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Team Lactacyd by RA

When I heard about this one of a kind event, I just suddenly felt an inner excitement, even though I know that I may not be able to join this race since it is an all-women running event.

Woman Power

Upon knowing more about the details from their website, I suddenly thought of the girls from the office, neighbors, and friends whom I could encourage to join. Then for a second, I felt the urge of forming a team of four determined ladies who would like to run, and for me to sponsor forty-percent (40%) of their registration fee (excluding delivery charges, if any). There's nothing in it for me I know, but what I have in mind is with this little generosity, I might be able to encourage more women to start living a healthy lifestyle through running. So the team must compose of at least one newbie runner for the last 3k relay.

For now, I don't know if I would pursue with this idea. Maybe it would depend on my readers (if any) and followers (if there is). So, if there are anyone out there interested, you might want to inspire me more, and help me in forming a team, so just drop me a message (My contact info. is at my About page).

(P.S. I don't know if I am still having a TBR DM hang-over, LOL!)


  1. This is very kind of you for even mentioning the idea. Getting in touch with your feminine side, huh? Just kidding.......Seriously, I think that this is a great opportunity for you to get females together for this. and 3k should not be hard to train. Good luck and best wishes in this venue.

  2. I love the idea of the relay. But joining the run [10k for me, or I can still even run the last 3k if needed], would mean leaving the love of my life behind [taking pictures of me]. That's great and selfish. So, I'd rather join the Ace Hardware Run.

  3. hmmmm...can I join?..hehehe..
    Congrats Marathoner Pedz!!! miss you and Madz in our UP na lang ako nag run, alone, hehehe ..kitakits sa Nature Valley! ^-^

  4. GAME AKO DYAN! Im encouraging joko and another friend of ours ( both newbies) to hop in!

    oh sponsor us? alika na!! :)

  5. @ maan, kakahiya kasing mag join sa team, slow runner lang ako, newbie ba, hehe (compare sa inyo, wahhhhh)..pede ba ako sa 3K? kaso kakauwi ko lang nyan from Cebu, kayanin ko kaya, hehehe...^-^
    @madz, naka register na kayo sa Ace Hardware Run?..:)

  6. i'm cool with this. how much will be my share?

  7. I think it's just your hang-over. If ever you are going for this idea, leave me out of it.Those who knows me, you know why.... :P

  8. @juvy, miss you too. Hindi na rin ako nakakapag-aNR. May inaasikaso lang na mas importanteng bagay kesa takbo, ha ha ha. Lie low muna ako :)

    Not yet registered sa ACE pero will be running there instead of Lactacyd. Next run ko is this Sunday, Walk the World, register ka na sa Travel Club, Trinoma :) It would be fun.

  9. Team "Le Femme RunningAtom" is now officially joining the event on Sunday. Watch out for them on the road.

    Team Composed by:
    10k Runner - Cheryl Bello
    5k Runner - Sara Mendoza
    3k Runner - Kassy Pajarillo
    and our newbie runner for the final 3k - Mia Bayuga


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