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A Heart For You Beats High

Image courtesy of Horvath

What mattereth in a calm heart,
that from you I cannot depart?
A genial feeling overpowereth my smart,
like a tranquil beauty of a portrayed art.

What ariseth in a sleeping heart,
that you had always been a part?
A life filled with happiness, joy, and mirth,
seemeth to me that I am in a new birth;

What hath thou doest to me,
that I have such love to thee?
A weak heart doth jumpeth with glee,
like a bird in mighty doth flee!

Background: 04Nov1998 @ 1029a, the poem's title was derived from the last verse of Rizal's poem entitled "To Josephine" which reads "late por ti un Corazon" in spanish. This poem was inspired by one silent lady whom I have fallen in love with back in my College days (aherm!).


  1. Pedz, parang shy type ka noong nag-aaral ka no?

    BTW, sinadya mo ba ang posting date and time? 10/20/2010 10:10?

  2. @Madz, hindi ako shy type noon, torpe lang talaga, hahaha!

    post date? secret ;)

  3. Oo Pedz, TORPE ka, TORPEEEEEEE!!!!

    Dapat ung post date 10/20/2010 10:20:10 :D


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