for each quarterly raffle.

How to Join:
  • You must be subscribed to this blog's mailing list by entering your e-mail address on the upper right subscription box.
That's all it takes! But take note of the following reminders to make your winning and subscription valid:
  1. Only verified and active subscribers will be included on the raffle.
  2. You may post a comment or shoot me an e-mail to specify what voucher would you like to win if in case you get drawned. If your subscription won but have not specified a discount voucher, you will be given only the remaining voucher available.
  3. New and existing subscribers for each quarterly draw gets a chance to win once for that quarter.
  4. Raffling will be automatically done on the first or second week of January, April, July, and October of 2011.

1st Quarter Raffle

For the 1st quarter, although the month of January has already passed, you will still get a chance to win any of the following discount vouchers valid for use until March 31, 2011. Winners for the first quarter will be announced on March 14, 2011. You'll get the announcement right through your inbox if you're validly subscribed. So start subscribing and get these exclusive discounts from any of these specified establishments.

1) The North Face
- Get 10% off on regular prized non-consigned items at the following TNF outlets:
2F SM Annex North EDSA;
G/F Bldg. A SM Megamall;
G/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall;
2F Glorietta IV, Ayala Center;
E/M SM Mall of Asia
G/F SM City Cebu
G/F SM City Davao
G/F SM City Cagayan De Oro

2) Timex
- Get 15% off on a minimum purchase of Php 3,000.00 worth of Timex watch at the following outlets:
All Timex shops nationwide
All Watch Republic shops nationwide

3) Figaro
- For a minimum purchase of Php 200.00, you will get a 10% discount.

4) Skechers Shape-Up (valid until Apr. 8, 2011)
- Php 500.00 certificate valid for Shape-ups Originals merchandise from the following outlets:
Trinoma Mall
Glorietta 5
Market! Market!
Robinson's Place Manila
Festival Mall
Marquee Mall
Ayala Center Cebu

5) Eco Things (valid until Dec. 31, 2011)
- Get 10% off on your favorite Ecothings planners and paper products for orders online at or through calling (02) 473-9277.

*Special thanks to Nature Valley. Get started naturally!
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Any Concert Anywhere in The World

Thirty (30) lucky individuals will win a trip with accommodations for himself/herself and one (1) companion to watch a concert of their choice anywhere in the world. Choices of concerts will be found on There will be one (1) winner everyday for thirty (30) days representing each day from Mar. 1 to Mar. 30, 2011.


a. Consumers must collect five (5) crowns of the same brand and/or flavor to join the Weekly Raffle and get a chance to win.
For example:
  • Five (5) Coca-Cola crowns of either Sakto, 8oz or 12oz
  • Five (5) Coca-Cola Zero 8oz crowns
  • Five (5) Sprite crowns of either 8oz or 12oz
  • Five (5) Royal Tru-Orange crowns of either 8oz or 12oz
b. To send a valid entry, consumers must place five crowns of the same brand and/or flavor in an envelope with their name, complete birth date, complete address, contact number, signature and the concert of their choice in a piece of paper. Drop in designated drop boxes found in Coca-Cola sales offices and Ace Promo offices nationwide OR mail their entries to Ace Promotion Offices. Mailing addresses can be found on c. Consumers can log-on to to choose a concert of their choice d. Entries with wrong or incomplete information indicated on the envelope or piece of paper will be disqualified. e. Consumers can send as many valid entries as they want to increase their chances of winning provided that these entries fall within the duration of the promo period. All non-winning entries for each week are still qualified for the succeeding weekly raffles. f. There will be 30 lucky winners or 1 winner everyday starting on Mar. 1 to Mar. 30, 2011:
  • Each week, weekly winners will be announced in MYX.
  • Each winner is to represent a day from Mar. 1 to Mar. 30, 2011 although draws are actually held on a subsequent date
  • Weekly Raffle draws will be held every Friday of that week
g. Winners will be notified via official telegram and verified through a phone call by The Coca-Cola Export Corporation’s (TCCEC) Third Party Supplier. Winners should present the official notification telegram sent and at least 2 valid IDs to claim their prize. Details of how to claim the prize will be indicated in the official telegram sent. h. If the winner is (1) a minor (18 years old and below) he/she must be accompanied by legal guardian, or legal guardian claims on his/her behalf (presenting all necessary documents); and, if the winner is (2) unable to claim the prize him/herself, a representative must present the necessary documents:
  • A letter of authorization duly signed by the winner, nominating the parent/legal guardian, or representative as the acknowledged recipient of the prize on the winners behalf
  • Two (2) original IDs of the winner with picture (acceptable/valid ID’s are SSS, TIN, Passport, Office or School I.D.)
  • Two (2) original IDs of the representative/legal guardian
  • Original notification telegram
i. Winners must nominate only one (1) companion to be included in the trip to the concert. Any other companion aside from the one officially nominated by the winner will not be the responsibility of TCCEC. j. If the winner is 18 years old and below, a legal guardian must be the official companion. k. This promotion is open only to consumers 13 years old and above. The consumer must be 13 years old at the start of the promotion on Feb. 14, 2011. l. TCCEC will appoint and shoulder the following for the winner and the official companion during the concert trip:
  • Two-Way economy air fare
  • Accommodations at a hotel for 3 days, 2 nights
  • Pocket money amounting to USD 350 per winner
  • Concert tickets – category or seat type of the concert ticket to be determined by TCCEC and subject to availability
  • Transfers to the concert venue and back to the hotel
m. TCCEC will not be responsible for processing any travel document/visa needed by the winner and his/her companion to travel to the concert in the country of his or her choice. However, TCCEC may give the winner a Certification of Prize Entitlement.

