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Condura 2010 - A Dissatisfying PR

The Condura Run 2010 dubbed "Run for the Dolphins" marked its 3rd successful running event, and with its very first full-marathon along the Skyway. That's such an inviting route that I even thought of joining the 21k after our registration.

Few days before the event started, Condura released an Advisory and race pack redemption guidelines. After reading it, me and MinnieRunner had some commentaries about the way the race organizers planned the whole thing. Well, it can't be helped since we've already experienced some terrible run expositions which mimics the types of what Condura announced. Luckily enough, they proved us wrong by having a well organized event (for me, and only according to my own observation) during and after the race.

There are two thumbs down though for me for the 10k category: first, there were no distance markers except for the last kilometer and the U-turn which signifies that we have already reached the half-way; and second, the way along Buendia bridge is so dark (it adds up more excitement for me though). There are other down points on the race as reviewed by TBR and MinnieRunner which you can read on their blog links.

Pre-race Fireworks

Aside from these, I commend the organizers and Condura, as well as all the volunteers (even, I heard, had their aid-station too for the 21k and 42k runners) for making the event a great run, besides having 8,500 runners plus other non-runners who flocked with their runner friends and relatives. The race result was even released only one day after the event with near-to-accurate results though they have not used a timing chip. The giveaways, specially from Selecta ice cream were overflowing too, making us cool up to the end of the program (I managed to eat three ice cream sticks for the first time :p ).

For my goal of setting a new PR of sub-50, or even beating the Piolo-PR (sub-Piolo goal), I think I need to re-train and re-assess my runnings. I have relaxed too much during the first half, maintaining a slower-pace compared to my previous runs. I was trying to reserve more energy for my second half (the negative split), not knowing that I have already laxed too much. At the U-turn, my half-split recorded a 0:28:xx time. Then I gave my full after the half-split, with my timer set to alarm after every 5 minutes for me to adjust my speed from fast-to-normal pacing. The second-half registered a 0:23:xx time, thus giving me a total of 0:51:24 PR for the full 10k. What really dismayed me with this PR was because at the previous 2010 PSE Bull Run, I have already attained my second sub-50. So I expected that I could again attain a much lower sub-50 since I have been training more regularly. Seeing my rank on the race results as one of the top-60 finishers made me regret more about my performance. I know I could have done more, I could've pushed myself after a 10 to 15 minute or 3k to 4k blue-zone run. It's all done anyway, and at least I've learned more this time.

Timmy, Runaholic, and Trick

After claiming our medals, and after some lining at the different booths and tents for the give aways, here comes my much awaited moment -- meeting Runaholic (or Kassy) in person. We were supposed to meet each other before the gun-start, but due to parking space problems, we just settled in meeting up after the race. I enjoyed our few minutes of chatting together with her two friends. I thought I won't be able to talk much because I was a total stranger among them, and my other colleagues weren't there to support me, hahaha! Ok, for the record, Runaholic was the first blogger-runner that I met, kudos, you should treat me sometime Kassy (wink)!

Before going home, we were able to get to meet other famous runners/bloggers such as Coach Rio who zoomed right beside me near the Finish line thereby practically eating his dust; Ms. Jaymie, the lady behind the very successful TBR Mag; and the joyful and funny host of "Ang Pinaka" - Mr. Rovilson Fernandez.

You may download the race results below:
3k     5k     10k     21k     42k

Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Time: 00:51:24
Official Ranking: 54th out of 2,110

Race Info:
When: Feb. 7, 2010.
Where: Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Event: Condura Run 2010 - Run For The Dolphins

More photos:
The fireworks before the gun-start of each race category

Me, Runaholic, and Trick

One, two, smi... oooppsss, sorry Mish :p

with Ms. Jaymie (The Bull Runner)

More photos in my Facebook Album.


  1. you didnt post our photos together! :) it was great meeting you too.. naks privileged naman ako na im your first blogger friend met in flesh nukks!!

    i want to meet coach rio :)

    lets see each other again, yes? :) here's to more running events!!

  2. oh sorry Kassy, I was about to upload the other photos at the end of the blog but my Cousin arrived and pulled me out from my "salong-pwet", hehehe, I'm uploading it now!

    Yeap we should meet each other again, remember, you'll have to treat me, yes? :D

  3. Sir Alfred, please don't be disappointed with your time, it looks good! Keep on training and you'll beat Piolo's time soon. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the advise Sir Natz. Well after 2 days, I think I was able to move on already, hehehe...

    see you at Century Run. :)

  5. The race result was even released only one day after the event with near-to-accurate results though they have not used a timing chip.

    Well, I guess that statement only applies to the FIRST 60 runners that crossed the finish line. You know how much disappointed and frustrated am I right?

    @kassy, I'll do the privilege of meeting Coach Rio, 'wag ka na, LOL! Sama ako sa treat, ha ha ha..

  6. RunningAtom, congratulations for ranking 54th :)

    Uy, ang word verification ko LOuRA :D

  7. @Minnie, that's why I said "near-to-accurate", hehehe... don't be disappointed na... move on na rin tulad ko :D

    We'll be having our next big race on the 21st, time for us to aim for a newer goal and PR. Let's show them what we really got!

  8. I do hope for a new PR RunningAtom :)

  9. mish maravilla-quirolgicoFeb 14, 2010, 12:13:00 AM

    hi there running atom, it was fun browsing your site, really :) and like you i love running. by the way, let me informally introduce myself, yup it's me, mish quirolgico and as luck would have it, i saw my nonchalant self after running 10 km unapologetically ruined a could- have-been great photo of you and your friends last condura run. I'm really SORRY for that :) i just couldn't hold my bladder at that time. by the way, i started running october of last year, a year after i gave birth to my first child. after i did my first 5km, i know i'm hooked, and running has really helped me get back in shape. now i'm doin 10 km, i'm running and workin on it though and my goal to do a sub-2 21k and a marathon (i love daydreaming), hopefully :) anyhow, running blogs have been a constant inspiration to all running enthusiasts and lurkers like me lol :) it's fun to meet people who share the same passion. life is full of surprises, indeed. :)

  10. hi there Mish... Happy Valentine's day to you!

    woww... I wasn't hoping that runner #31580 will find her photo here, and will drop a message to me. But thanks really that you were able to do so.

    I'm sorry too if I have posted it, but even my friends enjoyed this funny shot we had with you. It is a great chance of a lifetime having a beautiful runner pop-out from our photos, hehehe! At least this time, we're not taking some stolen shots, hahaha!

    Mish, I hope we'll get to meet again on the next run, and hopefully, we can also run or pace with you....

    Will we be able to see you on Century Run?

  11. Hi Alred! Touched naman ako sa sinulat mo sa blog ko. Thanks! Like you, I also couldn't believe I ran 21k last Feb 7. And I also couldn't believe that I'm doing it again come March 21 at the Globe Run for Home. Hope to see you and your running team there.

    Galing ng rank! Congratulations and good luck tomorrow sa Century Run. I won't be there. The whole family will be joining the Happy Walk for the Down Syndrome Assn. of the Phils.

    Did you sign up for the TBR Dream Marathon? Meron pang slots.

  12. yeap ate Nora, see you po at the TBR circle and sessions :)


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