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... takes a lot of gut!

Nakatulog ka na ba sa gilid ng kalsada?
As the month of December ends, I took some final strides of training in my hometown, but this time, not to reminisce my olden days of runnings on the same olden routes. The less-ran route, and unfamiliar roads were my sanctuary training destinations. And as I traverse these new routes, the memories from all my great adventure runs of 2010 inspired me to do more.

So let me share to you the following new destinations of my trainings before the year 2010 has ended.

The stairs of Lourdes Grotto. Photo from
* Step Up - A Vertical run inspired route: 2 laps at the more than 250 steps of Lourdes Grotto.
I think most of the people is familiar with this place, so you won't have problems getting there. But if not, you may just ride a cab and tell the driver to drop you at the Lourdes Grotto, or ride from the jeepney terminal at the market going to Dominican.
What's Interesting? A great test of leg and lung strength and endurance; Fresh air would fill your lungs as it explodes; You'll be reminded to communicate with the One up above.
Mirador Jesuit Villas. Photo from
* Peaceful Mirador Hill - 2 laps of approx. 2km. route of Dominican Hill going up to the Mirador Jesuit Villas. If you aim for more challenge, you may combine this hill workout with the stairs workout of Lourdes grotto. A type of circuit training. (I didn't dare try it though, yet, hopefully next time!)
What's Interesting? The silence in the morning; Sweet singing birds; The scenic view of Baguio; Thin and fresh air at top; Great route for hills training.
A farther route from Baguio to the Strawberry fields of La Trinidad
* Long and Winding Road - 13 kilometers of long and winding hills of Tacay road (Quezon Hill, Baguio City) going to Long-long road, and sprouting out at Km. 6 of Pico (La Trinidad, Benguet).
How to get there: coming from Lourdes Grotto, the adjacent mountain is Quezon Hill. You can start your warm up from Dominican going up to Quezon Hill road 2, or ride from the jeepney terminal at the market going to Upper Quezon Hill.
What's Interesting? Un-polluted and less travelled route; Curious cows on the road-side; Stray peacocks and goats; road landslides; Joy run on the first half; test of will and gut on the second half.
The roads of Quezon Hill to Irisan Route
* All Down, Then Up - 6 kilometers of mild downward route at Naguillian road going to Km. 7 Irisan, and a 6 kilometer upward route going back to Quezon Hill.
You may opt to start anywhere from the City, Burnham Park, Dominican or Quezon Hill. So how to get there? You already know!
What's Interesting? The scenic view of the Baguio Cemetery; Running beside the cliffs of Naguillian Road; Racing with the mini-buses and jeepneys; Downhills on the first half, what would you expect on the second half?


  1. isama mo ako dyan next time ha!
    i like this:
    "but this time, not to reminisce my olden days of runnings on the same olden routes. The less-ran route, and unfamiliar roads were my sanctuary training destinations."

  2. @James, sige... sched tayo ng April :)

  3. magandang puntahan ang baguio..i hope makapunta ako diyan balang araw..

  4. @Arvin, yes indeed. Puwede ka bumyahe dun kahit one-two days lang. :)

  5. yung Mirador Jesuits Villas parang hindi ko pa nakkta un looks nice, nice routes might join Baguio21k on april kesa umattend ng company outing namin...

  6. @Ishi, hindi ko pa rin nakikita ung spot na yun ng Jesuit Villas, hanggang dun lang kasi naabot ko sa may gate, nahihiya akong tumuloy eh :)

  7. Sir ako din po, sama pag umakyat po kayo...gusto ko ding maexperience yung step u sa Lourdes grotto pati yung pagtuog sa gilid ng kalsada ^^, let me know po if pwedeng sumama kami ng friend ko sa April.thanks!

  8. @Maki, sure you are welcome. But I discourage sleeping on the street sides of Baguio. Sa kabila kasi nun, bangin na, at deretso sa Baguio Cemetery, hehehe.

    Our April schedule actually is a running event which will be held on April 10, the Baguio 21k Run. You may get in touch with our running group (search for six:30 running group in FB) so you could get info pag once we get to post our plans. Or, you may also drop me a mail (email address can be found on my About page).

    Happy Running Maki :)


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