n. The winner must be physically fit and capable of travelling, this must be supported by a medical certificate. The winner will be solely responsible for his actions during the trip and TCCEC will not be responsible for any untoward incidents that may occur during the trip. A waiver document from TCCEC must be signed by the winner before the actual travel. Winners will be accompanied by TCCEC Representatives or agency representatives.

o. If for any reason the winner cannot travel to the country or concert chosen, TCCEC has the option of allowing the winner to choose another concert in the website in coordination with TCCEC’s Third Party Agency or convert the prize to cash in the amount stated below.

p. Prizes are non-transferable but are convertible to cash in the amount of Php 25,000 per winner. No other amount shall be payable by TCCEC to a winner who has opted to convert his prize to cash.

q. Only the Transfers / Transportation to Metro Manila NAIA for winners coming from Visayas and Mindanao will be shouldered by TCCEC.

Any Concert Anywhere TV Commercial
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RunRio Trilogy 2010 Awards Night

Last March 1, 2011, I was a lucky blogger to be invited to the RunRio Trilogy 2010 Awards Night. The event was held in red carpet at the Decagon, Silver City in Julia Vargas, Pasig City.

I remember during the Timex Run, I believed it was a prelude to this very 1st RunRio Trilogy race. Then it became my goal to complete the three legs, with a goal of joining longer distances from each Leg. Thus I completed 10k on Leg 1, 21k on Leg 2, and the Afroman distance of 32k on the Leg 3. Then ever since November 2010, I've been waiting in patience for the announcement about when the Awards Night will be held. Unlucky as I am though, the awards would only come to those who raced and completed the longest distance in all those legs. But then I was thankful for the friends in the running/blogging scene, and for this blog which entitled me to become a part of this very first in the running scene, a generous give-back for the loyal runners from RunRio -- the Lights, Camera, Run! Awards Night of the RunRio Trilogy 2010.

Oscars for the Running Community
Need not say more about the good happenings that evening, but here's some summary for you:
  • An Oscars' like event, complete with red carpet entrance, photobooths with RunRio back drafts. Got my first photo-op with Coach Rio in coat and tie.
  • A fulfilling dinner buffet from Paul Calvin's Deli and bottom-less punch from Whacked mobile bar. Daves could agree to this as he almost didn't left the bar.
  • The Philippine All-Stars dance group gave us a mind-boggling dance moves and some blood-rising belly-giggling moves.
  • And to contrast Kowts Luis' telling that I was hypnotized, I believe he was as hypnotized as I am while Kowts Abby was busy with some girl talk with the other gals in the table.
  • The 6CycleMind band sung the RunRio Inc's theme song "Running for Love" (I wish I could relate).
  • Ms. Venuz Raj captured the hearts of many runners, young and old.
  • A revelation came out when the Emcee announced that Ms. Venuz Raj is a 1st cousin of Coach Rio Dela Cruz.
  • Bearwin Meilly also graced his attendance for the event. The bear-y man, is now a hunky runner.
  • Overflowing awards not just for the leg finishers. There was this oldest runner awards, Juvenile award, hyper-blogger award which goes to Ms. Jaymie, the hyper bull runner :) Sadly though, there was no mention for the bandit-runner award.
  • Loot bags, and loot bags. Like the RunRio races, the Awards night still got some loot bags for the Awardees after the event. Bloggers who stayed there much longer also got those leftover loots, yesss!
  • Socials, kwentuhan, pektyuran and asaran with Coach Rio as a post-awards night activity.
Whacker drinks open for all
Check out the AVP and theme song of RunRio Inc. and 2011 RunRio Race calendar below.

