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Unilab Running Clinic - Day 4

Target Mileage: 8 to 8.5 kilometers

  1. 2km to 2.5km warm-up run (or 5 to 7.5 laps run at own phase)
    • 5-minutes recovery
  2. Run drills (or Dynamic exercises)
    • knee-to-chest one-leg walk-stretch
    • quadriceps walk-stretch
    • horizontal back-front swing to one-leg balance
    • side bend lunges
    • knee-high run
    • knee-high with back-pedal run
    • side-by-side hips run
    • russian march
    • long strides
  3. Workout run (80%-85% of maximum running speed)
    • 3-sets of 5x400m per lap (1-min recovery each lap & 5-min recovery each set)
  4. Cooldown Stretching, which includes:
    • arm stretch
    • hip stretch
    • knee-to-chest one-leg stretch
    • quadriceps stretch
    • side lunges
    • hip flexor stretch
    • half-lunge stretch
    • full/deep lunge stretch
*Fastest 400m-lap workout: 00:01:29

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  1. Pedz, mas maganda 'yung cooldown namin kesa sa inyo :P

  2. oo nga Madz, yoga stretching ginawa nyo, kaso dko nakita lahat kaya di ko ma-i-post :(
    share mo naman ung mga ginawa nyo...


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