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Running "Homewards" - A First Time

A day after my first 3k race at the BDO Race for Life where I topped the BDO Friend category, I've laced up my running shoe for another challenge, a new race distance challenge for my feet. This is all for the preparation for my upcoming Dream Marathon on May 22, 2010.

Having completed a total of sixteen (16) 10K's, three (3) 5K's, and one (1) 3K race distances ever since I got back into running on August 2008, I thought it's already time for me to take my running career a step higher. With the encouragement of some of our running-blogger friends, and office mates, I finally decided to increase my mileage instead of staying put on 10K races. So, the Globe Run for Home was my first 15 kilometer (9.375 miles) race, my first attempt also to conquer my "fear" with distance ever since I cramped and failed on my first half-marathon attempt on February 2000.

Running Homewards

The registration option of Globe also did a good job in encouraging me to opt for the 15k distance category. I chose to register by buying a Globe Tattoo Broadband stick which costs Php 895.00, which in return, I automatically get registered into the race for FREE. The original registration fee without the Globe broadband stick however, is just Php 700.00.

Going about the race as best as I could remember (that was already four weeks past), the experience of this first time is superb. It did another kind of runner's high to me during the race and upon reaching the finish line. So let me itemize some of my race experience highlights that are still stored in my memory lane.

Singlet - For the first time of those running shirts that I have collected so far, I think this is the only race (yet) that used recyclable pet bottles to create this beautiful, dri-fit shirt. I can't even believe that someone was able to think of a way on how to give these pet bottles a long-term re-usability purpose.

Three pet bottles for a singlet.

Marshals - For the first time also in a running event, the Marshals that flocked the starting lines are big bodied Johnny Bravos, wearing maong pants in pink t-shirts with two to three big pink balloons on each of their backs. That's cute right? However, I think the marshals thought that they were still in the front doors of the night bars with the way they talked to the runners. Or maybe they have succeeded in bulking up their bodies for intimidation purposes.

Hold it right there runner!

Race Route - For the first time also in my running life, it was another great first experience on this first 15K that I have ran in Makati CBD (Central Business District), with the starting line along Ayala Ave., just a few meters away from Makati Ave. I was awed when we entered the underway of a hotel that's supposed to be the drive way of cars going to the parking lot of the said building. The Buendia flyover was a plus for the route. Aside from the McKinley Hills, this is my favorite 1.5 kilometer spot in my races at the Fort since it gives me a feeling of being on top of the traffic and vehicles of EDSA. You may check out the full race route here.

Wet Stations - Another first time in my running life that I experienced the cooling effect of a cold sponge in my face and my back. It has definitely helped in taking off the heat of my "engine" from the 7th kilometer up to the finish line. Hydra stations are also well enough even with the El Niño already drying up our water reservoirs. It helped me conserve my own 500ml quencher up to the last three to four kilometers of the route.

Photovendo helps in determining our running form during a race

Technology - Well, of course, this is another first in the technology of running. Runners get to experience a live update on their facebook account as they cross the starting and finish line with the aid of the timing chip. Though my facebook account did not get it's live update, I still applaud this kind of technology innovation in this running event. It really is a first, and deserves a big thumb's up! Oh, and I heard there was also a live stream of the event that was broadcasted somewhere (web or TV?)!

Timing chip provides good and accurate race information.

So those are my firsts among the first in my first attempt for the 15K distance. There are still a lot of things that I could salute about, such as the PhotoVendo, distance and kilometer markers, the overflowing Powerade, and of course, the main beneficiary of the event - the Habitat for Humanity. Although even I still don't have our own house to dwell with, I am happy that somehow, in a little way, I was able to impart and contribute to those people who really needs more help with housing problems - those people who are more than in need than me!

with Kassy's friends

Race Profile:
Distance: 15 km.
Official Time: 01:17:52
Official Ranking: 19th out of 733 overall 15k runners

Race Info:
When: Mar. 21, 2010.
Where: Ayala Triangle/Makati CBD
Event: Globe Run for Home 2010

You may now download the official race results.

 Kawawa naman si Manong


  1. Congratulations Pedz!

    1. for another superb race
    2. for your first 15K
    3. for being able to blog after the longest time
    4. for remembering all those details

    Talagang pinost mo pa si Manong, he he he..

  2. hahaha, Madz, ngayon ko lang napagtanto, na un mga ideas mostly hindi tlaga agad pumapasok until I start writing about it.

  3. Correct Pedz! Start writing, and let your hands do the rest of the work :)

  4. Congratulations (sounding like the lady on Wowowee, lol) on your 15k. That time is freaking amazing and you placed 19, wow!!! Superb job on the race recap. I enjoyed reading it. As Madz says, congrats on also being able to blog after the longest time. I Was wondering when you were going to get around to it. lol. May 22nd is the big day. I wish you the best in your training. You have my full support, as limited as it may be. Keep us posted on how your training is coming along. They do not have races like that here in the states. I am envious. lol Take care and God Bless.

  5. Hi Sir Kenley. Wow, so your fave filipino show is Wowowee, hehehe. Thanks again for the visit and comment on this post. Yeap, I really don't understand myself too why I have suddenly felt lazy in blogging about my race. Right now, I still have more than 5 pending topics to blog about. And on top of that, I was not able to blog-hop too, hehehe...

    Thanks for your advance support for my upcoming Dream Marathon. Now I think I am more than prepared emotionally for the said event, lol!

  6. You got it Runner. I think being prepared emotionally is as important as being physically prepared. I love to read your posts man. It's hard to find blog sites that you actually enjoy. You filipinos sure have it nailed down, as they are interesting and funny, and serious too. lol. Feel free to visit my site to catch up on recent posts, and I will do the same with yours. Also, if you have an article you would like to share on my site, let me know. Something about running in the PH or something. Wowoweeee. yes, its one of my fave PH shows, I like that cash bucash game. Were they win whatever is in the thingy, like a comb or feather duster. lol. over 35,000 php or something.


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