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EDR Run Against the Elements

(A super late post!)

A few months after one of the most devastating natural catastrophe from the tropical depression 'Ondoy', Fox Entertainment Group, together with National Geographic Channel, and Design Against the Elements (DAtE), successfully launched their first ever Earth Day Run last April 18, 2010.

The NatGeo EDR 2010, as I have mentioned in my other blog, aims to raise funds for the "building of affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and disaster-resistant model houses that can withstand environmental calamities." The event's success was due to the support of almost 3,500 runners at the grounds of the SM Mall of Asia.

The race was not for me, it is for the next generation

For the record, this was the only race that I have not particularly aimed for a PR or a nice finish. I just wanted to run, have fun, support the goal and aim of the event, get to know more runners and bloggers alike, and finish injury-free. Injury-free because I already have some minor pains from my first trail run event a day before. Thus, I was running during the NatGeo run with some fresh scratch wounds on my legs, muscle, and lower back pains.

Let's love Mother Earth

Me, MinnieRunner, and CaptainRunner arrived almost late on the event. Luckily I don't have any baggage to be deposited at the baggage counter so I was able to join the flock just a few seconds before the gun start for the 10k runners fired-off. The route though seemed too long for me as I get near the finish line, that I started to get bored while running. Upon reaching the finish line, I went straight to the hydration stations and started to pile up with other runners for the free photo booths. And in a few moments, our group met up with Kassy, Timmy, Trick, our sponsors from Agatep (Ms. Nicole, Glaiza, and two other gals whom I forgot to get the names), and some of the bloggers that we've also met at the NatGeo Chat: Yobs, Nicely, and Mekinudol.

Our Agatep friends

So there, all my aims for this race has been completed. I was able to finish the race and help achieve NatGeo's and DAtE's main goal; finish injury-free (or should I say, finish with no additional injuries); and meet more runners/bloggers.

Co-runner-blogger friends

After some photo ops with our co-runners/bloggers, we've enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast from Tapa King, courtesy of Agatep.

Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Time: 00:52:58
Official Ranking: 56th out of 1,137 overall 10k finishers

Race Info:
When: Apr. 18, 2010.
Where: SM Mall of Asia
Event: NatGeo Earth Day Run 2010


  1. wow! mamaw ka talaga!..Congrats! Goodluck sa TBR Marathon..Keep safe! ^-^

  2. Great Job on the run. Not a bad time. Though for a great cause, I understand the whole "just finishing" and just having a good time of running. I believe some races should be fun runs every now and then, that way you don't become to serious like straight face runner all the time. Depends on the cause too. A post is never to late to post, btw. Take care and God Bless bro!

  3. @Juvy, not a mamaw at all, si Kowts Luis Mamaw sa event na yan :) Kinakabahan na ako for the TBR Marathon :}

    @Sir Kenley, haha, I got to imagine what you mentioned about serious-straight-faced runners, I think I became like that in some of my races, lol! But my first full Mary on May22 is keeping me nervous for a few days now. I'm already feeling the way how I felt when I had my first fun run participation more than a decade ago! :)

  4. Hindi ka pa nag-aim ng lagay na 'yan ha. Paano ka nagkaroon ng picture? Bakit hindi mo kami isinama? Daya.

  5. @Minnie, I just aimed na maka-habol sa gun-start, the rest, hindi na :) hehe.. picture? tagal nyo kc eh :p


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