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Race for Life, A Podium Finish

I am not a usual competitive runner. I lack enough confidence and self-push to reach my limit and go beyond. Whenever I get to know my average performance, I just stop there, and I never push myself anymore. That also applies to my physical activities such as running.

Almost Sleepless Runners at Patio Jose

I have already joined a number of 5k and 10k races, and whenever I hear the finish time of the winners in any event, I can't help but to keep my mouth open and wonder in amazement how could these people run as fast as 3 min/km. And although I keep on hearing the same average finish times, and the same set of winners from the previous races, I still get so struck with their achievements. Then all I can think about is “I can only reach this far” or “I can never be in that podium, ever”!

But sometimes, it is not just hardwork and trainings that pays off. It's also with the proper analyzing of what might, and what might not! I have thought that in running, sometimes you have to join the smaller events to have a bigger chance of winning a place. So when MinnieRunner and her cousin told us about the BDO Race for Life 2010, I did not hesitate to join. We have first came to know about the BDO race before the Globe run for home. So although I know that on the next day, there will surely be a bigger running event that might take place, we still opted to join this event.

BDO Race for Life only have 2 race distances – 3 kilometer and 6 kilometer. But there will be more than top 3 winners since there are per category winners. The winners were sub-categorized into gender, age, affiliation (BDO or non-BDO), and the BDO friend category. Aside from that, only BDO employees, clients, and friends can join the event. So that has cut-off another big percentage of should-be participants. Luckily, MinnieRunner's cousin (Irish) work for BDO, and that's why we got the chance to participate.

In contrast, preparation is still a must as with any running event and other physical sports. My own training before this event lasted for only around 2 weeks. One week of core strengthening and balancing as what I have learned from our previous TBR Bull Circle; and the other week was spent on practice runs that totalled around 6 kilometers each. Breaking it down, I did 3k warm-up, and another 3k for the fast or tempo run to measure my speed and time limit for this distance. Well, after a few days of training, my speed did not improve of course with that kind of training, but at least my endurance did well to last a faster than usual run for the 3k distance in less than 13 minutes.

Our BDO friends, thanks to you :)

So here comes the race. Me, MinnieRunner, and ProgRunner just came from an almost sleepless night since we still joined our departmental outing. I have almost lost my hope that we could still make it to the race since we've only slept for around 3 to 3.5 hours. Before the race started, I warmed-up for around 20 minutes slow, constant run around MOA to lighten up my body, and start off my “internal engine”. Afterwhich, we've already assembled at the starting line. The pre-race program/introduction of the race organizer did not appeal us though (read something about it here) so I just concentrated on having a good run at my full capacity without expecting a good race turn-out. So as the race started, I tried to relax while keeping my form and speed maintained. A lot of people are so excited which have almost affected my adrenaline. At around 1km distance, I have already overtook some runners with the BaldRunner participant already way ahead of me. But at the same time, a girl kid running with his Coach passed me by, which also served as my target pacer. The girl's really awesome, she's fast, she can maintain her speed, as well as her runing form. I could have already gave up 800 meters before the finish line if not because of this strong kid. She inspired me from the moment she passed me by, until she reached the finish line, where she finished a few meters ahead of me.

On the finish line, I asked the runners who finished ahead if they got to know their place, one guy replied “I think I only got the 4th place”. So judging on his reply, and my estimate about his age, we have raced on the same category, which, on my analyzation, I have no longer got the chance to be on the top finisher.

We are already about to go home, when MinnieRunner told us to just wait until the winners are announced for I might had the chance of winning on the other categories. So what have been the turn-out?

1st Place - BDO Friend 21 year old/above Category

Race Profile:
Distance: 3 km.
Official Time: 00:13:52
Official Ranking: 11th out of 250 overall 3k runners

Race Info:
When: Mar. 20, 2010.
Where: MOA, Seaside
Event: BDO Race for Life 2010

You may now download the official race results.


  1. WHAT?! You were able to sleep for 3 - 3.5 hours? Paano? Bakit ako hindi nakatulog?

    Anyhow, CONGRATULATIONS Pedz! You deserve it.

    C'mon, do the half mary at Laguna!

  2. Congratulations! I do not know for sure how long you have been running total, but 7:30 pace is really good. As far as being a competitive runner, Do NOT let it bother you. You do the best that YOU can do, and that is good enough. If you start with this attitude, and concentrate on your running, then the races and competitiveness will follow. NEVER compare your stats to some one else. As far as your sleep, that could have effected your performance, but dont worry about that either. Sometimes, before my 16-18 km runs, I get 2 hours of sleep. Hang in there! Your time will come, as I am learning, this is a sport where you must be patient. COngrats again, and looks like you had a great time with friends. That is something I can not wait for. I tried a running group once, and every one was very aloof and unfriendly and just concerned with themselves. Ok, Ill stop ranting now. Train hard and rest easy. Oh, the word verification - flabby - lol Mabuhay from the states!

  3. Running Atom,
    Thanks for visiting my site as well and your recent comment. Running ultras is not for every one. It is my goal, but who knows in the future? Group runs interest me. I tried some running clubs here, but have had bad experience with them. I hope I have better experience in the PH. have a good weekend. Mabuhay!

  4. Congrats! That's a very nice trophy =)

  5. ayos! congrats running atom, galing.parang nakita kita nung TBR session, nasa faster pacing ka lang

  6. Hi Running Atom -congrats! Nice recap! You deserve it!


  7. @Minnie, Yeap I was able to, hndi ka ba? kawawa...

    @Kassy, tyamba lang, wla mga hardcores :D

    @Kenley thanks for good and kind advise, I'd be taking note of that. I've learned also that I really must not compare my stats w/others, it'll just stress me out :D When you come here in PH and join the running groups, you will surely enjoy your every run and gain lots of friends each session. ;)

    @tin, thanks, naka-tyamba lang po :)

    @James, late ako dumating sa TBR session natin, ung last round nlng nasalihan ko, hehehe...

    @Joy thanks for the visit po and nice meeting you on our last circle. See you again next time ;)

  8. Yup! Hindi. Nakapikit lang ako, pero gising pa rin ako :(


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