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Earth Day at Session Road

 Session Rd. was closed for Earth Day

Earth Day has been actively campaigned in the U.S. thirty years ago, but it seems that here in the Philippines, the importance of Earth day and nature campaigns has just started a few years back. I think one of the things that caught the attention of almost all of the Filipinos about the consequences of environmental degradation was the flooding caused by heavy storms such as the tropical depression 'Ondoy' (Ketsana). And after this devastating event, earth and nature-related campaigns began to circulate in the attention and ears of every Citizen.

Save Mother Earth

As part of the observance for the awareness about our mother Earth, different campaigns have emerged to fully spread the inspiration and appreciation of our only planet. It comes from Earth Hour which just started in 2007 and being observed every last Saturday of March from 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM; Earth Week which started since 1988 and is celebrated from April 16 and culminates on April 22 - the celebration of Earth Day.

This same day, was my Dad's last day of being with us - his family. His spiritual body left on April 16, and his physical body peacefully went back to it's soil form as the celebration of Earth Day begins - April 22.

This day have been so memorable to me in every way! It was also then when I realized the saying "some leaves fall, for the new leaf to grow."

An artistic way of recycling

Check out the following photos I have taken while walking at the Session Road, Baguio City as the road was closed from the traffic for the whole day. People of all ages took part in expressing their love for mother earth by sketching, drawing, writing, playing musics, and even displaying their proud art from recycled materials along the stretch of the Session Road in both lanes.


  1. Love that note, "Mother Earth, You're All I've Got"

  2. love that too :)
    may isa pa ako nagustuhan, kaso hndi ko mai-post, nagfe-fail.. nahihiya siguro :D

  3. Baka masyado malaki ang file size. Or baka dahil walang permit sa may-ari ng paa? he he he..

  4. ngee, bakit naman paa? wala nang paa ung photo na gusto ko, hehehe!

  5. Akala ko kasi may paa din eh, har har har..


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