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An Inviting Trail: The North Face 100

Last December, I had a short hike on the Yellow Trail at Scout Barrio, Baguio City.  I had the company of a good old friend then.  We used to climb mountains back when we were still in College and the first memorable climb that we had was at Mt. Kabuyao (more commonly known to unfamiliar ones as Mt. Sto. Tomas). It is the mountain where you can see from almost anywhere in Baguio the two big radars left during the American occupation. (Here's a trivia: These two radar keeps Baguio's climate cool, indeed it is the centralized aircon in Baguio, lol, just kidding!).

One of our favorite trail track at Country Club

Jaymark and I enjoyed the short trail that we have traversed, and in some way, I am looking forward at doing such activity again in my hometown.  Well, opportunity is great that The North Face is challenging everyone to join their trail running, connecting the unexplored trails of Camp John Hay, PMA grounds, Mt. Sto. Tomas, Tuba, and Burnham Park this coming April 24-25, 2010. As their advertisement goes:
Define your personal limits 6,000++ ft above sea level! Join The North Face 100 in Baguio-Benguet. Visit:

I know I had been successful in achieving something in the running events that I have joined: I have overcomed my Asthma; Been defeating my own PRs; Won in the raffle prizes; and just lately, I was able to garner a Championship place at a race category. However, TNF100 is another thing. You will not be running on the usual road; but you will be welcoming your feet in the gnarly paths, knife ridges, and treacherous mountain trails. Definitely, a very challenging trail run for me and for the runners of all sort.

I had a sneak of what is to happen in their TVC.  The video is really inviting. Shall I join 11K (a comfort zone for me), or shall I level up to 22K?  More so, am I going to lose my sanity and join 50K or 100K?  This is Asia’s 1st Trail Running Ultra Marathon series to Baguio-Benguet.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it guarantees to be the longest, most thrilling test  of our endurance. And it is even more wonderful for it will be held in the city where I grew up. Shall I see you there?


  1. Naalala ko na naman na hindi mo ako sinama sa Yellow Trail adventure mo, hmph! Sama ako diyan!

  2. It is really exciting, though I know I’m really pushing myself to the limit . I registered without any training and not running regularly. I just have the determination and really wanted to go in Baguio, hehehe. Sali na kasi kayo..:)

  3. NAIINGGIT AKO!!!! Dream ko yan Northface na yan last year pa.. di parin ako ready! hay shiet.

    I hate plantar pain! :(

    pero sama ako sama ako sama ako!

  4. @Minnie, wla ka nun sa Baguio kaya di ka nakasama :p

    @Jhuvy, it's really exciting, love that kind of challenge, pero I'm not yet technically & mentally prepared :D

    @Kass, let's get ready for next year. Kaso baka mas malayong lugar na un next TNF :)

  5. This is a one-of-a-kind running event.

  6. proud of you guys...good luck on the next event....:)
    this is more challenging....looking forward to see the photos soon....:)

  7. Running Atom,

    I enjoyed reading this post so much, I want to be there, maybe some day. After all, I do plan on moving there. Trail Running and Ultras is where I see myself in a year or two. This year I will complete a 21k and 42k. I figured those will get me started. I wish you the best in your training. May God bless and keep you from harm and give you strength and endurance.

  8. @Captain, definitely it is... :)

    @Dhemz, I wish you could also join us sometime.

    @Kenley, thanks for your regular visit and reading my posts. It's good that you've planned to move here in our Country, that way we could run together with the running groups here. Ultra, oh boy, I still don't want to join ultras, I think I'll be staying until full-mary distances only, and trail runs.

  9. Nice trail picture there! What country club is this located?

  10. Hi Sir Rene, the Country Club is the Baguio Country Club itself, the trail on the photo is at the far south end of Camp John Hay.


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