"Running for Love"

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Support MyRun: G4H 2011

Last year, me and some of our officemates graced the Ayala CBD on the Globe's Run for Home 2010. That race was a culmination of our "first times", where two of our officemates who were just starting to run were forced to ride the 15KM distance as they have been sponsored by our Company's partner-Company (confused? read again, lol!). I in particular, had my first 15k race on last year's Globe run for home, and it was also the first race which used the ChampionChip technology, first race to broadcast a facebook update, and the first event where singlets are made from recycled pet bottles. Aside from that, the Globe's run for home 2010 benefitted the Habitat for Humanity foundation.

This year's issue for Globe run for Home will be another great event, with the same offerings, but with much greater transformation as it will now benefit not just one, but four (4) beneficiaries altogether in a single event. As each participant registers, they get to choose whom they want to get to donate part of their registration fee among the four beneficiaries. Aside from the automatic donation as part of the registration fees, participants, friends, family members, and other people even those non-runner colleagues may also get to donate to any or all of the four beneficiaries through Globe G-Cash.

For the participants, I urge you to also let your family support your own run for this event, by donating to any of the four beneficiaries. Here's how:


Gawad Kalinga
Gawad Kalinga is building communities to end poverty through its holistic community development programs by driving a culture of caring and sharing in different sectors of society, it aims to end poverty for 5 million families by 2024.

How to Donate through G-Cash:
text DONATE [space] AMOUNT [space] MPIN [space] GK
then send to 2882

Habitat for Humanity
A nonprofit organization that serves Filipino families in need of decent homes. It brings together partners who share the same vision of transforming lives through building responsible and sustainable communities.

How to Donate through G-Cash:
text DONATE [space] AMOUNT [space] MPIN [space] HABITAT
then send to 2882

Haribon Foundation
A membership organization dedicated to the conservation of Philippine biodiversity. It aims to build a constituency for environmental issues that will prioritize conservation actions on habitats and sites, based on solid, scientific and socio-economic research.

How to Donate through G-Cash:
text DONATE [space] AMOUNT [space] MPIN [space] HARIBON
then send to 2882

Virlanie Foundation
"Is all about giving back smile to street children." For 18 years, Virlanie foundation has provided abandoned, neglected, abused and orphaned children who were found living in the streets with a home, education and the opportunity to become responsible and self-sufficient contributors to society. Through its 12 homes and 13 programs, Virlanie cares for more than 1,100 children every year.

How to Donate through G-Cash:
text DONATE [space] AMOUNT [space] MPIN [space] VIRLANIE
then send to 2882

For more information about the race, you may download the Race Mechanics or you may also shoot an email for any inquiries to: r4h [at]

Race Info: March 27, 2011.
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Registration Centers:
1. Visit R4H 2011 for online registration
Open from Feb. 21 to Mar 15, 2011.

2. On site registration at: 4F Greenbelt 3, Cinema Lobby, Ayala
Open from Feb. 28 to Mar. 20, 2011.

Running has never been this fulfilling
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On Hiatus, Blessings, Sharing, and Recuperating

Plantar fasciitis, this word was previously alien to me that I don't even bother to take a chance to learn what it means until it took a landing on my own left foot. And like a new season that's fast approaching, it seems that this kind of injury has reached its blooming days not just to me, but coincidentally, to most of the runners whom I also know in person.

As the year 2011 unfolds, I have been blessed with a lot of race schedules as early as the first month of the year. I was also able to train good a few days before my first race where I was able to hit a good podium finish together with other six:30 running buddies. Little did I know that after this first race, I'll be sitting in hibernation and in envy to all those succeeding races that have crossed my senses. It was after that race that this "plantar" thing made a good planting on my left footing, lol! Because of this, a lot of race bibs had skipped from me -- the Greentenial run, St. Jude run, my should-be second take for a 26.2 mile race at the Condura Skyway Marathon, PDI's 25 for 25, and even the phenomenal challenge of the Last Man Running.

These five races, should've been another great experience for me, but indeed, God has plans. My hiatus paved the way for other runners who were not able to register on-time but still was able to join the fun; to a runner who wanted to make the Condura Marathon his last long run in preparation for the BDM; and to an officemate who has been addictedly working seven days a week, a great chance to have a taste of running where he was able to finish strong and fast on his very first race, his very first 10K, and despite of literally zero mileage training he clocked in with an official time of 01:10:59.

