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Unilab Running Clinic - Day 5

Our group wasn't able to attend the fifth day of the running clinic due to several reasons. MinnieRunner was feeling lazy because she already felt overwhelmed by the continuous twice a week training; ChickenLegSaga (or BanditRunner) have a deadline to finish; While I, attended a product launching seminar at Makati. It was supposed to be a Tempo run training at the Unilab grounds in Mandaluyong.

Give your best of endurance

Fortunately, Coach Jo-ar still informed me last night about the Tempo run training that they did. And here's what I got:

Target Mileage: 9 kilometers

  1. 2km warm-up run (or 5 laps run at own phase)
    • 5-minutes recovery
  2. Dynamic Exercises
  3. Workout run (70%-75% of maximum running speed)
    • 7 kilometer of continuous relaxed run (no rest/recovery period)
  4. Cooldown Stretching
I figured that the dynamic exercises and cooldown stretching is also the same or combination of those that was already done on the previous days of running clinic.

To know more about Tempo running, read the article at Runner's World.

Here's the link for the previous and last 2 days of running clinic sessions:
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  1. Ako na naman ang dinahilan mo, hmph. Honestly, I am overwhelmed, and I still need to have enough sleep. I cannot run with just a little sleep, I am feeling dizzy and my head aches.

    It was so nice of Coach JoAr, crush ko na siya, LOL!

    Wow, 7K non-stop, I cannot imagine myself surpassing such :(

  2. dahilan mo lang naman ung idinahilan ko :p

    read mo about Tempo run. It's a beautiful training, sayang di ako naka-attend :(

  3. I noticed the graphics on this post...same arm, same leg? hehe! hirap nun ah =)

  4. oh, hahaha... that's a wrong running position Ms. Julie, you know that :D

  5. I'm still not into running fever now RunningAtom. Purefoods get in the way. I'm in the hype! Magchachampion na sila :D

    Ikaw nalang magbasa, tapos i-train mo nalang ako sa UP Friday runs natin.


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