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Running For The Trees

I am proud that I have joined this event, I am proud that I was able to contribute one tree for the Ipo Dam in Norzagaray, Bulacan.

Congratulations Coach Rio

Words are not enough for me to describe how successful was the turn-out of the event. Very organized, and one of the best race ever. The booths and tents are very well strategically located to prevent the bottle necks at the finish line. Claiming of loot bags for all the race distance categories was also a breeze.

Be fast, or get burned

RunningShield is such a strong negative-splitter


I was able to beat my record on my first half-marathon at the Greenfield city, cutting-off 3 minutes of my previous time.

Though upon reaching the finish line, I thought I'd collapse and ran out of breath. My head was spinning, my chest was constricting, a few deep breathe and sudden air release comforted me enough. Another good thing was the loot bags for the 21k is just near the finish line, I was able to re-hydrate immediately. The haagen-dasz free ice cream for the 21k finishers was also superb!

Getting out of breath!

Getting near.... to collapse

At the finish line, I came across Coach Rio and he pat me on my shoulder and congratulated me. I was still somewhat "zombie" back then, and can only reply back with "Thanks Coach!". I wasn't also able to take a photo with him, since I don't have a camera with me, and my mind was really floating.

After a few moments, having rested and regained my lungs, I realized that I should have congratulated him back for having staged such a very successful and nature-minded event.

One runner = one tree

The tree planting activity is tentatively set to stage on July 3 for the first batch. I think Coach Rio will be posting an announcement on his blog when the schedule has been finalized. So for all the runners who also wants to volunteer as a tree-planter, keep posted, get involved once again, let us join the tree-planting activity, and be proud that we have been a part of Coach Rio's re-greening movement for Ipo Dam, together with Nature Valley and the DENR.

Courtesy of RunPix

Race Profile:
Distance: 21 km.
Official Time: 1:59:24
Official Ranking: 158th out of 1,547 overall finishers

Race Info:
When: May 30, 2010.
Where: Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig
Event: RunRio Trilogy Leg 2 (Nature Valley Run)

You may download the official race results here.



  2. Sub 2 half marathon man....You Kick Ass! That is superb. So, when will you be doing a sub 4 marathon bro? I bet you just raced this for the free ice cream huh? lol. Seriously, congrats on a superb kick ass job. You are such an inspiration man, especially with your back ground in being as a whole. Keep it up. The sky is the limits.

  3. BTW, it looks like you are smiling in the pics just for the ice cream huh? Congratulations! Just also to let you know, your word verification was Clopsycle! lol I wonder what that is?

  4. @Kassy, not intended to be like that. From my first 21k at the Greenfields, I've been always trying to outrun him but he keeps on popping out in just a few meters. And at the finish line, I am already way way back behind him :D

    It was nice though to have someone ahead of you who can motivate you to run faster :)

  5. @Kenley, I was aiming for a sub 1:50 for my 21k, but my right foot's telling me to stop running more than 10 miles :D

    The ice cream, I didn't realize there was free until I got mine at the finish line, hehehe!

    Thank you Sir Kenley if you find me inspiring, but let me tell you that I'm a fan of you also. You have much greater dedication to running much more than I do. I'm slacking a lot of times, that's why my foot's suffering.

    And oh, I am not smiling, I was wide-opening my mouth for oxygen, hahaha! Clopsycle, let's find a meaning for that :D

  6. love that w the running shield and congrats on your sub 2

  7. @James, thanks.. hope to join you in one of your journeys sometime soon ;)


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