The blogging events has been a great instrument not just for me but also to those people who were indirectly blessed. Thank you very much to all those people behind these invites, specially to Mommy V. you really are makulit! hehehe... :)

Staying Alive and Motivated

Keeping myself motivated, specially at times when my body has already re-adapted to non-activity, is such a challenge! There are many times during my hiatus when I no longer want to even look at any race calendars, and disable my RunningAtom facebook account. But despite this, I still want to buy a new pair of running shoes that will be of help in minimizing or help prevent the re-occurrence of my plantar problems.

What kept me sane and motivated, are the running community themselves. Those running-related community and those people who continues to race despite their similarly-related injury, or much worse than mine. During the bonding and sharing moments at the ARC Kapihan (part 1), I remember how Ms. Michelle Estuar shortly narrates how she does her trainings and when in pain from those trainings. I never knew that she was injured during the CIHM 2010 but despite that, she raced as if she has no injuries, and grabbed the title of "Queen of the Rock".

The legendary finish of the "demi-god" Wilnar in the recent BDM160 was also such a great inspiration to me. Although an Ultra-Marathon race has not yet captured my heart, reading even some short phrases about their ultra-race, and the words of encouragement from facebook spectators, are enough to re-pump my blood's heatwave in running.

Browsing and reading the blogs of other runners, treading my eyes at their very first post, and getting to know that one runner, and how or what is he right now compared to when I first knew about him as the PhotoVendo guy, was also an uplifting moment. However different his experiences from me, somehow, it lit a small motivation for me, enough to make me say "ahhh.. ganun pala yun!"

Of Coming Back

A week of being unable to run, my body would already complain. "Ngalay" at "lamig" in every part of my body... more of like signs of aging (I have and hate to admit). And how much more if I spend more than a week, specifically more than a month of not being able to run? Well I don't really know, hehehe! Luckily, there's an office-gym where I was able to make around 4 or 5 strength training sessions spanning that more than one month of being at rest from running. Though my gym schedule was irregular due to an overwhelming blogging events, I was still thankful that I was able to do such trainings.

I was able to have my come-back run-training just last Monday. The influx of visitors for the 2011 Panagbenga Festival caused shortage of buses going back to Cubao/Manila which was also a blessing in disguise for me. I was finally able to run a good distance on a rolling downhill and few uphills from Burnham Park, towards Loakan to Kennon Road, then to PMA (will post another story for this). Although I was not able to make a rehab or therapy appointment for my plantar fasciitis, it was good to feel that after more than 12 kilometers, my feet are somehow back on track. Thus, for my next big run, a 21k at the Leg 1 of the 2011 RunRio Trilogy (Run United 1) I could say... that I am not yet ready, lol! Let's see how will my race go this coming Sunday. See you there!

"Don't ever let someone tell you that you won't be the runner you were before. Only think of yourself as being better and in time you will be better because of the training you will have to do in order to be that runner you once were." - Christina Carney
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FREE Barefoot Training App

This announcement just came in. And this is for all the barefoot & iPhone enthusiasts as Merrell debuts its first free barefoot running training and education application. Also today, March 2, 2011, is the FREE Merrell Barefoot App DOWNLOAD DAY.

Time to hit those counters and do the Merrell Barefoot training, here's how:
  1. Visit the iTunes Store TODAY, March 2, 2011.
    •If you don’t have an iTunes account, you will need to open one. It is free.
  2. Search for "Merrell Barefoot". Find the Merrell Barefoot Training App. Or, use the direct link:
  3. Download the application for free, rate, and review the app.
  4. Share with your friends and family. If you don't have an iPhone or iTouch, please download the app to your iTunes account. You will be helping spread the Merrell Barefoot message.
What's with the Training and Application?

"Continuing to focus on the importance of proper running form and technique with its launch of its barefoot shoes, Merrell introduces the first-ever barefoot running training and education application for the iPhone. The free and fun application takes enthusiasts on a forty day adventure into the world of barefoot form. From posture tips, body alignment and barefoot walking, the ultimate challenge for barefoot newbies will end with a 1.5 mile barefoot run.

Barefoot enthusiasts are invited to download the free application and start the barefoot challenge. This app dovetails with Merrell’s Bareform Training Technique that incorporates proper running form, body strengthening and a flexibility regime for top condition training. For further information on technique, training and form of barefoot adventure visit Merrell’s comprehensive barefoot education site"
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